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Why You Need This Strategy As We Go Through Economic Reset & Trend Cycles


Welcome to Mantra Mondays, let me show you why the mantra became the mantra while showing you real-world examples. You need all of these principles as we go through these economic resets and trend cycles.

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Food, Water, Energy, Security, Barterability, Wealth Preservation, Community, and Shelter. Welcome to Mantra Mondays, coming up.

If you think that the world is headed in a direction that makes you a bit concerned for the future. And you’d like to be as self-sufficient and independent as possible, then you’ve come to the right place. My name is Lynette Zang. Now it’s time to go Beyond Gold and Silver.

I’m Lynette Zang, Chief Market Analyst here at ITM Trading and a very proud prepper. And it’s important for us all to be prepared. So I’d like to welcome you too. Mantra Mondays, where we’re gonna go through the mantra and let me show you why the mantra became the mantra. And we’re gonna start with the single most biggest issue that people have as we go through these resets and these trends cycles.

And we’re gonna start with food because you certainly know that fertilizer energy food supplies on a global basis have been contracting. Is that gonna change in the near future? Doesn’t look so. Europe’s widening fertilizer crisis threatens food supplies. This is why it’s so important for you to create food security for yourself. Europe’s fertilizer crunch tightened after Yara International ASA cut output in the face of soaring gas prices putting more pressure on food supplies as a cost of living crisis intensifies.

Now, here in this country, we know that the price of food has been going up and up and up. So you may say, well, that’s over in Europe. Europeans are maybe a little ahead of us, but we are already are experiencing still empty shelves in the grocery store. So you’ve gotta pay attention to this, to create your security. Yara’s second quarter profit rose 23%, thanks to higher fertilizer prices, farmers. So big corporations can deal with that, right and their profits rise, but farmers, without access to credit subsidies or cash reserves to pay the higher nutrient prices will be the first to suffer. And I would translate that to you as an individual, you need to have some reserves so that no matter what happens to food prices, you’re gonna be able to feed your family. That’s where barterable silver comes in, but it is becoming very obvious that the European energy market is bust the system in place fails to handle the current situation. That is because we are already in transition to a new system and they have to break. Well, the old system is breaking down. So just take heat on this, make sure you have established your food security, whether it’s long storage, food, gardens, seeds, all the things that we talk about here on BGS, but food typically becomes the biggest issue for people.

Now, water, I would say, you know, you can’t really live without water. So over in England, I love this. I don’t really love this, but water reviews, data centers, water use, right? So they’re looking at water use because they are looking to manage the water supply. So who’s gonna really come out on the short end of that. Most likely the public. And here’s a great example of it. Drought was officially declared in mid-August across much of the UK, including London and the surrounding area where a hose pipe ban, meaning you can’t use your hose will come into force on Wednesday. A complete gear change is needed for how water companies and all water users from farmers to households think about how they use water and understand its fundamental value. So they’re really setting this up and remember when one country does it or if they do it over here in not even just a whole country, but in a place they’re testing to see how far they can get and what they can get away with. And that’s why it’s so important to look globally at what’s happening because we are a globalized economy. Thames Water. Well that’s the company has been heavily criticized for its record on leaks and sewage pollution with its network, losing almost a quarter of the water it supplies. So again, who is really going to be paying for this abuse? Is it going to be Thames Water or is it gonna be the public that have limitations on how much water they actually use? Because at the same time that it’s happening in England, almost half of Europe’s is under drought, warning conditions and less you think that’s over there? Well, here in the US as well, more than half of the west is an exceptional, extreme or severe drought conditions. We are dealing with a change climate in California that demands, we reimagine not just how we use water, but how we capture store and distribute it throughout the state. And you know, a lot of times, California is the first to enact these things. So what are they saying here? How we capture it. Now I know in Colorado, it’s illegal for you to capture rain, water, excuse me, rain’s coming from the sky. What do you mean? I can’t have a pond. I can’t have a water barrel. I can’t have a pool. You know, how can they enforce that when it’s raining? You know, but they, they do, and they’re gonna try to do it all over. And that means that we’re gonna be very limited because they really are how we capture store and distribute it. This is dangerous stuff. So you need to make sure that your water is absolutely secure because as you can see, this is a global issue.

And moving on to energy, again, we’ll go into England, but west London faces new homes ban as electricity grid hits capacity. Now we’re seeing this actually again on a global basis. So it is critically important that you look at. I mean, that’s why the mantra is the mantra, because these are the kinds of things that you need regardless. Now, you know, I did try and take my property and Phoenix off grid. That was a big fat fail. I mean, honestly it just really hasn’t worked well, but my bug out location is completely off grid. And thank goodness for that because when we have issues with the grid down here, you know, I, and the rest of the community have a place to go because we need to. Additionally, Russia, indefinitely suspends, the Nord Stream gas pipeline to Europe. Energy is really being used as a weapon. Now I’m not pointing fingers necessarily in one particular location. What I am pointing out to you that that’s probably not going to change. And we’re talking about things on the grid. So they want everybody in electric cars by 2030, but we don’t have the infrastructure to support that. So California is putting pans on it, but in the next breath they’re telling people, but wait, the grid can’t handle charging all of those electric cars. Do you see the problem? Let me tell you, you and I are not too big to fail, so they’re gonna choose winners and losers in this. But in the meantime, the great idea to make, to go into clean energy way before we’re ready. So what’s happening? We’ve talked about this before. They’re bringing back more nuclear energy. So they kind of forgot what happened, especially in Japan, with Fujkujima, that wasn’t all that long ago. And that was a tremendous amount of contamination. So in the water, as well as in the air and you know, I mean, it does travel all over the world. So we are seeing a rise in nuclear energy plants at the same time that they’re trying to get away from it. I don’t think this transition to clean energy is going to be an easy transition. There’s a lot of chaos around it. That’s kind of normal for where we are in this trend cycle. Doesn’t make it good. Doesn’t make it right. But all of these are showing you why you need to prepare. And the time to prepare is before you really need it because California declares grid, emergency and warns of blackouts. And they have, you know, they’ve just barely avoided that at this point. But you know, this kind of seems to happen every summer with the brownouts and the blackouts. So you need some kind of alternative that you can keep your critical appliances running like your refrigerators and your freezers. So there are a lot of different tools depending upon your budget and what you can do, but you definitely need to make sure that you have some level of energy security, because we don’t know how long these rolling blackouts brownouts are going to last. You know, we can look around the world and see that they can last for a longer time than you can keep your refrigerator’s freezers. I mean, those are pretty critical pieces. You know, you need to be able to have like a camping stove so you can still cook boil water. I mean, all of it, that’s the whole point of the mantra. Newsom’s order temporarily loosens, environmental regulations on gas, burning power plants, allowing them to run full tilt during the heat wave, which the governor said could last for a week. It also allows businesses to use backup generators rather than pulling electricity from the grid and permits ships at the state’s busy ports to generate their own power while docked. So you see they’re trying to go in this direction, but quite frankly, they’re not ready to go in that direction yet. And the fallout could be detrimental to all of the individual’s businesses, etcetera. So do you have an energy plan in place? We will be, we’re not quite ready yet, but we will be building a hydro-electric plant from a water system sometime in the very near future, up at the bug out location. This is an inexpensive way to generate energy as well, but there are all different sizes of solar. I mean, there are ways to do this for not a lot of money.

I wanna talk about security because this is a critical piece and there’s all kinds of security in this particular case. You know, we’ve been talking about food, water, energy security, but physical security. The world uncertainty index is climbing again as the invasion of Ukraine clouds, the economic outlook, and here’s where it’s climbing. And you can see that it’s close to the same height that it was in at different times. And are you ready for it? Because what’s also on the rise are people taking, taking to the streets? And that actually that’s what drove me to even find a bug out location because we had riots really near my house and near my children’s house. And I, and I slept with a gun and I thought, oh yeah, no, we, that’s not really the way I wanna live now with the start of the pandemic, a growing, as you can see, you know, growing rioting, growing protesting was curtailed. I mean, Hong Kong and the democratic protests that they were doing for more democracy, you know, that pandemic really helped the powers that be all over the world. But particularly in Hong Kong was really, really apparent, really qua that rebellion. What I find super interesting and I’m really paying attention to a lot, particularly in China is the rise of protesting again, because that’s not something that that country typically does, but social unrest events are rising. And so far they’re below the pandemic peak, but they definitely are getting there. So you wanna make sure that you have security on ever so many levels. It’s critically important. because there’s a lot of defunding that’s going on. So here the gates are open in Illinois, they are ending the cash bail system. Now what that really means is that anyone sitting in jail right now with all these pending charges, they’re going to be let out the gates are open and they’re going to be let out onto the streets. Well, what are those people with these crimes that are pending? violent crimes, burglary, robbery, arson kidnapping, almost all drug offenses, DUI offenses, even DUI offenses involving a fatality, do not qualify for detention under the Illinois safety act. How do you feel about that? I can tell you that I’ve put security shutters on my entire house, especially if I have to be bugged out for months, years. I mean, who knows how long this thing and the violence’s gonna last. I wanna make sure that my house in Phoenix is well secure and quite honestly makes me feel really good. When I go to sleep at night to shut all those shutters, ain’t nobody getting in my house. They may destroy my gardens, but they won’t be able to get into my house and I can rebuild the gardens on the other side of this mess. But I fear honestly that we’re gonna see this kind of thing more often and in different states. And that’s going to mean a lot of individuals are committing crimes and being released immediately, if not within a couple of days, how do you feel about that? Because Illinois may be the first, but what if they pass more of these kinds of laws in defunding the police, etcetera, you know, it’s, it’s hard to find people anymore. So what are you doing to make sure of your own security, something you gotta look at.

And also barterability. Now we do know anything physical or any talent is barterable. We do know that gold and silver are universally barterable and they don’t have a shelf life, but in Argentina, as inflation keeps soaring, people are bartering just to get their daily needs met. So what do you have to barter with? I mean, toilet paper is great. Ammo, alcohol, nicotine, you know, anything physical that you can convert into something that you need. And you’re gonna see that we’re gonna end up going pretty local for a while eggs, right? Produce. So you get to eat, but you also have a tool of barter. Keep that in mind. It’s really critical.

And wealth preservation. I mean, if you’ve been look looking at the markets this week, especially yesterday where the market dropped like 1300 points, US household net worth falls the most on record on slump in stocks. But honestly, it’s like a double edged sword because the markets may be nominally going down. But additionally, we’re losing purchasing power as witnessed by the high and rapid inflation. The CPI came out and yep. Gasoline prices at the pump have been steadily coming down. And that makes people feel a little bit better, but we’re not even marginally done with food inflation. And now service inflation has really kicked in. So the markets are reacting to that, not in a good way because all of this and the inflation it’s going to impact profits. So it’s a good thing. They made tons and tons of profits while they could. And while they were being supported, but you can see that, you know, US household net worth, right? That’s that nominal confusion. You see the numbers, you get blinded by the numbers, but that’s not the real trend. It feels good. When those numbers keep going up, it feels awful as those numbers come down, but the hidden numbers underneath it, the purchasing power, hidden numbers underneath it. They’ve been coming down since the day you were born. You just don’t realize it because it’s perception management, they wanna manage how you perceive things so that you move forward in a manner that supports their efforts. When in reality, what I’m trying to do is give you the knowledge base so that you make choices that put your best interests first period, I think that’s like critically important because you’re gonna do that better than anybody else. We’re gonna help you. We’re here to help you. But BofA says, all polling mood fuels 11 billion in US Stock Exodus. So are you actually in the market? Your 401k, your IRA, your pension plan. If you are with an institutional investor inside, if you’re holding wealth inside of those places that we just talked about, you have a securities account. Mm yeah. Yeah. You know, institutional investors, what I’ve witnessed over the years is when the government wants to sell something or a big entity wants to sell something. Yeah. The pensions buy it. Hmm. Well, whose best interest do you think? Because they get paid, whether they do well or they don’t do well, you kind of feel trapped in it. And so you’re working and you’re making your deposits on a weekly, biweekly, monthly basis. However you get paid. And however you have that set up, they make more money than you do, and they make it whether you make money or you don’t make money. But again, it’s all about nominal confusion. 1971 average income was 9,500 in a family of four could live off of one income. Today’s like 58 grand and you need two people. And even then your paycheck to paycheck, wait a minute. Wouldn’t you rather have $120,000 a year than $9,500. Well, depends on how much that 9,500 versus that 120 grand buys you trillion times zero is zero. That’s why having gold, silver to support that and to retain your, and maintain your wealth that you’re holding in these kinds of Fiat money assets is so critically important. This is what happened in 2008. And that was the lowest level until now last week’s panic. Hedging was three times more extreme than 2008. These are the experts. Why are you staying in it? When they’re not ask yourself that question now, you know, community, what we’re also really seeing. And again this happens to be in Italy where the jobless burn, the energy builds in Naples and the cost of living protest. So in a community, like-minded people come together to support each other, spur each other on help each other, etcetera. And here you’re seeing people that can’t possibly afford these enormous energy bills coming together in community hundreds of unemployed, people on Friday burn their utility bills in central Naples, in a protest at the plight, amid the cost of living crisis, the protest by jobless belonging to the seven November. Okay movement. So it’s a movement. And as we saw in an earlier slide, that you are having protests and rioting and people coming together, this is what the elites and those currently in power fear the most. But this is also like-minded community because it may be scary when one person does it, but it’s not as scary when you have hundreds of people together doing the same thing. We are tired of promises. We have been waiting for jobs for years, and now we cannot pay these figures, which have tripled for gas and electricity. Our families are at the end of their tether up to now, there have been lots of words for us, but not much action. And they’re talking about years since the crisis that hit them in 13 and 14, since 2008, when the system died. And it was just papered over since the k-shaped recovery, right? It’s all of the things that the central banks and the governments have done have enabled that income and wealth inequality. And when people get hungry and hopeless, they make choices. They would not otherwise make. So that’s why a lot of times you’ll see a government give out food because people are less likely to protest if their bellies are full, but when they get pushed past a point and to the brink, it’s not as pretty. And that’s what’s happening. And I show you, this is happening all over the world.

And of course shelter. Well, we already know that home prices are now on the decline. And I remember when Canada was still going up. I mean, it’s always, well, yeah, maybe that’s happening over there, but over here, we’re fine. It’s different. It isn’t different. It’s never different. It might be different for a minute, but ultimately Toronto home prices crashed 16% in the past five months. And the historic correction isn’t close to done yet. Benchmark home prices in Toronto have fallen for five straight months. The largest decline in five years. Now, they’re still around the average house around 856,000. Well, I’m wondering how affordable that is for most people, are everybody in Canada so wealthy that they can afford an $856,000 house? Probably not. So again, you know, this will present opportunities. If you have the ability to hold your purchasing power, cause right now, okay, home prices were here. Well, let me go down so you can see it, but home prices were here. Now there may be here. Okay. But eventually, and not a very long, eventually they’re gonna be down here in the meantime goal prices were down here, severely suppressed and they’re gonna be up there. So we will get to a point when we see that accumulation pattern where we’re gonna convert some of our gold holdings here into that income producing real estate, there will be bargains. They’re not there yet, but I think you can see that that’s happening.

So just remember to subscribe to the BGS channel for more information like this, because I do mantra Mondays every week or pretty much every week, unless there’s something else that comes up, I think next week have Marjorie that’s coming on, but make sure to subscribe because we are continuing to grow this channel and give you solutions to all of the problems that we’re facing. And you know, if you like this, please leave us a comment and give us a thumbs up, help us spread the word and create a community to the benefit of all. And if you haven’t already please share these videos. And until next we meet, be safe out there, bye-bye.



  • Lynette’s mission is to translate financial noise into understandable language and enable educated, independent choices. All her work is fact and evidence based and she shares these tools openly. She believes strongly that we need to be as independent as possible and at the same time, we need to come together in community to survive and thrive through any financial crisis.

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