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What We Can Learn from the Humanitarian and Economic Crisis Happening in Lebanon…by Lynette Zang


Welcome to Mantra Mondays. Not only am I the Chief Market Analyst at ITM Trading, but I am a very proud prepper. Unfortunately, I have a real-time example to show you of why the mantra is the way that it is and that’s with Lebanon.

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If you think that the world is headed in a direction that makes you a bit concerned for the future, and you’d like to be as self-sufficient and independent as possible, then you’ve come to the right place. My name is Lynette Zang. Now it’s time to go Beyond Gold and Silver.

I am Lynette Zang. Welcome to Mantra Monday’s. Not only am I the Chief Market Analyst at ITM Trading, but I am a very proud prepper. And unfortunately, I have a realtime example to show you of why the mantra is the way that it is. And that’s with Lebanon.

Many of you may know that on February 1st, they devalued the currency by 90%, but before that, they’ve been experiencing crushing inflation since 2019. Now, I’ve told you many times food is the single biggest issue for people as they go through these transitions. So making sure that you have, and there’s all different layers of food storage from fresh a garden or rinsing off seeds that are sprouting to long-term storage and even longer-term storage. So I think it’s critically important for people to create those layers of food security so that your children or any children or anybody, I mean, it’s disgusting that anybody in the world has to face starvation and food insecurity these days. But, you know, that’s why food single biggest issue get it done.

In the meantime, hyperinflation has a major impact on available services. So in Lebanon, they’re experiencing nationwide water shortages, extremely critical as in these darker areas. But you can see to throughout the whole country, more than 4 million people, including 1 million refugees, risk losing access to safe water as shortages of funding fuel and supplies affect water pumping, which also goes to sanitation. So critically, critically important that you secure your water source. And again, there’s all different layers and there’s all all different ways that you can do that from pools, right? With I use the Berkey water filter to make sure that my water’s clean. So different rain catchment to bladders for longer storage, but it is critically important. As you can see in Lebanon, nationwide, water shortages are really a problem.

As well as energy because there are opportunities that present during these crisis. What are we told? You should never let a good crisis go to waste. So Qatar replaces Russian company in Lebanon gas exploration, but that means that Lebanese companies are kind of shut out, right? Lebanon two international oil giants and state owned oil and gas company, cutter energy, agreed Sunday that the Qatari firm will join a consortium that will search for gas in the Mediterranean Sea off of Lebanon’s Coast. This will generate money for the government, but then that money will be squandered away. So I, the point is though, that there are always opportunities in crisis and the crisis that they, that central banks and governments may be creating. You could take advantage of those opportunities too.

Insecurity and desperation as crisis worsens, people in Lebanon are increasingly desperate amid the political deadlock. Hmm. We seem to be having some political deadlock here too. Hmm. The financial meltdown, rising poverty and Covid. 19, the current all time low of the Lebanese currency, known as the pound, the lira. It’s just a name, just like the US dollar. And by the way, the US dollar in terms of purchasing power is also, by the way, at an all time low. Not against other currencies, but it is in terms that matter to you and me has riled people all over the country. They have been pouring into the streets for more than a week now, taking the country to the brink of a revolution. Protestors are desperate as the government has for years failed to tackle the devaluation of the currency, poverty rates and the plummeted economy. Guess what? They’re causing all of this. Governments and central banks cause hyperinflation because they can’t stop spending and central banks can’t stop printing. It’s the only thing that they have. So desperate people do desperate things. I mean, that’s why I actually planted out the whole exterior. One of the big reasons why I planted out the whole exterior of my property here, so that people, when they’re hungry and hopeless, they make choices they would not otherwise make. So if they’re walking, hopefully they will realize not to destroy the gardens, but to take what they need and come back the next day and take more. But that’s also why I put security shutters on every window. Ain’t nobody getting in here, and if it doesn’t have a security shutter, it has a security door because desperate people do desperate things. So you, you want to protect yourself and your property as much as possible. It’s also why have the bug out location.

But barterability, it’s the last resort for poverty stricken Lebanese families. Barter groups born amid the economic crisis are becoming widely popular on social media networks in Lebanon. Before I used to make donations today, I am the one who needs help. So you have to understand that for a while, things get very, very, very local. Excuse me, talking a lot today. Things get very, very, very local. Anything physical, any skill that you have is barterable. The difference between that and say, silver, which is what I like for barterability, Is that silver is universal. That’s the advantage. And this happens to be an American coin. So it’s easily recognizable and you can see that there is, it’s pure silver, no line there. So look, as we go through hyperinflation, what we see is that things get very, very local for a while. Anything physical, anything physical or any talent that you have is barterable. And, and as we saw in 2020, toilet paper was great, but my personal preference is silver because it’s universally accepted. However, again, anything physical, any, any talent that you have is barterable. So just keep in mind that things get very, very, very local for a while.

Wealth preservation, I mean, can you see this was the official price of gold all the way, basically flat. And so people go, oh, well why would we buy gold? Look at this. It hasn’t done anything. Yeah, it certainly does because what you’re looking at is gold spot versus the Lebanese pound and that first overnight revaluation. Have they changed anything? No, but let me tell you, what do you wanna be holding onto when, when that happens here? And you may be sitting there going, wow, that’s Lebanon. That can’t happen here. This is a global issue. You guys know that in 1933, it was a global depression and we were not as interconnected as we are now. Now we are incestuously interconnected. So let me tell you, come into a theater near you and it is critically important that you be prepared. If you wanna preserve your wealth, whether it’s in the stock market or the bond market or cash or however you wanna do it, you’ve gotta have gold in order to do that.

But also Community. Community is probably the single most important thing that we talk about because no one person can do everything. And so coming together to help each other as the economic crisis crushes people, that’s what we want. We want people to come together, and that’s what happens. Panic set in on a WhatsApp group used to organize Lebanese protests when one member said he intended to kill himself because he can’t provide for his kids. Come here, I have lots of food, okay? The desperate call came on the heels of the suicide of a father of two that had stunned the public and raised alarm over how dire Lebanon’s economic conditions have become. But I want you to understand that there are always people that hyperinflation doesn’t really touch because they are prepared and that enables you to help others. That’s why I said that, you know, desperate people do desperate things. And, and the key piece in here is food. But the community comes together to help each other. So that’s what this whole piece is about, is building that community. It’s why I do interviews. It’s why I do all of that.

Housing. Well, this is shelter inflation. So what ends up happening, and we saw this in Germany as well, you can’t pay your rent, you can’t pay for your shelter, then, you know, you’re kind of in deep trouble, aren’t you? Well, not really. It’s whoever owns the house that is. But there is a way around this shelter inflation. And that is if you have gold put back, and when they do that overnight reset, boom, you pay off your mortgage, done and done. If you don’t, then you’re not gonna be a whole lot better off on the other side of this thing.

And that’s what Mantra Monday’s are all about, to help you get prepared. And so just keep in mind, you know, we’ve got, you’re on Beyond Gold and Silver. We’re trying to meet you wherever you are. And just go back to ITM for Thursday’s video on markets fighting the Fed. It puts us in a very precarious position. And if you haven’t done this yet, you want to start your, your gold and silver strategy, click that Calendly link in the bottom and give us a call. 888-696-4653. Get it done. This is the canary in the coal mine. But you know, the reality is this is happening, it’s unfolding, and we’re running outta time, Food, Water, Energy, Security, Barterability, Wealth Preservation, Community and Shelter. Please, please get it done. And until next we meet. Please be safe out there. Bye-Bye.



  • Lynette’s mission is to translate financial noise into understandable language and enable educated, independent choices. All her work is fact and evidence based and she shares these tools openly. She believes strongly that we need to be as independent as possible and at the same time, we need to come together in community to survive and thrive through any financial crisis.

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