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We Have a Revolution in Front of Us | by Lynette Zang


There’s no doubt in my mind, but we are headed into a hyperinflationary depression. On Mantra Monday’s, I talk about my mantra, Food, Water, Energy, Security, Barterability, Wealth Preservation, Community and Shelter and why it matters to have these pieces in place before the crisis gets worse.

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If you think that the world is headed in a direction that makes you a bit concerned for the future and you’d like to be as self-sufficient and independent as possible, then you come to the right place. My name is Lynette Zang. Now it’s time to go Beyond Gold and Silver.

I’m Lynette Zang, Chief Market Analyst at ITM Trading and a very proud prepper. And I became a prepper because of what I saw happening in this currency’s life cycle. And I, honestly, there’s not one doubt in my mind, but that we are headed into a hyperinflationary depression. And so on Mantra Monday’s, I talk about why the mantra, Food, Water, Energy, Security, Barterability, Wealth Preservation, Community and Shelter. So let’s just dive right in.

First, we’re gonna talk about food here. Think about this. Top five states with food insecure employed adults, this rapid inflation is really deteriorating any of the gains, and then some, that may have been made on income inequality by having payrolls increase. The inflation is far faster than that, California, Texas, Florida, New York, Illinois. But my bet is, this is happening all over the country and unfortunately as well all over the world. So what are you doing to make sure that you are food secure? You know me, I planted a garden and I also have long storage food so I don’t have to worry about it cause I’m planning on feeding at least 40 people. But look at your circumstance. It’s easy enough if you’re on a tight budget to buy an extra bag of rice and beans and a can of tomatoes when you go to the grocery store, to make sure that you and your family can eat no matter what. And hey, grains and legumes one put together make a complete protein. So make sure that in any way that you can, if you know, if you got a big budget, put up hot houses like I’m doing. But if you’ve got a small budget, there are still ways for you to prepare to make sure that this food insecurity does not come to you and your family.

Because coming it certainly is, you know, with a lot of the different actions that are happening around the world, some farms are so dry that the dirt is repelling the fertilizer. Well, here at the farm we grow our own fertilizer and anybody can do this and it doesn’t even cost very much money. You know, frankly, if much of any anyway is you get a fish tank any size that you can do and put fish in it, you can get the least expensive fish that you can find. So little teeny goldfish. And when they poop in the water, it creates fertilizer and you can build a whole ecosystem on top of that. We’ve done videos on that, haven’t we, Edgar? So, you know, go to the different parts of our site and seek that out. And that will kill two birds with one stone. You’re not gonna need to go buy fertilizer because your fish are gonna create the fertilizer here on this farm. And up north you’ll see as we evolve that, but we put in ponds so that we have more water because we’re growing food for a lot more people. So it’s really easy to create your own fertilizer for your own small garden that can produce a lot. And we’ll be doing more videos on that as well in the future. So this is kind of a combination of both, but the dryness that we’re dealing with in the drought areas can stunt crop growth and hamper fall fertilizer applications. If however that fertilizer is in the water that you’re actually giving the plants, well then that will seep in and you’re also gonna make the soil a lot healthier as well. This, this food, this issue around food and water is not gonna be getting any better. It’s gonna be getting worse as is energy.

The US diesel crisis is here and it’s spreading along the east coast. So, you know, part of, you know, look, when they talk about price spikes, a lot of what’s happening in any of the pricing is because of the derivatives and Wall Street traders not true supply demand dynamics. And so, you know, are we gonna get food, price spikes? Yes, we’re getting price spikes in everything, but make no mistake about the fact that Wall Street is part and parcel of creating some of this rapid inflation that we are feeling and that the feds are then raising rates to attempt to control. And really what that’s happening is it’s making everything worse. Suppliers require 72 hour notice for fuel delivery in the Southeast. Well hopefully they’re far enough south that, you know, if they don’t get their fuel delivery, it’s not gonna make that much difference. But in the northeast and in those places, they get very cold and very snowy. I was raised in the Catskill Mountains, I know what that’s like, that matters. The EIA estimated the US had only 25 day supply of distillates on hand raising the possibility, 25 days, raising the possibility of shortages before the end of the year. A shortage of diesel fuel could result in fewer delivery of the products consumers purchase every day and many more things. This whole part and parcel of what’s happening in the energy, I mean this is definitely a global crisis. This issue around diesel fuel is just one of them.

And you can see that it does not matter how much money that you make, almost, because more than one in four workers making 200,000 or more, 25%, more than 25% of workers making 200,000 or more now say they live paycheck to paycheck. So even rich people are struggling to save. And you know, pros offer, pros have no solutions. You know what the solution is. I’m gonna tell you what the solution is, silver and gold, that’s the solution because this is real money outside of the system and protects you from that inflation. Yes indeed they manipulate the prices of gold and silver, the spot prices, but at the end of the day, the physical has decoupled from those spots. So you know, even rich people are struggling to save. Well sure, what are you trying to save in? You’re trying to save in a currency that by design loses value. Oh sure, that makes a whole lot of sense. Consumers in the lowest range of the upper income brackets are particularly likely to be sliding toward paycheck to paycheck life. More than half, more than half of consumers make be who annually, who annually make between a hundred thousand and $150,000 worth living paycheck to paycheck in August. A 7% point increase from July. Let me tell you this too is going to get worse. Look at Zimbabwe, they’ve got billionaires that can’t afford three eggs. So that takes me back to all the other mantra pieces. But this inflation is not going away so quickly and you need to be prepared for it. And if it’s about making sure that you will always fairly be paid for your labor, then this is what you do that with. I mean it really is quite simple.

But let’s talk about barterability because as we go through this whole piece, things become very, very, very local fish for flour. Barter is the new currency in collapsing Venezuela, wow, under the midday sun. Dozens of fishermen wait to sell their days catch by a lagoon in the town of Rio Chico on the Caribbean coast, right? They swap the fish but they do not expect cash back because that cash is losing value so rapidly, frankly, they don’t even really want it. They want other goods, other services, things that will hold their value better than the rapidly depreciating cash. So things get very local, are you prepared to borrow? Instead they’re swapping mullets and snappers for packages of flowers, rice, and cooking oil. There is no cash here. Only barter, Venezuelans are increasingly relying on barter for basic transactions. So what do you have that you can barter with? Now remember, anything physical, I mean this is, you want universal barterability, that’s what this is about, right? But anything physical is barterable as is any talent that you have. And keep in mind that gold and silver at their base, at their base, is barterable, is monetary rather and therefore highly barterable. So that’s what you need to make sure, what can you barter with and what talents you have? Not that I wanna do this, but when I was becoming a gardener and a farmer, which I don’t really have time to do that anymore, but as I was learning, I can lay irrigation, okay? That’s a barterable skill. So what skill sets are you developing for yourself so that you have no problem getting the basic goods that you need and services that you need?

Because everybody in Wall Street is counting on this big fed pivot, but until they break something, that pivot is not likely to occur. Just like they didn’t start fighting inflation until the genie, the inflation genie was out of the bottle. And frankly, once it’s out of the bottle, it’s very hard to put back in. And it’s not that inflation hasn’t been here your whole life, it’s just that they’ve used interest rates to moderate the rate and speed of that inflation and therefore keep you blind to it. So strategists see S&P 500 rally as a bear hug before hitting a new low. And when Chair Powell comes out and says, we’ve got some ways to go, are you really counting on these people that have already proven? Well number one, they created the problem to begin with by printing that unlimited amount of money and saying, oh look, there’s no inflation. So we’ll just do more and we’ll just do more and be careful of that pivot. Because when the Fed does pivot, the most likely outcome is for them to frankly come in and print so much that it makes what they did in 2020 look like chump change. And when that happens, I’m headed to bug out. So, you know, people always wanna know when, when, when, when the fed pivots, that’s gonna scare the crap out of me. I’ve got, I’ve got news for you. Be careful what you wish for because as you have experienced, as we have experienced, when the Fed pivots, it doesn’t benefit you. What will happen is inflation will just happen more and more rapidly, even if they’ve managed to tamp down parts of it. So, you know, you’ve gotta make sure that your fiat money wealth if you still believe in these things, which that’s the normalcy bias and you know, I mean, hey, could the Fed pivot? And would that save what’s happening in the, in the treasury market, which you definitely wanna watch that video if you haven’t seen it already, make sure that you watch that. However, when they do pivot, that’s the indication that we are very, very near that hyperinflation. So you wanna make sure that all of these things that we’re talking about is in place, then you’re not gonna have time the second before. So you’re gonna stay over here until you see it? I got news for you. By the time you see it, it’s too late.

And what’ll happen? When it’s too late, when people realize and they become hungry and hopeless, then they come together in community. And dare I say it, they could overthrow governments. I mean, we’ve seen this, this is not new news. This is what they’re scared about the most is the community divide and conquer. Because who are we? We’re just little peons. But together, we are so much bigger. And look at this, and Budapest, which is one of my favorite places, I’ve been fortunate enough to go there, protests swells to 80,000 to support Hungary’s teachers because we know globally teachers make nothing. Yet they have, they have one of the single most important jobs, which is educating our youth. But the point of this particular area is that communities can and do topple governments. And I do believe that we have a revolution in front of us. And and I hate to say this, but that’s my, that’s my wish, because there are more of us than there are of them.

And what about Shelter? Well, pending home sales fell 10% in September, much worse than expected. In fact, they’re down 31% year over year. I don’t know, all of those people that thought that real estate could go to the moon forever and ever and ever. Amen. You know, sometimes you look in the mirror and you go, Hmm, maybe I was not accurate in that assumption. I’m sure a lot of people are doing that right now. And the problem is that it will ultimately impact prices. So for those that are leveraged, that’s gonna be a big problem. Ex April 2020, so forget that because that was as the crisis, as the pandemic crisis was unfolding, pending home sales index are the lowest since 2010, which was somewhere near the bottom of this market. Now, do I think that this is the bottom? No, I do not. Because the Federal Reserve and global central banks are bent on pushing up interest rates, which then of course pushes up prices, rents, and pushes up prices of payments, right? So remember the talk, well, it doesn’t really matter how much the house is, what matters is your monthly payment. I mean, we’ve certainly heard that quite a bit. Well guess what’s happening to those payments and how can people afford this? The reality is, is they can’t. And that means that we’re going to have a lot more, and I hate this, but there’s going to be a lot more homeless out there. What are you doing? Not just to secure your own shelter, but what can you do to help? And that goes back to the community piece. Is there a school, Is there some place in your community where you can make a difference? Because people are, are, a lot of people are already in pain. And I believe that that is getting much, much worse.

So that’s our Mantra Monday for this week, make sure that you come and see all of the other videos that we’re putting out on bgs and certainly the work that we’re doing on ITM. And until next we meet. Get prepared. Please get prepared. And until next we meet. Please be safe out there. Bye-bye.




  • Lynette’s mission is to translate financial noise into understandable language and enable educated, independent choices. All her work is fact and evidence based and she shares these tools openly. She believes strongly that we need to be as independent as possible and at the same time, we need to come together in community to survive and thrive through any financial crisis.

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