Using a Berkey Water Filter to Taste Water from Our Pond


Today we’re gonna be discussing one of Lynette’s mantra pieces, which is water and also water security!

In front of me, this is our Berkey water system, and it’s a natural filtering system for drinking water. We put it together and we are gonna test it out today.

So as you can see, it comes with two filters. And the idea is that you put water into this basin and then it passes through the filters and into this one, which has the tap.

So we are gonna take water from one of our water catchment ponds, and just gonna add that!

As you can see, the water is dripping through, then we’ll open the tap. So when it fills up a little bit, see what it looks like when it comes up.

So the Berkey system takes a few minutes to filter. So I’m gonna show you, we’re gonna pour it out a quicker way than using the tap. I’m gonna remove this top part. And then the water in here has been filtered.

On the right is water directly from our water catchment pond. And on the left is water from the Berkey filter. So as you can see, this water has a yellow hue. It’s a little bit just not as appetizing looking. So I’m actually going to try this and we’re gonna see if it tastes like purified water.

It does! Tastes like water from the sink. So our Berkey water purifier works. And it’s amazing addition to our water security tools here on the farm.

Link to Water Filter System: https://www.berkeyfilters.com/products/royal-berkey-stainless-steel-water-view-spigot-bundle


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