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Let’s check out the progress of the tomato & peppers we planted a few weeks ago. When is the right time to harvest & how do you protect your plants from pests and disease?

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Hi, this is Lindsey at the Urban Farm. Today, I’m gonna show you a progress of the tomato plants that we did a video on planting.

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Before the Tomato Cages were put in
After the Tomato cages were put in (March 2022)

These are our beautiful tomato plants. And as you can see, they’re much larger than in the last video.

June 2022 (10 weeks after we planted the Tomato transplants)

This is what they look like now. So this is actually the tomato that we planted in the video. This is a sun gold cherry tomato, as you can see, they’re starting to get a little bit yellow and we actually harvested our first tomatoes the other day. So these plants are doing amazing and the tomato cages have definitely helped give them a lot of support, which is crucial because otherwise your tomato plants like to bend. They like to reach for the sun in different places. So if you don’t support them in some way, they can break and then all your tomatoes are lost because they do get pretty heavy. As you can see, we have some beautiful green tomatoes on our larger heirloom varieties. So hopefully those will be ready in the next few weeks. We’re looking forward to tasting these and getting lots of tomatoes off these beautiful plants.

On the same day that we planted those tomatoes. We also planted these pepper plants. So we have bell peppers and then also banana peppers. And as you can see, they’re quite larger. They have a lot more leaves on them and you can see, they are starting to produce little purple bell peppers, and these plants have some banana peppers on them. These plants are under shade cloth to help protect them from the sun. They are a little bit more sensitive. The tomatoes in the other area have a lot more shade. And as you can see, these plants look a little bit more yellow than green. They are struggling right now with a bit of disease. So we have been treating them with a general fungicide that’s organic. So we’re just giving them a little extra love and care because they are so sensitive in the summer. And when it’s hot, it’s really easy for pests and disease to come in and completely demolish your crops. So you just wanna keep a close eye on everything you plant. You can also see we’ve staked these. So unlike the tomatoes and the cages, we just use little wooden steaks here, and that really helps give the pepper support and it helps the fruit just not fall over and fall on the ground.

These peppers are a little bit smaller than what you might see in the grocery store, but they’re still just as delicious. And they are actually ready to be harvested right now. These, are our pepper plants and they are producing and we hope to get a lot more peppers from them all summer.


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