Unveiling Our Ultimate Coconut Milk Technique


Join us in the kitchen with Chef Jayson as he shows you how we make coconut milk from dry coconut. We will show you a surprising technique to transform your coconut milk into a whipped cream!


0:00 Blending Coconut Flakes
2:27 Nut Bag
5:01 Preserving Milk
6:02 Whipped Cream


Welcome to the kitchen. Today we are making coconut milk from Flake, Dry coconut. So we have some organic dried coconut here. There is flake, there is shred. Doesn’t really matter. I think what time, what kind you use cause you’re putting it in the blender anyway. So we need about 10 ounces, which is around four cups. So I am gonna measure this out and make sure that that we got the right measurement here. This is an easy way to zero out empty container. Same container. Now it’s minus eight six and that goes right back. So we’re just over 10 ounces. That’s fine. We’re gonna dump this into our blender. And then over on the stove, we’ve just got a pot of boiling water. I turned it off about five minutes ago so it’s not quite boiling but it’s pretty hot about 185 degrees. And this is about six cups of water. So we’re gonna pour that boiling water right over the top of this stuff and I don’t need that much. Probably go about five cups. We’re gonna pop the lid on and then we are gonna blend this for a couple of minutes and then we’re gonna let it sit. It looks good. I’m gonna just slowly increase the speed. Now we’ll let this go for a couple of minutes just to make sure it’s nice and blended. What we’re trying to do is release the fats from the coconut. We’re rehydrating it and allowing the fats and the oils to come out of the coconut. And what we’re gonna do is put this into a nut bag, like a strainer bag. And then we will just squeeze and strain it out once it cools down. All right, looks pretty good to me. You can see the consistency there. Looks good. Basically making a coconut lava shake.

I’m going to put my nut bag. Stop laughing. It’s what it is. It’s what it’s called. It’s on the package. This is actually used to make like almond milk and cashew milk and all those other nut milks, hence the name nut bag. So we’re just gonna dump this right in here, let gravity do its thing. And we’re just gonna leave that alone for about 30, 40 minutes until it cools off. Cause what you’re gonna do is take that bag out and then squeeze it out. And it’s kind of difficult to do when this is the temperature of the sun. So let’s just put that aside and work on something else. All right, so we have waited about 34 minutes for our coconut mixture to cool. Remember we pulled it out of the blender, we put it in our nut bag and we stuck it in our container so it could just cool off. And now all we gotta do is pick this up and start strain it. Well, it might still be a little bit hot but I’ve got these Teflon hands so it’s not bothering me that much. But you can see now it’s coming right out of here and it’s leaving all the fine particulate and the coconut matter behind the matter. I have tried to I’ve tried to cook with it. I mean, you’re taking all the sugar and all the flavor and all the fat out of it. So in the culinary world, it’s just kind of fluff. Like it doesn’t do anything. It’s filler. You could maybe add it to a soup as a thickener or you know, a stock. I don’t know. I’ve tried to use it but just haven’t found a use for it. So if you know something if you’ve ever done this and you know something to do with the leftover coconut, I would love to hear it. We tried giving it to the chickens and the chickens didn’t even want it <laugh>, so it ended up in the in the compost pile. But it’s not that much, you know, like you’ll see once we get all of this milk out of here that it’s really not that much coconut. I even tried drying it out, but it just tasted like nothing really. So I’m gonna, I’m gonna kind of mush it up a little bit because you can only squeeze so hard and I’m gonna kind of spread it out a little bit and do this twist method here. Just like ringing out a towel that is so hot.

All right, I think that’s about as good as we’re gonna get. Maybe if it was a little cooler. So you could see that gave us just under a court, we put in four cups, so 32oz. And then we put in all the matter. So you know, by weight we’re about right. Now you can put this in the fridge and it’ll stay good for about four or five days. It will separate. You know, what happens is just like the cream rises to the top, the coconut cream, the fats rise to the top and then you’ll see the layer of coconut water on the bottom. Just mix it up, it’s fine. If you’re a purist, you can drain that coconut water out. You could also freeze it if you use this for like smoothies or you don’t mind a little bit of textural change then you can use it for smoothies. But I’m gonna show you one of my favorite things to do with coconut milk. Give me a second.

All right, I’m back. So I have some coconut milk right here. This was frozen yesterday. Stuck it in the fridge and it thawed out. Mixed it up. This is a whipped cream dispenser. You can get these for about $60 to $65. And what this does is they use it for pastry. You can flavor your whipped creams, you can put like vanilla bean in there. I think brewers use it to infuse alcohols and things like that. So this is all I got. All you gotta do, pour your coconut milk in there, make sure your cap is good, so you get a good seal. And then these are whoa nitrous little nitrous cartridges. And what this does is it pressurizes this container. So you know, you go to the store and you see those cans of whipped cream like the ready whip. This is the homemade version of that. Now this is designed for heavy cream. So the coconut cream tastes a little finagling because it is a thinner product, but all we’re doing is twisting that. And now the gas is inside this thing. So I’m gonna give it a little shake, shake, shake, And then check this out. Coconut cream. So that’s one of the ways that I use it. Lynette loves this coconut. Basically it’s like coconut cappuccinos every morning. So that’s really what I use. Mainly use this for like I said, you can flavor it, you can add extracts, you can add vanilla, orange, peel, whatever you want. And the pressure actually forces the flavor into the liquid.

So I hope you enjoyed that. Making coconut milk is pretty dang easy. It’s coconut flake, hot water, nut bag, container. That’s it. You got fresh. So I hope you enjoyed it and we will see you next time.

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