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Understanding the Fragility of the Economy


In this video, Lynette Zang highlights the urgent need for food, water, energy, and security in the face of rising inflation and economic instability. Learn practical steps to ensure your food and water security +  discover innovative solutions for energy independence, and explore strategies to protect yourself and your loved ones in uncertain times.


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I’m Lynette Zang, chief Market Analyst at ITM trading, and a very thankful prepper. I’d like to welcome you to Mantra Monday and the reasons why it’s so important to be as self-sufficient and independent inside of community as possible as we go through this transition.

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We’re gonna start out with food because even though the, the recent CPI print came down a bit and the price of eggs have gone down a bit for most food still is a big, huge issue and only going up more and more as inflation proves to be sticky. So what have we got here? You know, in Lebanon year over year increase in food prices is 261%. Is that really the food becoming that much more valuable? No, it’s really the currency becoming that much less. So, you know, there are things that we can live with, but food is not one of them. So what are you doing for your food security? No matter what your circumstances are, there’s always a way to prepare from dried rice and beans, you know, put together that’s a complete protein throw in a can of tomatoes. It’s not bad eating to any level of gardens, whether you have a small apartment and you’ve got a bookshelf sized aquaponic system with a little 10 gallon fish tank on the bottom. You know, you can still grow some produce in there and ensure your food stability. It’s really, really important. We can’t live without food and we can’t live without water.

And here we are, US braces for another year of heat and drought. This is becoming more and more prevalent and not just in the west, but on a global basis. So what are you doing for your water security? You know, there are all different ways that you can capture water. Here at my urban farm, we put in a lot of ponds, but we also had a pool. There’s also barrels, there’s bladders. I mean, I’ve done videos on this, but this is the question that you have to ask yourself based on your personal circumstance. What do you need to do to make sure that the two things that you cannot live without food and water are secure for you at the minimum you and then possibly even family and friends and expanding it out.

Energy. Okay, well you can live without energy, but it’ll ruin whatever you have in the freezer in your refrigerator. So again, you know, what are you doing for your energy security blackouts loom, for most of US in extreme summer heat scenario, and that’s across the North American grid warning is more dire than even in 2022. So, again, you have to look at what your circumstances are and you have to be as prepared as you possibly can. Most of the US is facing elevated blackout risks this summer in the event of widespread extreme heat, as the power network serving roughly 400 million people grows increasingly fragile. We’ve talked so much about the dangers of the grid, you know, just imploding from its own age, let alone if there is actually an attack on it. So again, you have to look at what your circumstances are and be as prepared to be as independent and self-sufficient as possible. Inside of this.

And security, what do we know? We know that desperate people do desperate things. So here we are pro protests in Angola against lower fuel subsidies. Leave five dead. And what that really means is people’s lives are changing and not in a way that makes them feel safe and happy and comfortable, just more in their ability to take care of themselves and their and their family on all of those levels. And desperate people do desperate things. So what can you do to protect it? You know, here I’m in the middle of Phoenix, I’m in the dead central middle of Phoenix. So I, I do love my security shutters. They make me feel very safe and secure. But you know, also, I love my bug out location. What can you do? There are a lot of options depending upon your budget, but I can also tell you that this is a place where community is also really helpful because there is power and safety in numbers. So we’ll talk more about community in a second, but community is certainly a way that you can help with your security. Coming together with like-minded people is really, really helpful. And you know, depending upon the area and where you live that can, you know, that can matter as well. I know in thrivers the group that we’re putting together and we’re building now has communities in different geographic locations. So, you know, you might wanna think about what can you do to ensure your safety and your security? What are the tools and the assets that you have at hand? And just be creative. Think about ’em probably a lot more than you realize. Things don’t even have to cost a lot. Nasty, spiny things under windows, up walls, all of these things. A dog of any size, at least the barking alerts you, there are so many things that you can do at different cost levels and circumstance levels based on what works for you. And I hope you’ve been thinking about these and plugging any holes that you have inside of your system.

Now the reason why I put this in here, poor nation debt distress risks lasting for is because what supports a currency, but the full faith and credit of the government. And you know, whether you’re a government, you’re a corporation or you’re an individual, the rules of debt all work the same. The difference is, is that governments have a printing press and you and I, if we do that, we’re going to jail. Well, personally, I think those guys should be going to jail because their printing press is way too easy to print and that’s what they’re doing is printing the currency into oblivion. So when you’re looking at that, that means that nobody, when all confidence is lost in the currency, cause this is a con game, what do you have to barter with? Look at these peppers, cucumbers, plums, I mean eggs, anything physical, any talent that you have, any skill sets in addition to that, all of that is barterable. Now obviously silver is the most easily barterable because it’s universal and it doesn’t have a shelf life. I mean, the peppers are only gonna last so long, and if I can’t find somebody that needs peppers, what am I gonna do? So that’s why I prefer silver. How, and it can be in any form, it doesn’t really matter, but anything physical is barterable. So when nobody will accept, I mean this is, this is funny money with my name on it anyway, so we know this is a real, real fake currency, I’ll say that, but this kind of comes closer when people won’t accept this anymore. What do you have? What is your tool of barter? Figure that out. And the time to figure all of this out is now while we still have the time and the opportunity to do so.

The lack of transparency about debts in low income countries is a challenge, especially hidden and under-reported debt in opaque contracts with China. I got news for you. I don’t care that they’re targeting someone. This is true for everybody. What do you think derivatives are? They are completely opaque contracts in the quad, fricking trillions of dollars, right? So, oh yeah, it’s just the poor indebted countries that are opaque and hiding things. Are you kidding me? We can’t even begin to see what’s hiding underneath the surface of this debt iceberg. But the tense dynamic between Beijing and Washington also complicates progress. She worries about the ability of countries to repay borrowing from COVID-19, including from multilateral institutions like the IMF, the International Monetary Fund. And let’s face it, we have seen this over and over and over again because who is the International Monetary Fund, but the global lender of last resort? And once they do that, they have you by the cajones. By the cajones. That’s why what we’re talking about with this whole, um, mantra, food, water, energy, security, barterability, wealth preservation, community and shelter critical. But again, it’s at all these different levels. So at your level, you need to always have the ability to barter. It’s absolutely critical and it impacts the ability of a government to support the purchasing power value of the money as well. Because by this point, what are you in? Well, guess what, hyperinflation. And if you think that can happen here, even though historically it has happened here, you need to think again because we know there is officially virtually no purchasing power left in the currency and the tool that they use to regulate, meaning the central banks use to regulate the rate and speed interest rates. Well, we’re seeing the beginning of the impact of this rapid interest rate rise. And why did they raise interest rates so they could lower them again into the next crisis that they’re creating and make it look like they’re doing something. But we are at the end of this currencies life cycle. Make no mistake about it, it is quite clear when you know the signs, like I show you all the time, repeatable patterns.

And you know, a lot of people have counted on the equity in their homes for their wealth preservation. But is that really the case in this bubble economy? Now you have to understand that you gotta have a roof over your head, you have to have a home. So the equity in the house doesn’t really matter. But years and years ago, homes were things that were passed down through generations so that maybe this next generation didn’t have a mortgage. I mean, they used to leave the Newell posts empty and the finials on top of them, not glued in until the mortgage was paid off. Then they had a party, they put the mortgage document inside the renewal and they secured that, that top on. So now we’ve been taught to think of homes as a short term investment, even five years, but it’s also been turned into a big product and sold in forms of REITs and other kinds of securities. And so the loss of market value is going to have an impact, whether it’s commercial real estate or here we’re talking about homes. Is your home really going to preserve your wealth? Well, let’s hope that you didn’t buy it to flip because you gotta have a place to live, but I wouldn’t be counting on this for equity and this is happening the countries where you’re seeing this major decline. So there are some areas that yeah, we’re still seeing prices move up. However, the cooling housing market is making a dent on the equity wealth US homeowners accumulated during the pandemic because that was an artificial bubble up and it’s an artificial bubble that these rising rates are popping. But the average homeowner today has more than 274,000 in inflated my word not in here, equity up from 182,000 before COVID-19. And that too was inflated intentionally 2008, what the central bank say, what the fed say, we are going to reflate real estate stocks and bonds. And that’s what they’ve done. And they did that on steroids during this most current bout of pushing that up.

College students are urging their schools to dump Starbucks coffee over shutdown of unionized cafes. Communities can be built on anything. Is there going to be a revolution when people feel enough pain? Some people think so. Ray Dalio thinks so. I hope so, because quite honestly we need a revolution. And this is typically where it starts with the youth. So how much power do they have? Well, we’re gonna find out, but my point is, is that communities can come together over everything and we vote with our wallets. So if you hold fiat money, assets, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, right? That’s your vote. You need to understand that when you position into gold and silver as well as food, water, energy, security, etcetera, that’s your vote. Guess what, what you’re looking at here, this is my vote, this is my vote. What’s your vote? What’s really your vote? Don’t say, oh well, but if you hear yourself say that, now, I do know that in some cases you don’t have any options if you’ve got a 403B or a 401k and you are, and you are putting your hard earned money into it. I mean, if the corporation is okay, fine, but understand that this is your choice. I have a strong retirement program, but guess what it’s in, that’s where I’m most comfortable. And I’ve been doing this on some level my entire life.

US mortgage applications for purchases drop for a fourth week. My goodness, let’s take a look at this, okay? What you have here are purchase applications and you can see how they have indeed been going down. Well, could that be because the mortgage rates are going up now? We’ve got the, we’ve got the Fed decision and I’m, I’m recording this before that, so I don’t know what that’s gonna be tomorrow. Will they hold rates steady? Will they increase it by another quarter of a percent? I don’t know. We’ll find out. It’s really all show to be honest with you because we are just now feeling the impact and the effect of all of those, the massive run up in rates. Is this really enough to curtail the inflation that they did by all of this QT and the garbage that they were doing? Well, I don’t think so, and I don’t think so because there’s virtually officially no purchasing power left. That means they have to attack your principle. So I hope you’re ready with all the components of the mantra because it’s critical.

And remember too, you know, not everything isn’t all doom and gloom. This stuff is that we can survive it and survive it in a reasonable way. But having gold puts you in a position to have the wealth transfer that’s taking place right now, transfer your way. Yes, they have to suppress the price of both gold and silver because these are out of their control and have the broadest base of buyer. But you’ve seen it when you go to the grocery store. It looks ample on the outside, but look behind, there’s nothing on the shelves. What are your, what are you doing? And if you haven’t looked at it yet, think about subscribing to thrivers where we’re building that community of like-minded people. And as I said earlier, we now have the different regional groups set up. So stay tuned. Let us know what you want because this is a community for you. And if you haven’t, make sure you subscribe. Leave us a comment, give us a thumbs up and share, share, share. Because ignorance does not make you immune, it just leaves you vulnerable. And I don’t want anybody vulnerable. I’m not so vulnerable because I have all of the criteria of my mantra. So until next we meet, grow some food and take care. Bye-bye.


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  • Lynette’s mission is to translate financial noise into understandable language and enable educated, independent choices. All her work is fact and evidence based and she shares these tools openly. She believes strongly that we need to be as independent as possible and at the same time, we need to come together in community to survive and thrive through any financial crisis.

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