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Thrive Together: Building Resilience in Uncertain Times


Join the movement to build strong communities, preserve wealth, and resist the control of elites and institutions, as Lynette Zang provides invaluable insights and strategies for a more secure future.


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Lynette Zang (00:05):

If you think that the world is headed in a direction that makes you a bit concerned for the future and you’d like to be as self-sufficient and independent as possible, then you’ve come to the right place. My name is Lynette Zang. Now it’s time to go beyond gold and silver.

Lynette Zang (00:20):

I am Lynette Zang, chief market Analyst here at ITM trading a full service physical, gold and silver dealer part of the strategy, which also includes food, water, energy, security, barter ability, wealth preservation, community and shelter. Welcome to Mantra Monday.

Lynette Zang (00:45):

We’re just gonna jump right in and we’re gonna talk about food. Both the House and Senate agricultural committees are continuing to draft the farm bill, but the looming government shutdown is slowing progress. And this is going to be coming up more and more. And it isn’t just in the US where funding for some significant programs around food and and energy and everything else are going to be shifted. Because more and more the cost of the debt of the government is going to be taking up the space that these appropriations would otherwise do. So we’ve gotta pay attention to this and this is why, you know, you frequently see me with food on the table from my farm because you know if, if this is long storage and I figure I’m gonna have to feed at least 40 people, so I need as much of this stuff as I can possibly get to make things easier. ’cause you got to eat. It’s not like that’s really a choice.

Lynette Zang (01:48):

And you gotta have water and there is more and more water scarcity that’s happening. Water scarcity is often divided into two categories. Physical scarcity when there is a shortage of water because of local ecological conditions and economic scarcity when there is inadequate water infrastructure. And let me take that one step further because we, we’ve heard for years forever that we haven’t really kept pace with the needed repairs in our infrastructure, whether that’s water or food or energy or any of those. So I’m suggesting that you become as self-sufficient and independent as possible that this is not an issue for you. And there are so many ways that you can ensure you, you have plentiful water enough for you to use to grow food, to drink to for sanitation. And, and maybe even a little bit to share. Here, down here I’ve done it with putting in lots of ponds. It’s easy enough to build, but you can also do it with water barrels, catchments. There’s ways to pull water out of the air. There’s ways to hold it inside of a bladder. So there are a number of different ways just based upon your ability financially. And also that’s the beauty part of coming together in community because it’s hard for one person to do it all. But let’s continue to frequently come together to cause water stress, meaning physical scarcity and economic scarcity.

Lynette Zang (03:32):

Now talking about energy, Saudi Arabia and Russia’s crude inflationary alliance. So we now have as members of the bricks, Saudi Arabia is definitely a member of the bricks and Russia is in there. So there’s a couple of issues around that. Number one, the US dollar is held, its prominent as the world reserve currency because of Saudi Arabia. And we are, we’ve lost touch with them to be honest with you. So that transition of the financial power from the west, so from the US to the east to China to Russia to that area is definitely underway. And if they get the Middle East, which is what it’s looking like, then they’re gonna be the ones that control the energy prices. And also availability. Here in the US we have used up our strategic reserves and how are we going to refill those? So this puts the east in the driver’s seat, especially when it comes to energy because we are not energy independent yet. You can become energy independent, you can do solar, you can do batteries, you can do wind, you can do all sorts of things. Which as we build those things up on the uh, bug out location, we’re gonna show you some different options. But um, I would not be counting on anybody that you absolutely don’t have to count on, let alone Saudi Arabia, Russia, China, because they’re going to be controlling the price of this oil. And it’s still needed in every sector of the global economy. We are not on renewable energy sources as a whole just yet. So what are you doing for yourself and your family?

Lynette Zang (05:29):

With security, when people become hungry and hopeless, they make choices they would not otherwise make. Target says it will close nine stores in major cities citing violence and theft. It will close nine stores after struggling with crime and safety threats at those locations. They have nearly 2000 stores in the US and they have been very outspoken about organized retail crime at its stores and said theft has driven higher levels of shrink. In other words, it hurts their profitability because those are physical products that’ll leave the store not gonna be sold to anybody else. So this is growing. They’re closing their locations in New York City, Seattle, San Francisco and Portland. So how many other stores are gonna be closing? But the point is, what are you personally doing for the rise in crime that comes along with when people are struggling and they become hopeless? They make those choices. So you wanna look at your personal security, you wanna look, you have to be a lot more aware around you. And this could grow and get bigger and bigger and bigger.

Lynette Zang (06:45):

Next we’ll go to barter ability. What you have here is CPI Inflation. Well can you see on here that starting back here in the fifties where yeah, we had inflation because that was by design in the purchasing power of the currency. And look at how quickly it ratcheted up once we hit the seventies. Look at where we are now. ’cause this is a current chart, right? I mean there’s virtually no more barter ability left in the currency. The only reason it’s viable is because you and I still accept it because they knew that people marry the legal money of the state. Oh, the dollar can’t go away. Well yes it can. This chart is showing you how inflation has eroded your purchasing power value of their currency. And quite honestly, you know, I mean they knew when they put the system in place, they knew that that not one man in a million understands inflation. Unfortunately, Powell has said he does not understand inflation. Well, don’t you think that’s a little scary since he’s used the weapons at his control to create the inflation that he doesn’t understand how to control? That is the point. We are at the end of the system and the only thing holding it together is confidence in the currency. But rapid inflation makes that go away pretty quickly. So that’s where physical gold and physical silver come in to make sure. ’cause these are completely barterable since they’re used across every single aspect of the global economy. In any form, in any form. This is a sterling silver chopstick. Think I’d care about breaking it. Not at all.

Lynette Zang (08:45):

But if you’re looking to preserve your wealth in the stock market, and this is the point that I really wanna make, and I want you to think about that CPI chart that I just showed you because nominal confusion, making numbers go up, making it look like your salary is going up, making it look like the stock markets are going up, right? This is what keeps you feeling comfortable. But a trillion times zero is zero. I’m gonna try my best to figure out a way to get people to see that because stocks and bonds do not preserve wealth during hyperinflation. They’re designed to preserve your wealth as you are moving through the light bouts. That 2% target or even three and a half percent, yes, they’re designed to keep pace with inflation, but what are you really doing? You’re staying even. And, and that’s only for the 1%. You know, if you’re making a salary, you definitely do not keep pace with inflation by design because that’s what enables that wealth and income inequality. You have the one percenters that own more of the stocks and bonds, but do they work during hyperinflation? No, because the currency is going away. But you know, this is just, there are so many currencies that no longer exist. These are just a sample or just examples of currencies that have no purchasing power value left. And what do you think is happening with this? The same thing. That’s what that CPI chart showed you. And it’s happening even faster. But we have officially 3 cents left. That’s all going to zero. What are you going to do if you hold your wealth in stock markets and bond markets and annuities and ETFs and mutual fund in all of Wall Street’s products, when this goes to zero and all you can do is convert those stocks and bonds into this? If this has no purchasing power, you tell me what good does it do? It doesn’t do any good at all.

Lynette Zang (10:59):

Now, community is something that you guys know is very near and dear to my heart because this is the only way that we have a snowballs chance in Hades of actually stopping what the central banks and the governments have in mind. For us, the far right is advancing in a vulnerable Europe. Again, former fringe parties now placed among the top three most popular political groups in almost half of the 27 member eu. Well, this was the kind of thing that was happening in 2019 and earlier that came to an abrupt halt in 2020. You guys know what I’m talking about. But it is advancing again because people are, are losing trust in the system, in the currency, in the leaders of the currency, in the government, in the central bankers. And so now we’ve got the rise of populism yet again, not a big surprise. Unfortunately, the level of unease and frustration among people has grown. And they’re coming together in community to say no more of the same. We have to do that on a global basis because this is a global issue. If they can, if we allow it, we will have a one world government, whether you realize it or not. And we will have a one world currency whether you realize it or not. And both of those things will be lauded over by the International Monetary Fund or some other such organization. But they’re in the best position to do it. And those are all unelected officials, treasury secretaries, central bank chiefs. We have to vote with our purses. We have to hold gold and silver. We have to be as self-sufficient and independent as possible with food, water, energy, security, barter ability, wealth preservation, community and shelter. That is our hope. That is our only hope of saying no. Because if we just go, oh, well it’s inevitable then what they have in mind for us, which you’ve gotta watch the video on the battle for your brain, what they have in mind for us is complete and utter control. I’m not doing this for me, I’m doing this for my children and my grandchildren and my great-grandchildren and you and your children and your grandchildren and your great-grandchildren going on and on and on. If we don’t say no now, it’s gonna be so much harder. Once they have everything in place, stand with me, say no, starts with this and this and everything else that we can do to be as self-sufficient and independent as possible. And I know they want you to think that everything is just hunky dory. And I know that they want you to think that what they’ve done with interest rates is a good thing and it’s an okay thing. But it’s the end of this system and they need everything to break. They need a big crisis.

Lynette Zang (14:37):

Mortgage rates in us rise to highest in more than two decades, although average on a 30 year fixed loan climb for a third week, buyers are waiting with prices also high except we’re also seeing prices for homes in a number of areas at making new highs. But unlike the turn of the millennium House, prices today are rising alongside mortgage rates, primarily due to low inventory. This is a huge accident that’s waiting to happen since housing is like 30% of the global economy and consumers are 70% and hmm huh, that total’s a hundred percent. We are in deep doo-doo. These headwinds are causing both buyers and sellers to hold out for better circumstances. Are they coming us new home sales fault, a five month low amid elevated rates. But us new home sales fell in August to a five month low as still high prices. And historically elevated mortgage rates took a toll on the housing markets purchases of new single family homes fell 8.7% to a 675,000 annualized pace following an upward revision to July’s figures. Because everything is always revised up and down and sideways and backwards and, and all of that. So whatever they say to begin with, hmm, is it true? I don’t know. Does it suit them to manipulate their formulas a little bit? Yes it does. And we’re closing with that because you’ve got to really understand that we have to come together. I’m going back to community again because this is not all doom and gloom either, but you know, everybody is in a different circumstance. You need to build your community where you are as well as globally. You need to talk about this. You need to spread the word. You need to be part of this movement so that we can come together and say no.

Lynette Zang (16:52):

And if you have not started yet your journey, click that Calendly link below. Make a time to talk to one of our precious metals consultants and their experts and get your personal strategy underway. And I know you’re here at BGS, Beyond Gold and Silver. Because there is a lot of this that is beyond gold and silver. But come to and become part of that community and developing it what you want to see, what’s gonna be supportive of you. That is our goal and we’re working hard on it. Come and help us become part of the community, make a difference. One person kind of hard to make a difference, but all of us together in community can make a huge difference.

Lynette Zang (17:43):

Make sure that you look at the latest deep dive on the ITM YouTube side, Ruled by the IMF. And from Taylor Kenny, she’s doing a great job of showing you Recession Signals, but this is gonna be way bigger than a recession. So you need to have that information. And also last week’s the power of the HoA to take your home. So you’ve gotta be conscious of that because ignorance does not make you immune, it just leaves you vulnerable. So if you haven’t done it yet, make sure you subscribe. Leave us a comment, give us a thumbs up and share, share, share. ’cause again, ignorance does not make you immune. It just leaves you vulnerable. And I don’t want anybody to be vulnerable to the whims of the elites and the 1%. I don’t want them to be able to control us, our children, our grandchildren. I wanna stay with my privacy in control and be autonomous inside of community, helping, supporting each other. That’s what it’s really all about. That’s what it’s really all about. ’cause we are in this together. And until next we meet, please be safe out there. Bye-bye.



  • Lynette’s mission is to translate financial noise into understandable language and enable educated, independent choices. All her work is fact and evidence based and she shares these tools openly. She believes strongly that we need to be as independent as possible and at the same time, we need to come together in community to survive and thrive through any financial crisis.

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