History has shown us, that food becomes the single biggest issue for people during currency regime transitions. We’ve certainly experienced this in the crisis. Well, let me show you where we are on this whole spectrum of change.

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0:00 Overview
01:14 Global Hunger Crisis
2:49 War Threatens Food Security
4:53 Beginning of Hyperinflation?
5:55 Time To Be Prepared
6:56 Cost of Living Crisis
10:45 Creating a Food Strategy
11:59 The Importance of Gold & Silver


I’m Lynette Zang Chief Market Analyst at ITM Trading and Urban Farmer. And you know, my mantra developed because of all of the studies that I’ve done on what happens to people during normal currency? Well, during normal, during currency regime shifts, and frankly, what ends up happening is that people become hungry and hopeless. And when they do, they make choices they would not otherwise make.

We were, prior to the war in Russia and Ukraine, we were already facing a huge global hunger crisis. Well, it’s just gotten worse. And when they say that food is just as vital as oil to national security, it’s again, because when people are hungry, they do things they would not otherwise do. Wheat happens to be a key commodity to watch because bread prices have a long history of kick starting unrest. Going back to the days of the French revolution, food insecurity has sent people into the streets, demanding better conditions. Now, I don’t want anybody here to be hungry or hopeless, which is why I’ve been encouraging you for a very long time to establish your own food security. Whether that’s planting a garden, like I’ve done, or it is long-term food storage, anything to make sure that you are not dependent upon the system for your food, because we’ve been taught “well, you just go to the grocery store.” But as we’ve seen in March and April of 2020, 2020, even when you went to the grocery store, things were not available. And since then we’ve been experiencing bearing grocery store shelves. And unfortunately, I think it’s about to get a whole lot worse.

Because it is now being compounded by the war. And when you’re looking at Russia and Ukraine, this was really the bread basket to the world on grains, as well as, and we know oil, gas, many things, many commodities, many things, but this didn’t suddenly happen. It’s been happening. And you can see here, world grain reserves have been declining really since 2016. So we’ve already begun to see that shift taking place. And then when you compound the massive inflation that we’ve been experiencing in food, there are a lot of people that have food insecurity. And I, you know, as a mother, I’m telling you, it kills me to see anybody hungry. I mean, this is frankly why I built the food forest that I did on the exterior on the street side of my property, so that if people were hungry and they’re walking by, they can pick a pomegranate, they can pick a zucchini, they can pick whatever happens to be ripe. So this is critically important. And what this really is showing you, on a global basis, is that it’s the end of all of the Fiat currencies. Now we’ll go into another one. Maybe we can have some control. That’s why it’s so important for us to come together in community, but global commodity prices rose 50%, the fastest pace in Hmm, 27 years. So you can see these kinds of things happen during transitions from one currency regime to an another. And I really do think there, I mean, honestly, there’s not one doubt in my mind that this is the beginning of the end of the regime.

This is the beginning of the hyperinflation, the end of the old Fiat currency what’s coming in. I don’t know, but some have been preparing like, I don’t know, China? If you look at the date on this 12-23-21. So that was before the crisis, or the war between Ukraine and Russia, China hoards over half the world’s grain, pushing up prices. But you know, they’re saying that it’s not that big a deal. At the same time, well, not at the same time, four months later, three months later, they warn of the worst winter crop wheat crop in history. China is maintaining its food stockpiles at a historically high level. There is no problem, but we were assured is no problem whatsoever about the supply of food. And there isn’t a problem until there is. And when is the time to be prepared? Before you need to be prepared.

You guys might recall that when food became scarce back in 2020, it showed me, well, it showed me the holes. That’s when I went and got my bug out property, took a while to find it and secure it. But I’m glad that I did, but I was walking around my gardens going, okay, I’m good. And I was able to share food and help other people that were not as prepared as I am. So I definitely label myself a prepper because I believe my research and my studies, I’ve been doing this on some level my entire life. And I’ve learned to believe my research regardless of what they make it look like on the short term. But I have to ask you how prepared are you? Have you been preparing? I’ve been preparing. I hope you have too, because if you haven’t, you definitely wanna put your whole strategy in play.

Now this is just beyond awful. And you might recall something similar to this though. I didn’t pull that up. But, when Greece was in its crisis, in the sovereign debt crisis, 2014, 2013, 14, you saw similar kinds of things happening. So again, when people are hungry and hopeless, they do things they would not otherwise do. Selling your children is more about, I’m pretty sure, more about making sure that they’re okay, than you feeding yourself. This spells catastrophe for both Afghan struggling to feed their families and for our aid operations. This is from the, I think it’s, this is from the hill. The secretary general also referenced a prior warning from the UN that 97% of people in the country could be living below the poverty line by mid 2022. Regrettably, that number is being reached faster than anticipated 97%. And I think that it is really likely to see, actually globally. I mean, it kills me because on average, about 80% of the population ends up in abject poverty. But that’s typically when maybe there’s just one country that’s going through it, right now what we have, is we have the entire world going through it. Don’t be in that 97% that’s in abject poverty.

Get your food, going, get your food, water, energy security, and you know, barterability and wealth preservation. This is critical and that’s gotta be the foundation because that’s what enables everything else. That was the first thing I did was secure my gold and silver position. And that enabled me to then do the rest of this.

But desperate people do desperate things. I don’t want you to be desperate. And those at the top know this, and that’s why you’re seeing countries coming out like the Arab spring. That was about food inflation as well. And what do the governments do? They feed you because they don’t want the public to be restless. And if you think that can’t happen year, let’s not forget that California, which is a big bread basket for the U.S. Has been in drought for years. And water cuts. Some farmers brace for another dry year after record breaking 2021. They don’t even plant the crops because they know they don’t have the water to sustain them. That’s why the mantra and, and I’m gonna be doing on the 11th. You’re gonna see a video on water. It’s critically important. This is how my mantra developed. You can’t live without food and you can’t live without water and you can’t grow food without water. So you need to make sure that you have a good water source and a renewable water source, and you have your food put in place, but at least the gold and silver can help you barter it and buy it because it is universally accepted though. These eggs are well, you can’t see, okay, these eggs are great. Everything that you’re seeing in this basket is a great source of barter. Look at this fennel. I’m going to eat it for dinner tonight. It’s delicious, but it’s also, barterable it’s food. And this is critical. I don’t want you to be desperate.

Get that garden in place. Even it’s seeds, broccoli, sprouting seeds are like so nutritious. You rinse ’em off for three days and you have food. So there’s all different ways, depending upon what your circumstances are. I’m fortunate. I mean, I only have a little half acre and remember my house is on there. My pool is on there, or my chicken yard is on there, but I’m able to grow enough food to sustain a lot of people. Now you may be in an apartment, so you may not have that option, but you can do things which we’re going to be putting in place. We’re gonna show you how you can do aquaponics in a really small location. And we’re gonna put a couple Sy different kinds of systems together for you to see that for yourself. If you don’t even have the ability to do that again, I go to sprouting seeds, which is, and long-term food storage. I mean, freeze, dried, etcetera. There’s all different ways for you to secure your food and your family’s food. And it’s critical that you move forward with this now, as soon as you possibly can.

But as I said early, the importance of Silver and Gold in this whole equation is paramount because you’re looking at Venezuelans that are actually paying for food with flakes of gold. And this has happened in Zimbabwe as well, gold for bread. So you see, this is all part of the strategy, and I’m gonna tell you, get it in place sooner than later, we’re working really hard on putting together a comprehensive library so that regardless of whatever your circumstances are, you will have the ability to feed yourself and your family. And again, the whole mantra is food, water, energy, security, barterability, wealth preservation, community, and shelter. Please, please, please get it done. And until next we meet, please be safe out there. Bye-bye.


  • Lynette’s mission is to translate financial noise into understandable language and enable educated, independent choices. All her work is fact and evidence based and she shares these tools openly. She believes strongly that we need to be as independent as possible and at the same time, we need to come together in community to survive and thrive through any financial crisis.

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