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The Importance of Being a Prepper in Today’s World


In this video, Lynette discusses how the global banking system is failing and how it affects the everyday person. She also highlights the current Food and Water shortage problems and encourages everyone to take action and be self-sufficient. Whether it’s accumulating Food, finding a Community, or plugging holes in your plan, Lynette emphasizes the importance of being prepared and taking responsibility for your future.


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I’m Lynette Zang, Chief Market Analyst here at ITM Trading, and a very proud and very grateful prepper, let me tell you, with what’s been going on over at SVB, but it’s the whole global banking system. I am so glad, just like I was in March and April of 2020 when there were problems at the grocery store shelves and things were going insane and I was so grateful that I was in the position that I was in and I’ve been working on it seriously. Well, the gold and the silver part I did first from 2002, but I’ve been working on the Food, Water, Energy, Security, Barterability, Wealth Preservation, Community and Shelter quite seriously since 2010. So I’m gonna tell you, if you haven’t done this yet, click that Calendly link below, set up your own, your own strategy so that you can be further along than you are right now. It’s critically important and it should be obvious what’s going on in the banking system should be a wake up call to everyone including you, because this was indeed a bailout of the wealthy venture capitalists, but not a bailout, not a bailout of you. They just need to keep you in the system. All right? Enough of a rant. Let’s just get right to it. And this is why the mantra is what it is.

But we see Morocco curbs, tomato exports, look at this now, I just went to the grocery store the other day and I saw a lot of barren shelves. Are you seeing that in your local store too? When in the world did we ever have that before now? Now it’s kind of a staple. Even salad shortages on UK shelves sparked Brexit blame game. Okay? They can point fingers and they can blame whoever they want, but the reality is, is it’s the garbage from the central banks and all of the money printing that they’ve done and all of the choosing of the winners and the losers that have put us in a position where we need to be absolutely as independent and self-sufficient as possible.

And, and before we move on you know, I read a comment that cause I’ll be honest with you, I do, I do sometimes glance at them, but mostly, I don’t, but I did see a comment that said, well, you know, do you think everybody can do what you do? No, I don’t. The reason why I put all of this out there is because number one, I’m really hoping that something that I’m doing could inspire you to do something for yourself. Maybe you don’t have, you know, a half an acre to work with or a bug out location to work with and maybe you don’t have a community like I have that I’ve built. But it should indicate to you that one person cannot do all of this. And I’m hopeful that it inspires you to move forward and plug in the holes that you may have in your Food, Water, Energy, Security, Barterability, Wealth Preservation, Community and Shelter.

So that’s why I put this out there. It’s to be of help. And of course, and Beyond Gold and Silver, you’re seeing how you too can do it. Or maybe it inspires you to get into a community where, where people know how to do, you know, the gardens and the bees and the security and all those other pieces and maybe what you bring to the table is a missing piece for somebody else. So, I’m sorry on that little rant, but I really want you to be clear on this because when you look at what’s happening in this world and the instability, it should really help you understand why this is so important. And food is the biggest issue for most people. And we have been watching a growing global food insecurity and it’s not for those people at the top that like just got bailed out of SVB. It’s for us, the public that is living in the real world. So please take heat on thisthere. No matter what your circumstances are, you can always start to accumulate some food, some rice, some legumes. Now you gotta complete protein, you throw a can of tomatoes in there and it’s not bad eating, but make sure that you can feed yourself and your family and maybe any others.

Because drought and the water issue is also a looming issue that’s been getting bigger and bigger and bigger. And when I read this drought conditions taking a toll on farmers’ mental health and you feel like you’re a failure, well this is the same kind of positioning that they actually try and do for everything, right? So that you own it, you blame it. Central banks want and they say it in almost every document of theirs that I have ever read and I have read a ton of them, they like distance between their policy and how it comes out to the public so that you don’t equate what’s happening to them. You keep ownership. Farmers, it’s not you just like, you know, all the small businesses that have gone out and they blame themselves when the setup was for winners and losers. Thank you Amazon, goodbye small and medium businesses. Amazon didn’t have to make a profit, but a mom and pop has to make a profit. Look at what’s happened with all The restaurants. I’m telling you it is. This is all a setup and you should not feel responsible, but you should take action because you are responsible for the ultimate outcome. Be as independent and self-sufficient as possible. Nearly 42% of the continental US is in a drought that began in early 2021 and it affects many US states. Well that’s not something that’s within your control, but the EPA mandates state report on cyber threats to the water system, the cyber threats to the banking system, to the water system, to to the payment system, to every system is growing. And some even think that World War III has already begun in cyberspace and I can’t tell you that that’s not true. But I can tell you that everything that’s tied into the grid is going to be susceptible. Cyber attacks against critical infrastructure facilities including drinking water systems are increasing and public water systems are vulnerable. Cyber attacks have the potential to contaminate drinking water. So there are so many different ways that you can create water storage, water catchment. That’s why I put in all of the ponds and like my tilapia pond as example, it’s like 20 by maybe 15 and about three feet deep. So not only do I have water, but I have the tilapia in there. Now if I run that water through my Berkey water filter, guess what? I can drink it. But if I don’t I can use it on my plants for fertilizer. So there are so many different things and we grow. You know, we go grow water, lettuce and water hyacinth for the chickens so we can have it as feed if we can’t get our food anymore. Water is critical. You cannot live without food. You cannot live without water.

Energy, oil swings in rangebound market at Fed and China demand face off and we’ve got China’s increased oil demand is thus being meant to a larger extent by higher supply from Russia. This may explain while the oil price has not been able so far to profit from the demand growth in China and also maybe the demand growth in China is not quite what they expected it to be. Indian refiners have also boosted processing lifting rates in January to the highest in five years on the back of rising domestic demand, the country has been a key consumer of Russian crude taking advantage of discounted cargos. So where the US and much of Europe may have put an embargo on the Russian oil or put caps on Russian oil. China in India have not and they’re taking advantage of this murder. He wrote. The US endures many, many more homicides than any other wealthy nation in the world. Sure people kill people but the proliferation of firearms certainly doesn’t help. The bad news is that almost a third more murders were committed last year than in 2019. The good news is that the shocking rise that began in the summer of 2020, hmm that goes back to the mental health issue, doesn’t it? Looks as if it may have played out. Well time is gonna tell, but you can see the pandemic were murderer wave as pretty significant. These are the sixties, the eighties, the two thousands. So you need to make sure, like I put, I’ll tell you one of the best things I did, and I know that it was expensive, but one of the best things that I did was put security shutters on my house. So I’ve got security security gates on my doors. I’ve got security shutters on my house, nobody’s getting in here. If I’m stuck here and I can’t make it out to the bug out location or if I do move up to the bug out location and I have to be there for weeks, months, years, I mean, who knows. Then this property is secure, not the exterior. I’m hoping they’ll realize they can come back every day for food.

But could bartering become the new buying in a changed world? Absolutely. It always does. Things get very, very local for a while amid economic uncertainty and a desire to connect as we distance. Bartering is experiencing an unprecedented rise, could it stick around? And the answer is aha, yes. Especially what we’ve witnessed with the collapse of SVB Bank and you know, I mean really the dominoes are starting to fall. This didn’t just happen, but it is happening. I don’t know where the next shoe is gonna fall. I can’t tell you if this is exactly the Lehman moment yet. It really does depend. If the central banks and the governments get to get to calm the general public, the wealthy are buying gold. Peter Thiel is buying gold. He’s also the one that started telling his clients to get out of SVB Bank. Just the thought, right? Smartest guys in the room.

Wealth Preservation. Now the reason why I chose this in particular is because you’re seeing watchfinder cuts prices 15% as Rolex and Patek Philippe values slide. So the point of this is that there are opportunities not yet, but opportunities that will present if you are in the right place at the right time with the right asset, which is gold, okay? Because all of that cheap and free money drove all of these prices up. And now as that whole piece is shifting a lot of these properties and, and this is true for everything, not just watches certainly will come back on the market as people need to raise funds. You want to be in a position to take advantage of it and have the wealth shift your way. Watch values have been hit by slowing economic growth, higher interest rates and the collapse of cryptocurrencies. Watch dealers and investors have flooded the market with supply. In the physical world, what you have is true supply demand dynamics. You wanna be in a position where you can take advantage of that. \And I don’t care what asset it is, but there is pain for sure. You see supply going up significantly for models that we would’ve literally killed for just a couple of months before, just a couple of months before. So part of what I want you to understand is this is the beginning of that piece and what’s been happening in the banking system with the guarantees of everybody’s deposits, which there isn’t enough money marginally there’s not enough money in the FDIC’S fund that’s supposed to support insured deposits in case of bank failure, let alone to support uninsured deposits. But don’t be fooled because ignorance does not make you immune. It just leave you vulnerable. You wanna protect your wealth, this is what you do it with. And then that enables you to take advantage of opportunities.

Communities, okay? When people start to see things, they start to come together and we’ve had a huge reversal in humans’ rights and it’s now a global emergency. As the world marked International Women’s day, UN Secretary General Antonio Gutierrez said that progress for women is vanishing before our very eyes. Wow. So we know that there have been a lot of laws that have changed. Roe versus Wade has been overturned in Texas. You know, watch your neighbor. So what are we gonna do about it? We’re gonna come together in Community. I mean I remember women’s lib back in the early seventies and I remember going home and I had a sociology professor that was a huge women’s lib-ber and I can’t say at that point that I was, I wasn’t what have you. But I can tell you that I came from a family where my, and it was a good family. So don’t get me wrong on this, but you know, all, all families are dysfunctional. It’s just a matter of degrees. But my value in that family was that I was pretty and I could cook. Not that I was smart, I never knew that I was smart. I never knew that I had, you know, much talent or or anything when I was growing up. But that’s the point of college for me as I started to learn that. And I remember I would come home on a weekend and my mother would send all the boys out of the room because the sociology professor would do all of this gender changing work. And so I would go home and I would read this where genders were simply swapped and my mother would make everybody leave the room. She was a great woman, she was a strong woman. She was definitely the head of the household, but she was also the biggest chauvinist of anybody that I’ve ever known. It’s probably why being in that family, I was the youngest of seven and my, the oldest I had a sister and then two brothers. And so, you know, really even though there were all those girls and a couple of boys, yeah, my mother definitely favored the boys over the girls. Then after that then I was her favorite. But don’t tell anybody else cause they’d probably deny it. But it’s true <laugh>. Anyway, I’m sorry, I digress.

Okay, so New York property tycoon to give worn out offices back to the bank. A new era of remote work and rising interest rates has changed the equation for some developers. They have to figure out what else they’re gonna do. But Rechler, who is also a board member of the New York Federal Reserve, is expecting a rough stretch in the months of ahead. The sharp rise in interest rates from historic lows is threatening all sorts of businesses. Hmm, that were predicated on cheap and readily available capital. He noted even tech companies, one of the few remaining sources of office market expansion are now jettisoning thousands of employees. Their cuts in turn appear to be rippling through Wall Street. And oh by the way, according to SVB, through the banking sector as well, globally, RXR’S plan plans reflect a growing consensus that the world’s largest office market is heading for a calamitous period. Now that means if we go back to the watch example, that there’s going to be a lot of property that’s going to be coming on the market. And history shows us during hyperinflation, which, you know, I mean I’ve been saying this for a year-ish or so, that I think that we are, or two years even as inflation has begun to rise, that we’re at the start of that hyperinflationary period and with what just happened in the banking sector. You know, I’d say that that is a push in that direction.

So I hope you’re ready with Food, Water, Energy, Security, Barterability, Wealth Preservation, Community and Shelter because this is upon us now and maybe just maybe the central bank and the government will have the ability to appease the public cause that is the last vestige of confidence. That’s the last piece that is holding any of this together. And the actions that we saw over this recent weekend with the FDIC, the OCC, the Treasury Secretary and the Federal Reserve come together to guarantee everything. Nothing to see here, folks. You are covered. Don’t worry. Well, I’m sitting here telling you worry, you better worry and get as many pieces in place as you possibly can please. So if you have not already, please make sure that you subscribe. Remember, it’s not all doom and gloom. There are opportunities that will present if you are in the right place at the right time with the right asset. So click that Calendly link below and start your gold and silver strategy if you haven’t already done it. And you, if you have done it and you haven’t completed it, you wanna get your strategy complete, ASAP and make sure also that you subscribe to our ITM channel as well as our new Spanish speaking channel. Now the Spanish channel is in both English and Spanish and it’s, it’s a very short, condensed version of a longer topic that I discussed. So it could well be just the right size for you to share with your family and friends that are not on board with you and hopefully help them to wake them up cause how many times can you be lied to and you do not know the truth. So again, make sure you subscribe, leave us a comment, give us a thumbs up and share, share, share. And until next we meet. Please be safe out there. Bye-Bye.



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  • Lynette’s mission is to translate financial noise into understandable language and enable educated, independent choices. All her work is fact and evidence based and she shares these tools openly. She believes strongly that we need to be as independent as possible and at the same time, we need to come together in community to survive and thrive through any financial crisis.

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