The Countdown to Our Orchard Begins!


Join us on a journey to Lynette’s Bug Out Property, where we’re preparing to plant an orchard filled with a variety of fruit trees. In this video, our host Lindsey is joined by expert horticulturists Chris and Tony, as they sort through the fruit trees that were delivered two months ago, taking stock of their health and preparing to plant them in the coming months. From peaches and pears to raspberries and apples, in this ongoing series, we hope that you’ll learn about the different types of trees and the best ways to care for them.


0:00 Sorting the Trees
1:11 Different Sizes, Different Stages
1:56 Berry Bonanza
3:25 Planning for Planting Season
4:02 Sourcing Your Trees


Hi everyone, it’s Lindsey. I am here at Lynette’s Bug Out Property and I am joined today by my friends Chris and Tony who are fellow horticulturists and have a lot of knowledge about fruit trees and that is why they are here today. So today’s mission is we sorted through the fruit trees that were delivered about two months ago and they have since been weathering the snow and the rain here and it is finally starting to warm up. So we could see they’re already starting to bud out, but we wanted to get a better idea of our trees, their health, and just start to sort things out as we prepare to plant our orchard. So I just wanted to walk through some of the trees that we picked out just to give you a general idea of the trees that you’ll be seeing us plant in our orchard in the coming months.

If you think that the world is headed in a direction that makes you a bit concerned for the future and you’d like to be as self-sufficient and independent as possible, then you’ve come to the right place. My name is Lynette Zang. Now it’s time to go Beyond Gold and Silver.

Behind me, we have some peaches and pears. We have just a mixture. So these are some of our bigger trees. We tried to get an assortment of sizes so that we have trees at different growing stages, while also balancing the cost associated with getting bigger trees. So by getting several different sizes, we were able to kind of mitigate the cost of the orchard as well as just having different stages of growth. So that’s a really helpful tip. If you’re gonna have multiple trees of the same variety, you can get them in different sizes. They’ll still pollinate each other. You’ll still have all, you’ll still have fruit production, but you’ll be able to save on some of the cost associated.

We also have raspberries. We got plenty of raspberries. We’ll be able to grow a lot more berries here than we can at the property in Phoenix. Blackberries as well then these ones are. Let’s see, we have apples. So we did get quite a few apples and we had some issues with some of the root stocks, so you’ll be able to see that a little bit later.

These are Kiwis. I’m really excited about these cause this is something that I missed from back home in the Midwest having Kiwis so I’m excited for that. And then we have pecans and jujube and just some other assorted trees. We have some of our cherries as well. And then on the trailer we have all of our really big pots that we didn’t want to take out right away. So these are some big apricots, some Fiji apples, as well as over here. We have the maple trees. So the maple trees are ornamental. These are the only ornamental trees that we got in this trip, but these are gonna be used for color just to make the property really beautiful and we get that beautiful fall foliage. These are the trees that we’re starting out with. We’re going to add more as we proceed with the orchard, but this is our starting base and these trees will hopefully go in…Chris when are we hoping to plant here?

So with some of the adjustments that we’ve made to location, we’re gonna be waiting for part of the property to be terrace. I think weather-wise, we’ll be ready whenever that’s ready. So if it’s mid-April, if it’s late April, that’ll be about the timeline and it’ll be exciting because you’ve mentioned, you know, some of the varieties that already came in, in this first batch. There’s gonna be persimmons, plums, quints, grapes. There’s gonna be a number of other fruit trees that are gonna round out everything that you know we’re we’re shooting for that, Lynette’s shooting for, so.

Definitely we sourced all of these from one local nursery and they had a lot of variety. Not everything that we wanted, but they did have a really good variety for starting out. So we got those and then we’ll be adding and picking from different nurseries depending on what they have for some of those more unique varieties and things that we’re looking for. But we’re really excited to proceed with the orchard and we wanted to share this with you so you can proceed with us as we get planting in the coming months.

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