Recipe for Thai Coconut Green Curry Chicken Thighs with Eggplant from Our Gardens


Join Chef Jayson on a flavorful adventure as we gather fresh ingredients from the garden to create a delicious Spicy Green Thai Curry Chicken and Eggplant dish. Join us as we harvest ingredients and discover how simple this recipe is to make!


0:00 Harvesting Ingredients
2:30 In the Kitchen
4:33 Cooking Chicken
8:40 Making Green Curry Soup
12:20 Prepared Dish


All right, so we are out in the garden. I spied some cute little eggplants out in the front yard that we’re gonna grab and make a spicy green Thai curry chicken and eggplant dish. So let’s go check it out. But first, a quick word from ITM Trading.

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All right, so this is actually street side that we’ve got this eggplant bush here. This is here when I started and there was actually eggplants on it. And these are a great size. So we’re gonna grab like, probably two or three of these. There’s one, oh, there’s two. I see another good size one back there. See if there’s any other big boy. Oh, look at that. Let’s grab that big boy right there. Look at that. Boom. All right, we got our eggplants.

So the other thing that we need for this soup is kaffir lime. Kaffir lime, is this little bad boy right here. This is used in a lot Asian cooking, a lot of Thai cooking especially when you don’t have actual lime juice. These leaves have a ton, a ton of lime flavors. So we’re gonna grab a couple. 1, 2, 3, and four. Oh yeah, already smells like curry soup.

So we are back in the kitchen. We’ve got our kaffir lime leaves. We’ve got our eggplants. We’ve got a little bit of garlic, a little bit of onion. Now this is not traditional. This is literally leftover from another project. It’s a tiny amount. I didn’t want it to go to waste, so we’re just gonna throw it in with it. We’ve got coconut milk. This is a 14 ounce and we’ve got fish sauce. This is very important part of it. And then one more thing.

These are our Thai coconut curry, green curry, coconut bombs, they’re little frosted, but it’s no big deal. This is a green curry that I made from scratch, added a little bit of water, frozen it in a silicone mold into cubes. And these are perfect bombs. I’m gonna throw two of these in this dish today. These are spicy. I used a lot of green chilies. I think it said use 15 if you want it hot. And I think I used 20. So there you go. We’re lucky Lynette likes it spicy. So here we go. The next thing we gotta do is get our chicken ready. So now these are boneless skinless thighs. You can use chicken breast if you want to. You can use skinless thighs, whatever you want to. But I’m actually gonna do these whole because I want to keep the skin crispy. Now, the traditional version of this dish is just, everything is kind of boiled. There’s no browning, there’s no, there’s no extra caramelization. It’s just a very straight dish. And I think a lot of it has to do with the color. But what I’m gonna do is hit these skin side down, let ’em crisp up. Then we’re gonna take ’em off the pan. We’re gonna get the eggplants, garlic, onion, everything in there. And then when that’s just about ready, we’re gonna add the chicken back in and pop it into the oven so that skin never really gets boiled. We want it nice and crispy.

So here we go. I’ve already salted this chicken. I like to salt usually the day before because what ends up happening is the juice comes out of the chicken liquefies the salt, and then the chicken sucks that salted juice right back into it. So then you have this perfectly seasoned chicken. And now we really don’t have to add a ton more salt to this dish. So we’ve got the we’ve got the pan heating up right here. I think it needs a couple of minutes, but we’re gonna hit it with a little avocado oil just to get it going. And then we’re just gonna lay these down. I use avocado oil because of its high temperature. It’s called smoke point. This is a 500 degree smoke point. You notice that there’s barely any smoke coming off of this. If I put olive oil in there, you would see smoke coming off of this. So we use avocado oil. One because it’s a neutral oil, it doesn’t impart a ton of flavor. And two, you can get away with much higher heat. So we’re just gonna lay these in just like that. I like to give the chicken a little wiggle, wiggle when I put it in there. And we’re just gonna let that go and get our eggplants ready. Every oil has its own smoking temperature, meaning the point, the temperature that it needs to get to to start smoking. Olive oil is about 350 degrees. So the next thing that we need to do is get our vegetables ready. So we are gonna grab our cleave. We’ve already washed our eggplant, so we’re just gonna clip off those tops, clip off that top clop the top, clop the tip. There we go. Those look good. We’ll get rid of that. I’m gonna leave these kind of big. So one, two, that’s a good size. So half two, two. That was a weird cut. Give this a four. So the idea is just to make sure you’ve got even size pieces, relatively even size pieces so you don’t have hard ones. And then mushy ones. Nobody likes a mushy one that we can agree on. So I’m not gonna do a fine chopper or anything on these serranos. I’m just gonna do some thin slices. There we go. And now we are pretty much ready to go. Once that chicken starts browning, then we will pull that off. Our oven is preheating to 400 degrees and once we pull that chicken off, we’re gonna throw this eggplant in. We’re gonna give it a little salt first. And you can salt your eggplant. Does help to get rid of a little bit of the bitter flavor. But we’re gonna boil the hell out of this thing and coconut milk. So definitely not gonna be bitter. But yeah, this is a great, this is actually a pretty easy soup as far as soups are concerned. You know, it’s even easier if you do it the traditional way where you’re just basically cooking everything in one pot. You’re adding the coconut milk at the end sands, the garlic and onions of course. In fact, let’s give those, let’s give that garlic a little choppy chop. Take that big old end off.

Well, our chicken sounds like it is working, so let’s check it. It’s looking pretty good now. I don’t need it to be dark, dark brown. And remember, this is going in the oven and the oven will finish it off. So I think we’ve got maybe another 60 seconds on those. And then we will let them sit on a plate. Get rid of that. All right, here we go. Good. Nice golden, golden brown color right there. Looks good. So we’ll just let those sit. And now we’re going to add our eggplant and our onion. And remember, we’re not cooking these all the way. We just want to get a little bit of color on ’em. So I’m even gonna turn these end pieces to make sure they’re getting color on one side at least. And if you guys are wondering how the hell, I’m not using tongs, I’m not burning myself. I lost feeling in my hands like five years ago. Not cause of an accident or anything. I’ve just been a baker for a long time and you grab hot stuff constantly. You end up getting these asbestos hands. So anyway. So now you can see this stuff is getting a little bit of color on it already. It’s only been a couple of minutes, right? See that that’s what we want. We’ll let it go for maybe another 30 seconds and then we will add our garlic. We will add our serranos. I’m only gonna add half of these. You can always add more. I just don’t wanna make this too hot where it’s inedible. We’re gonna throw in our kaffir lime leaves cause we want these to get started. So those are our fresh ones. And these were ones I actually had frozen. I keep a bag of them frozen all the time, so we’ll throw extra one in there. Looks good. All right, let’s add our curry bombs, our coconut milk. That’s good. And the last thing, we need a little bit of red boat fish sauce. One, two. Just gonna make sure that these are dissolved and see now it’s starting to turn that kind of familiar green color.

All right, now that our mixture is boiling here, we’re gonna leave those leaves in and when it when it comes out, we can pull ’em out. But we’re going to place our chicken right back in there and I’m gonna try to keep it kind of on top of the eggplant so that skin stays out of the coconut.

And I’m gonna do that. So to make sure that that skin gets nice and crispy. There we go. That looks beautiful right? All right, so now we’re gonna take this whole steel and go it in the oven. Got our pizza brick in there so it’ll stay nice and warm right on the bottom there. And that’s gonna sit for about 15 minutes or so. I’m gonna check it in 10 just to make sure that that skin isn’t getting too dark. If it is, I’ll take the temperature down to maybe 375 or 350 degrees. Crack the door for 30 seconds to lower the temperature. It’ll be fine. So let’s go 10 minutes bloop. And we’ll put that light on just to keep an eye on it. See you in a minute. Pulling it outta the oven. That’s what it looks like.

Since everybody seems to be doing that, that’s that crispy skin we want. Beautiful. I think we gotta try a little bit. Glorious. Spicy but perfect. Ugh, that is spicy. It’s already going away. It’s good. All right, there you go. This is our Thai coconut green curry chicken thighs with eggplant. Hope you enjoyed it!

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