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Preparing for a Changing World: Securing Your Energy Source, Access to Water & Food


As the world transitions, Food insecurity is becoming an increasingly pressing issue, with millions facing hunger due to conflict and political strife. Lynette Zang, Chief Market Analyst at ITM Trading, discusses the critical need for Food, Water, Energy, Security (+ more) in a changing world. With hunger and conflict threatening millions, she offers practical solutions for prepping your home and property.

She also discusses the importance of having a reliable water source and filtering. Additionally, she highlights the importance of Energy security and explores various options for generating electricity, including solar power and battery backup.


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I’m Lynette Zang, Chief Market Analyst here at ITM Trading, and a very thankful prepper. And you can see this is the current harvest from the garden. And so fortunately for me and those around me and anybody else that’s gardening, they’re not gonna have to worry about hunger. But unfortunately that is not true for most people. And one thing that we know, history tells us quite clearly is that starvation and hunger is the biggest issue for most people as we go through this transitions.


And this is true ina Africa as well. More than 34 million could face hunger by June in West Africa, food insecurity is made worse by conflict, etcetera. Cereal prices triple in Nigeria, Chad, Mali, Niger, and Burkina. I know I’m butchering these, please forgive me. Brukina Faso, 23.5 million people are currently food insecure. That is horrendous and it’s made worse by what’s happening in the world. And the political strife, this figure could reach 34.5 million people between June and September. So what are you going to do for your food insecurity? There are a lot of options. You can have a garden, but if you don’t have the room, you can do an aquaponic food tower that if you can just do a normal size of a shelf, you can grow food, you can stick in your freezer like broccoli, sprouting seeds, extraordinarily nutritious. You rinse ’em off with water for three days and you have food, rice, and beans. So I really want you to think about food security. You might remember what happened back in March and April of 2020 when the grocery store shelves went bare, but we’re still seeing remnants of that today. So make sure that your food is secure. It’s critically important.


Philadelphia tap water is safe to drink through Monday night. Oh, isn’t that really a relief? So, you know, the other thing is you cannot live without food. You cannot live without water. What is your water source? Do you have a way to filter the water if that water source is tainted? As you guys know, I have ponds on this property. Well, I’m not gonna drink the pond water directly because that’s also my fertilizer, thanks to all the fish poop. But I can run it through my berkey water filter and then have perfectly good drinking water so we can live. We can’t live without food. We can’t live without water. What other alternative water sources do you have? There are bladders, there are barrels, there are ponds. So you need something to catch whatever rain is going to fall as well. And all you have to do is run it through a filter and you have water and you can also then water your plants and maintain that. So probably the two. Well, the two things. You cannot live without food and water. You wanna make sure that they’re very, very secure.


And energy clean, energy record. More than 40% of US electricity now comes from a carbon free source. While that part is absolutely fabulous. But what we’re looking at here is electricity generation percentages and the total mix. And this area here is the darker blue is in nuclear sources, which they were trying to get rid of, but it doesn’t look like they’re gonna be able to. And then the new, the renewables are growing and that mix includes power from nuclear plants, hydroelectric dams, solar and wind. But this is still not enough generation to support a lot of what’s going on, let alone just electric vehicles. I know everybody wants his transition and we’ve got at least a reasonable start, but we are even marginally near a point where we can be all energy or all carbon free sources, but we’ll keep our eye on it because renewables and when you’re off grid, like the bug out property that I have, that is primarily, primarily solar. And we do have battery backup in well we’ve got batteries, but we also have the generator backup for when that’s a problem. But how secure is your energy source and what can you do to make that more secure?


Now look, we’ve talked about this. When people get hungry and hopeless, they make choices they would not otherwise make. I’m very glad that I’ve put in the security that I have, but what’s your security? Because we’re talking about France here, but since then, because they face new pension strikes as violence concerns mount, passing this pension law or attempting to pass it without popular, without popular support. Isn’t that interesting? Are we gonna see a lot of things that go through without popular support? Will this then give rise to more riots? There have been 114 acts of vandalism on the local offices of members of Parliament, 128 cases of damage to public buildings and 2,179 arson attacks while almost 900 police officers have been injured. So do you think that that’s just going to stay against the government? I mean, this is really what they fear more than anything is for, and I’m talking about the government and the central bankers losing control of the narrative and losing, losing position and support of the public. French pension protestors, occupy finance firms, torch restaurants favored by Macron. You know, they’re doing this against the will of the public and they can do it until there gets to be a critical mass. Is that what we’re facing? Frankly, I think we need to revolt because if we don’t, we’re just going to be more and more and more abused until they have, especially once they go to CBDC’s.


But I thought this was interesting, especially on the heels of pension reform, what the US could do about social security amid France’s anti-pension reform, protests, social security, the popular program on which 67 million Americans rely for monthly payments, faces, long-term solvency issues that could result in benefit reduction within the next decade. Look, it’s been insolvent forever because all of that money, I mean in the beginning we had 153 workers to support each benefit recipient. Today, or the most current data is we have roughly two workers to support each recipient. And it’s not like they, that the government and Congress did anything wise with the money that was being held in there. No, they borrowed it and they spent it. So there’s just a whole bunch of IOU’s. The baby boomer started to retire back in what, 2010? 2013? And so we are already running deficits in there. It’s kind of a joke, but we have what’s called the pay as you go system. So that means that social security taxes are gonna have to go up on all of the workers to support this program or there are gonna be cuts. And we already have, you know, I mean our retirement is 65. I mean, I’m probably personally never gonna retire. I just don’t see it in my future. Although once did, but I don’t anymore because of what’s happening. But what are you doing to secure your retirement? Cause I can show you exactly what I’ve done to secure my retirement. And that’s this, right? Very barterable. This is even more barterable. This is very barterable as well. So anything physical, any real money that you have, anything, anything that you have or talent or skill sets. So maybe you wanna fine tune your skills, learn some new skills, what do you bring to the table? And that is what you’re gonna have to barter with because things will get very, very, very local. Especially when you look at this.


This is America’s finance. These are the deficits and the revenue. And you can certainly see this sharp drop off in guess what? 2018, 2019? And this is the debt. So is this really that iceberg that we’ve been talking about? Yes, it is. So all you really see a lot of is this, but the reality is, there was a shift in 2008. That is when the system died, it died then that’s the only thing they could do is take on more debt. And you can certainly see how that sped up after 2008. Do you really think this could go on forever? No. In fact, we’re at the end. We are absolutely at the end of this mess because people ask me all the time, well, what’s counterparty risk? This is all counterparty risk. Because what we work on is a system based on debt. So there should be a tremendous amount of new money that’s out there in the system. And yet, what are we talking about? The lack of liquidity. Can you see the problem? They can only grow this debt as long as you believe in the money. And it might as well just be this money monopoly money for as much as it’s really worth. And that’s officially so just keep that in mind that when you buy stuff with debt, it gives you the illusion of wealth. But as we saw back in 2008 when people making $50,000-$60,000 a year owned 60-20 whatever properties, that was all done on debt, it only gives you the illusion of wealth because at some point you gotta pay the bill. And guess where we are? It is time to pay the bill. So what we’ve been watching in the banking sector, and they want distance because then you think, oh, everything is okay. It’s not okay. Even the IMF is coming out with a warning saying, yeah, don’t get too complacent that thinking that this banking crisis is over and that the financial crisis is over. It’s not. We just got a little snicker snack of it. So are you ready? Are you ready?


Community can take on so many different things and I think it’s really interesting going to China. This is the last generation, last generation and why China’s youth are deciding against having children. They got them ready for it with the one child policy, but the last generation is a much more subtle and resigned form of protest. Now we’ve seen a lot more protests in China, which is almost shocking. But this is critical because, and this is also in many ways happening all around the world with a reduction in child production, right? I had two babies. But the choice by young Chinese to not have children can be seen as a kind of plebiscite on social conditions, a comment on social conditions because it is getting more and more unaffordable to raise children and then for women to have, and some and more men are stepping in, but still to be raising children and having to work because most people need two incomes to support a family where one income used to be sufficient. So now they’re saying maybe we should just not have children. But going back to social security and the other programs that those taxes fund, they need more workers. So this is a form of protest and it’s happening all over the world. We see the erosion of women’s rights all around us. Afghan, Afghani women, men banned from participating in daily life and girls pulled out a school. Chinese women threatened and or arrested for using terms like female rights or #MeToo online. Even as harassment and assaults on women in that country are on the rise in Poland, sex education has been criminalized. And abortion at any stage is akin to homicide with commensurate prison terms. And of course in the US, women’s access to healthcare is being systematically eroded. And we have word of more gassing in Iran particularly of young women and cameras to make sure that they’re dressed properly. You know, this is scary to me because I was there in the seventies during the protests, but the primary threat to women’s rights is complacency and a failure to appreciate how fundamental gender equality is for a society to prosper, grow, and achieve safety and security for all. And this isn’t just about women and there is no room, I’m sorry, there is no room for any level of bigotry because the reality is, is that what happens to one happens to all. So it isn’t just, oh, well that’s over there, that’s happening to them. That’s not gonna happen to me. And I remember growing up with a glass ceiling, and I have to tell you, I never really, I mean, honestly, I never really took that into account probably because I’m the youngest of seven and my mother was the biggest chauvinist of any woman that I ever, anybody that I ever knew to tell you the truth. And so I’ve always worked in male dominated fields and I thank my brothers and my mother for that feeling. But we cannot be complacent in this because if they take away the rights to one group, they’re going to take away the rights to all group. So everybody, male, female, everything every socioeconomic level, every sexual preference, everything, you know, none of that is really our business. We’ve got to come together so that there are more of us than there are of them because the intention is you will own nothing, but I’m pretty sure you won’t be happy. So we have to come together in Community to prevent this because truthfully, what happens to one happens to all. And we’ve already seen a whittling down of our freedom of speech, and I’ve experienced that self-censorship. I’m not proud of that. I’m not proud of it at all because I wanna say everything that I think and we all know there are things that I can’t say where they take me off air that I can’t be of service to you at all. But I am not complacent. Don’t be complacent and understand. You may not like this group, but it’s divide and conquer. If you can learn how to embrace that group, or at least know that they’re part of your community. We got a shot, we got a shot, let’s have a shot at this. I don’t want them to take over. Interesting short seller, step up beds against office owners on bank turmoil. Short interest, which means selling something that you don’t own, which you can do in an intangible market. You can’t do it with an actual tangible, but hey, short interest on office owners as jumped office landlords have much higher leverage than other REITs, Real Estate Investment Trust. Do you own any of those? Are they based on commercial real estate? Because many think that that is the next shoe to drop. And I’ll do a piece on that maybe next week. It just hasn’t gotten, there’s just been so many things coming at me. But look at this, US banks accelerated commercial real estate, CRE, commercial real estate lending as the pandemic faded. Doesn’t that make sense? Because they thought that people were going back to the office, but we’ve been in transition into a brand new world order and it’s changing quickly. So I would double check and make sure that if you are sitting in any REITs or anything else, I don’t even know if how liquid these things are to tell you the truth anymore. But you might wanna make sure that you’re not sitting in that. Personally, I don’t own any of that garbage. That has not always been true, although I never liked garbage anyway. And that will not always be true into the future. But at this moment, real estate is not the safe zone because it’s been artificially inflated. And now as we can see, it should be obvious to everybody.


It’s starting to revert. There will be opportunities if you’re holding this to buy that when it is dirt cheap and when you can see where the dust has settled. Because the question is, can the fiat system withstand this hit? It’s a huge part of the global financial system. We’re gonna find out, aren’t we? Especially as to how it impacts the banks and the shadow banks.


So we launched our new community app, Thrivers, download on the web, Google Play, or the App Store. We’ve gotten such a phenomenal response with community members coming in. This is like-minded people that can help you with any part of the journey or you can help. And I should say you can help wherever you are in this journey. So come check us out. Also, if you haven’t done so already, make sure you start your gold and silver strategy as the foundation for your Food, Water, Energy, Security, Barterability, Wealth Preservation, Community and Shelter. And if you haven’t done it yet, make sure you subscribe. Leave us a comment, give us a thumbs up and share, share, share. Together, we are so much stronger than we are as individuals. And until next we meet, please be safe out there. Bye-Bye.


France Faces New Pension Strikes as Violence Concerns Mount – Bloomberg


  • Lynette’s mission is to translate financial noise into understandable language and enable educated, independent choices. All her work is fact and evidence based and she shares these tools openly. She believes strongly that we need to be as independent as possible and at the same time, we need to come together in community to survive and thrive through any financial crisis.

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