Planting Herbs, and Fresh Veggies Inside Our 25ft Greenhouse! Off Grid Living


Join Lindsey in the first ever planting of our 25-foot dome green house. In this video, we will show you our herb choices, you will learn about flexible gardening strategies, and we will talk about the future of our thriving gardens. Stay tuned as we transform our kitchen dome into a culinary haven and continue to grow and prosper in our new gardens ūüĆĪ‚ú®


0:00 Transplants
0:40 ITM Trading
1:31 Kitchen Dome
3:12 Herbs and Veggies (Pepper, jalapeno, habanero, eggplant, rosemary, watermelon, sage, lettuce, oregano, thyme)
7:04 Seed Planning
8:43 First Official Planting


Hi everyone, it’s Lindsey. I am here for our second day of working on the 25 foot greenhouse domes. So yesterday our intention was to get everything done. We wanted to have our transplants planted, but we were running out of daylight and battery power. So now we are going to do our planting this morning, water, everything in. So that’s on the agenda for today, but really exciting. I wanted to start planting and show you what plants we chose and kind of why is our first set of plants.

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One of the things that I really wanted to focus on since this is more of our kitchen dome, this one is the one closest to the house on the property. So we wanna make this one the most convenient for accessing things that we would use in cooking. So herbs and fresh veggies, lettuce, things like that. And the other domes will be more production style.

So one of Chef Jayson’s biggest requests was herbs and he uses a lot of sage. So quite a bit of sage here and a few different varieties. And the most important thing to me when I’m thinking about what we’re gonna plant in each of these domes is just that we have flexibility. So even though the sage is going in here right now, that’s not to say that if one day we find a better home for it, we can’t dig it up and replant it, just gonna place it in there.

And I’m kind of just spacing out everything I brought today with the intention that it can either get really big in its current place or we can add more things around it. In this dome especially, we’re not quite done with our plans to build more beds, so we’re actually going to have another semi-circle around the outside perimeter as well. So this will give us a lot more growing space. So right now I just kind of chose plants that would be good indicators to me of how they’re functioning in the environment. A few different things, well, it’s just things that would be in season and just fun for Lynette to come in here and see and for us to pick when we’re up here.

So like I said, even though this whole bed is sage, which might seem overkill, we can always plant tomatoes or lettuce or something else around it. But just doing this the last two days has given us a really good idea of how we want to do the other ones. I also have some pepper variety, habanero, jalapeno, just got a variety to get us started. And then once we have soil in the 35 foot dome, which is more of our production style dome, we’ll be able to do a lot more of each type of plant. And I do expect the soil in here to compact down a little bit. Once it starts getting water, the soil will kind of go down a little bit, but that’s okay. We can always wait for these plants to mature or fill soil in around them. I have two varieties of eggplant as well. Eggplant will also handle the heat in here nicely. And I have a black beauty variety as well as a longer eggplant variety. The most important thing when we are planting in raised beds is to kind of think about this space at which things grow feel like. Oftentimes as experienced and novice gardener’s life, we like to fit as much as we can in the beds cause it’s super exciting and we wanna get the most out of all of our labor. Sometimes that can be detrimental to plants. So it’s always a good idea if you’re unsure to start with less and then add more as you go on. Some watermelon here, quite a few. So I’m not gonna plant them all. I’m just gonna space them out kind of evenly throughout bed. It’s always a good idea whether it’s squashed, cucumber, watermelon, if you have like this one has three seedlings, just pull ’em apart. If you lose one or one doesn’t have enough roots, that’s better than them competing for this immediate space that they’re sharing.

Then I have a few more peppers. I wanted to bring some tomatoes, but transplants were still pretty small and I was a little bit worried that if I brought them, because we don’t have our ideal environment that we can control yet, that I’d kind of be giving them a little death sentence cause they weren’t as established as these peppers were. So we’ll have more peppers and then we’ll add tomatoes when they get a little bit bigger, I’m thinking that they could go in with the sage or replace the lettuce.

And because this soil is so soft, it’s really nice, you don’t even need a hand shovel. I also have some rosemary. So this is something that rosemary can get absolutely huge. So I’m thinking once we have the designs for the other beds and everything taken care of, I didn’t wanna not have rosemary up here because I want it to be able to be accessed for the kitchen and for Jason and Lynette to use when they’re up here.

But I think eventually I would dig this out and either put it in a pot or like its own separate bed cuz it can get pretty monstrous. Then I also have some oregano and thyme going in this bed as well. So these are all just herbs that chef Jason uses pretty frequently and they’re all things that I thought would do pretty okay in here. We always wanna kinda loosen those roots. I might seem like I’m being a little rough. You kinda wanna tease them as much as you can, but just kind of separating that so the roots can expand outwards. They’re not just growing around and around in a clump, strangling the plant.

And one of our goals too, at this greenhouse or with the production greenhouse, we wanna have our own little seed starting area. So we wouldn’t necessarily need to bring transplants up, we could just start them here.

And of course we’ll be able to start seeds in these beds as well. That’s why we went with such a fine, really nice seed planting medium. But for the meantime, until our irrigation is hooked up to our main water source seed germination can be like a little iffy with a hose. So just to make it easier, we’re just going to start with transplants, see how it goes, and then have the goal to start seeds.

Ideally, I see that these front beds would be things more like herbs and lettuce, short term things or things that are gonna be here forever. And then more of our tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, cucumbers, squash, things like that that are seasonal would go on the outside of the dome. That’s kind of just how I had it pictured in my head. And then I have some lettuce, which I have left over from the farm to be honest. We’ll see how it does in here with the heat, but I’m hoping if more than anything else it could be used in the next few weeks when it gets a little bigger. Cause right now in Phoenix it is much too hot. At least here it has a chance. And once we get more production in here and there’s more things going on, I do want to get, I would label everything just because I’m not always the one that’s gonna be here. Just so everybody can be on the same page about what is what.

That is pretty much it. I think these extras will only serve to get in the way. So I’m gonna take these back down with me. But otherwise, this is our first official planting of our 25 foot greenhouse dome, our kitchen dome, and I’m really excited. I hope, oh, just kidding. There we go. We have now completed the first official planting of our 25 foot greenhouse dome. Super excited to see the progress. We’re gonna be hand watering these for now, and we’re gonna be having just ventilation, be our air source. We’re hoping to get a swamp cooler in here. Just make everything nice and temperature controlled so we can give these plants a little break once it starts to really heat up in here. So we’re just going to see how this goes. Treat this as an experiment, as a learning curve so that we can really hit the ground running when we go to plant out the rest of the domes. This is the first official planting of our greenhouses. We’re really excited to see the progress and we hope you stay tuned to see as we develop this property and continue to plant and hopefully prosper in our new gardens.

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