Off-Grid Chicken Coop and Rabbit Hutch | Rabbits Meet Chickens for the First Time


We are at Lynette’s Off-Grid property where we are going to be introducing our rabbits to our chickens. We are going to see what their introduction looks like as well as show you their enclosures.


These are our laying hens. We have nine of them right now that are approximately four months old, and they’ve just started into their laying process.

Keep ’em against the fence line. Keep ’em against the fence the whole way. Look, they’re figuring it out. Couple more steps and look, the chickens are back in.

Okay, actually, you know what, what we’ll do for a moment here is we’re gonna let, we’ll step back as far as we can. We’ll let the girls investigate each other. And see these chickens are already looking, trying to figure out what’s going on in this cage. Now Miss Rabbit is starting to be curious. What do you guys think about each other? Hmm Hmm.

All right. You guys wanna see what’s in there? You girls wanna see? Whoa come here ma, you just stepped in your water bucket. Okay. What do you think? Let’s get your friend out. Girls, it’s okay.

Okay. So not the most receptive I’ve ever seen. Oh, already into the house!

So right here we’re seeing a solid introduction of the rabbits to the chickens. The rabbit here is exploring her house and out here they’re exploring every single thing that they see. This rabbit right here, the female, she’s actually marking the pole. So you can tell that they’re getting comfortable. They’re gonna be marking their areas and looking and exploring every single thing. These rabbits we had originally gotten from our barter from a previous video.

This is Peter. He is the male and he is a tri-colored male and he’s just checking it out, checking the dogs out there.

These are Rex rabbits. They’re bred for meat and fur. So that’s why the little smaller and denser, they can grow a little slower, but they have a solid meat when they’re all done growing. And here she’s just exploring and Peter finds her and the chickens here, are leghorn chickens and they’re exploring the cages and trying to figure out what’s going on.

Well, Peter and the girls are all getting along. That’s good. Yeah. And then this will be our nursery for our rabbits, because you definitely wanna sort your rabbits off from your chickens.

Whenever you go to reproducing, the chickens will get a hold of the baby rabbits and it’s kind of detrimental. We have a little hutch for them in here. It’ll be a condo hutch. And this will be the the nursery To where they’re still in the same population and but also have separation.

Well, that’s about all that we have for today. I hope you guys all enjoyed our small game introduction. If you guys have any questions or comments, please always feel free to leave those in the comment section below. And if you guys have any suggestions for other small game or livestock animals you’d like to see us try out on our off-grid location again, leave us a comment. Let us know what you think. And until then, be safe out there.


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