Making Lunch for Lynette Stir Fry


Join us as Chef Jayson makes ginger beef stir fry with king crab – a dish so versatile it’s known as the ‘Happy Family’! Learn how to ace cooking like a pro and impress your friends and family. Don’t settle for boring meals – let’s dive into the world of flavors together.


-Ribeye Beef
-King Crab
-Bell Peppers
-Bean Sprouts


This is a ginger beef stir fry with crab we call that happy family usually throw some chicken in there try to get at least three proteins but it’s got bell peppers it’s got mung bean sprouts onions shallots mushrooms a really nice sliced ribeye beef from underbelly and some awesome king crab from Nelson’s mean fish but this is uh tons of protein no carbs really you know you saw I threw a cup I had a little bit extra broccoli and a couple little pieces of cauliflower leftover veg so I just threw them in there what the hell you could do this at home I mean you saw it’s pretty easy all you got to do is prep your stuff ahead of time that’s what I did this morning sometimes I don’t know when the boss is gonna be hungry it could be early could be late so when I come in in the morning I try to prep something for lunch sometimes it’s a salad and I’ll just leave it in there and she can grab it when she wants luckily today we had a hot lunch so I was able to actually cook for her when I’m able to cook we do something nice we do something light Asian inspired we do a lot of sushi seaweed salads stir fries but this is something you can easily do at home whatever veg you got in the fridge just think about okay how long is this going to take to cook and start with the longest and then work your way down and if I can give you one tip don’t throw the garlic into early don’t throw it in too early it’ll burn it’ll get bitter you don’t want it so even at the end you saw I just kind of threw it right before I put the pot down. So the boss is staring at me right now she is so hungry that she might actually come flying in here to punch me so I’m gonna see you later!

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