Infusing Honey from Our Bee Hives with Ingredients from Our Farm


We are here at the urban farm today to show you how we infuse our honey. This is honey from our hives that we harvested a couple weeks ago, and we’re going to be infusing it with different things from around the farm. The benefits of infusing your honey are just to make it tastes great and it gives a lot of different flavor profiles as well as health benefits. In the last couple years, we’ve done garlic and lavender and chamomile. This year, we’re gonna try some Rosemary and pink lemon as well as other new additions. Let’s see how that goes!

0:00 Local Honey + Local Ingredients
0:54 Garlic
1:55 Varigated Pink Eureka Lemon
3:03 Lavender
3:52 Chamomile
4:34 Rosemary
5:10 Cinnamon
6:05 Try Infusing Honey On Your Own!

To infuse garlic, you just take this jar right here, we have our bulbs and you tear off all the bulbs and make ’em into the little cloves, peel them and then cut them at the ends. And we’re just going ahead and put the garlic cloves inside the jar. And you’ll wanna let these sit for a couple weeks, probably about four to six weeks. And then we’re also going to make a small jar as well.

When you infuse, honey, you’ll wanna let them sit. After you put on your lid, probably about every other day, you can rotate your honey. So one day or a couple days, you let ’em sit like this. And then the next couple days you rotate your jar. This just allows the honey to rotate and infuse and stir in with whatever product you put in with your honey. So this is the garlic, it’s all set and ready to go and it’ll sit for six weeks like this.

And next up here, we’re going to infuse our lemon. This is our pink variegated lemon. We grew here on the farm.

You take two cups of honey, we’ll take our jar like this. And what you do is you do this on the stove top. So we’ll drain our honey into here. So two cups of honey and two tablespoons of our freshly squeeze lemon juice. Remember this is pink lemon.

So you do this while it’s on the heater, pour this and heat it. And then you just slow. It’s a slow heat though, and you just slowly stir it for 10 minutes. And then you can also put in some freshly graded rind or even some of the freshly sliced lemons. So you heat this on the heater for 10 minutes, and then when it’s all blended in together, we will put it back into this jar and let it sit for six weeks. And this lemon honey is great to use in herbal teas.

The next honey, that will be infusing is lavender. So what you do is take dried lavender and then just kind of crinkle up the pieces a little bit, move any stems. And then just like the garlic. We’re just gonna add it right on top. Lavender is a little bit more delicate than the garlic and other flavors. So we’re gonna use decent amount, then we just cap the jar.

Like Laura said, we’ll flip it and rotate it every couple days. So the lavender honey is really good. You can use it in tea or for desserts drizzled on top. It has a very delicate lavender flavor.

Then very similar to the lavender is chamomile. We’re just gonna put this on top. Again, this is dried chamomile flower, and then once you have infused your honey and those four to six weeks have passed, what you’re gonna wanna do is strain out the lavender and the chamomile.

The lavender is pretty easy to strain out. The chamomile takes a little bit finer mesh to strain. So just keep that in mind, you can keep the flowers in there. It’s just gonna have the texture. So it all depends on what you like. And I like the chamomile infused honey in tea. That one is actually one of my favorites.

The next one we’re going to infuse is Rosemary. So we’re trying this for the first time this year. So we’ll see how it goes, but we’re assuming it would be really good on roasts and things like that.

What we’re gonna do is just take an entire sprig and put those in there, and this is fresh. So this isn’t dried, you could use dried, but the fresh will be a little bit more pungent. Then I’m just gonna kind of force those in there.

Next up here, we have our cinnamon powder. The cinnamon mixed with honey is really good for your digestive health. So what we do is we take some honey, our raw honey, and we’re gonna take about a half a cup right here of the cinnamon. And with this, we’ll just kind of have to play around with, um, the numbers and really what looks good and what will taste good for you. People like varying amounts of cinnamon inside their honey.

So you just place your cinnamon directly on top. And we will just mix with our spoon. And this is a really good dessert, honey, you can take it in the morning or in the evening as well for your digestive health, or you can put it on ice cream or toast or bagels. This is probably one of my favorite infused flavors of honey. So it’ll just take a while to mix in together.

We hope you enjoyed this video of us showing you how we infuse some of our honey. And I hope this inspires you to try infusing honey of your own. And if you want to see a fun video of us getting Lynette to guess what each honey flavor is, once we strain it and once they’ve infused, let us know in the comments below.


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