How to Propagate Sugarcane


Today we are going to be showing you our sugarcane. Sugarcane is one of our favorite perennial crops here on the farm in zones 9 and 10, which we are in zone 10. It can be grown as a perennial, but in other places, it can be grown as an annual. And it’s a really great crop to add to your garden and it produces sugarcane juice. So it is a natural sweetener that’s high in antioxidants and vitamins. So today we’re going to show you how to propagate it.

One of the easiest ways to propagate it is to look for actual roots growing on the outside of your sugar cane. So right here is an example I can see coming out of this sugar cane. There are little aerial roots popping out. So that’s a great way to start growing because that’ll give us a head start. When we go to propagate it like this little offshoot right here, I could just pull it right off and then we would just clean it up a bit. And then it has roots ready to go.

Another relatively easy way to propagate your sugarcane is to dig from the base. Down here, we’re gonna be digging out a whole section of sugar cane, and this will allow us to pot it up and then we can transport it and move it.

There, you can see all those roots. And then in addition to the regular roots, we have some of these that are popping out from the side. So that’s like how we showed in the first example, those kind of roots will come out. Then we can separate this even further and we have more sugar cane.

Here’s some sugar cane that we have pulled off our plants, and we’re gonna pot this up. When I’m doing sugar cane, I like to take lots of different kinds of propagation cuttings and take some short ones like this that have those nice roots just because some will have faster success for, and then ones like this will take a little bit longer. But taking lots of different types of cuttings is a great way to utilize all the sugar gain propagation that you have on your plants.

Then for ones with roots that have been dug out of the ground, just gonna clean this up a little bit, it. Then as you can see, this one is already starting new little green growth. So we are just gonna use a nice potting mix with lots of drainage.

Sugarcane doesn’t like to be too wet. It’s a tropical plant so we wanna make sure we give it that moisture, but not so much that it rots. Then ones like this, when they’re segmented, we can just bury that little piece of roots and then eventually shoots will come from the bottom.

Then big, long ones like this. We are gonna pot Like this, and we’re just gonna make sure those roots are buried. And if you bury more of the segment, then you will have more root growth like this one would have roots coming from the bottom and also here so I would probably bury this one right about here.

These are some easy ways that you can propagate sugar cane so that you can have a continuous supply, whether you’re growing it as a perennial or as an annual. Our sugarcane gets a lot of use here on the farm. So we juice our sugar cane by cutting a large stem in half. And then we put it through a sugar cane press, which just takes out the juice. And then the juice is amazing to drink by itself to add as a sweetener to recipes and to drinks. And it’s just an all around great way to have a natural sweetener on your property that you’ve grown yourself.

We hope you enjoyed this video about how to propagate and care for your sugar cane. If you wanna see more sugarcane related content, please subscribe and comment below. If you wanna see us juicing our sugarcane and turning it into sugarcane juice.

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