How to Preserve Eggs for Long Term Storage


Today we’re going to be talking about how to preserve your eggs for food security. We preserve them using a method called water glassing and this preserves the eggs for long-term storage. You’ll be able to store these eggs for 12 to 18 months once they’re in your container and properly sealed up.

So our first step is we measured out a quart of water. So in here is a quarter of water, which is four cups of water. So this is our pickling lime, which we bought. And this is calcium hydroxide is just a white powder. And when you mix it in with water, it’ll securely coat, the entire shell of the egg.

We have one ounce of the pickling lime measured out. We’re gonna go ahead and pour that in there. So that’s one ounce and we’re gonna whisk them together.

Then our next step is to pick our freshest and cleanest eggs. These eggs were laid by our lovely hens here from here on the farm.

So we’re gonna look for the cleanest eggs and you need to make sure that all the eggs that you use are unwashed, because anytime you wash an egg, it washes off the protective layer, which is called the bloom. So all these eggs are unwashed and still have the bloom. So you want to pick the cleanest eggs.

Here’s an example, and we’ll put it in the jar with the egg, the pointy side down. So a half a gallon jar should be able to hold about 12 to 16 eggs. It probably all just depends on the eggs and the egg size you have. So here, this is a duck egg we have, and this is huge. And then this is another duck egg we have, and this is almost double its size. So you can preserve any type of egg you want from duck, quail chicken eggs.

So I’m just picking the cleanest ones we have. And we also wanna make sure that the shell is not cracked at all. So pointy side down. So it looks like with a one quart of water is just what you need in a half gallon jar, cause the water level will continue to rise.

Okay, there we go! We’re gonna put our lid onto it and then you can store these for 12 to 18 months in a cool dry place. And then whenever you need an egg, you just pull it directly out of the container and going ahead and wash it and use it like normal. And that’s it. That’s how you preserve and store your eggs long term. This is called water glassing. So thank you for watching and we hope you subscribe and enjoy more videos from us. Thank you


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