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Welcome to In the Kitchen with Lynette! Today, I’m gonna show you how I make my Hemp Seed Milk. There are two reasons why I think it’s really important to do this. Not everybody wants to drink animal protein milk and milk availability could become a challenge in the future. I love making this super simple recipe in my off-grid home, so I never really have to worry about whether or not I have milk leftover.


1 cup of Hemp Hearts
2 cups of Water
2 cups of 100% Aloe Vera Liquid
½ teaspoon Honey/Sweetener
½ teaspoon Vanilla
A few sprinkles of Salt

Now I typically use hemp seeds or cashews because I don’t have to strain them. Okay. And you just do one cup of hemp seeds. You get a cup and it doesn’t matter if you’re exact or not. I mean, it’s pretty forgiving. So one cup of hemp seeds to four cups of liquid.

So I’ve got two cups of water in here, but I wanna get a little extra nutrition. So you could do it with four cups. So it’s, it’s a four to one ratio. You could do this, just all with water, but I like to get a little bit more nutrition in and I wanna drink Aloe vera. And so this George’s is the only one that I found that does not have a flavor. It just kind of tastes like water. So I’m gonna go ahead and just fill that up.

And now we have four cups or a quart, and I’m just gonna go ahead and put this in with my hemp seeds.

Okay. Now I’m gonna flavor it a little bit. Now I typically, I might not do this if I’m just gonna use it in my chicory that I have in the morning, but just add a little bit of salt. Then I am going to add half a teaspoon of vanilla. And again, it’s pretty forgiving if you do a little more or a little less.

Next, I added some honey from the farm, but you could use agave, you could use any sweetener that you want and you don’t really need very much. It’s just a little bit, just so it’s a little sweet. This is not so important for adults probably, but more important if you’re gonna give this to the kids cause you want them to like it.

Finally, I’m just gonna blend the crap out of it! It’s pretty simple!

Blend it well, you wanna just watch and make sure that the particles from the hemp seeds are teeny tiny, otherwise you get kind of like a goopy amount of nuts on the bottom. So I’m gonna finish this off and, and that’s it.

I mean, it’s delicious. It’s nutritious. If you can’t get cows milk or goat milk or any other kind of milk, you can always keep the hemp seeds in the house. You have water and you know, these are really easy and relatively inexpensive ingredients to have on hand. And it’s loaded with nutrition. So you can have milk anytime you want it. Even if you can’t get it at the grocery store. So next time I don’t know what we’ll do, but if there’s a recipe that you want me to do or something you want me to show you how to make, let me know and I’ll do it. So tell next time you be safe out there, bye-bye.


Manitoba Harvest [Organic Hemp Hearts]:

George’s Aloe Vera Liquid:


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