How to Make Fig Jam – Using Ingredients Grown at Our Urban Farm


In this video we are going to show you one of our homemade fig jam recipes using ingredients from our urban farm!

Hi, we’re Lindsey and Laura. We’re here at Lynette Zang’s Urban Farm to show you how to make our fig jam.

And these are figs that were fresh from our tree. They were frozen, but now they’re thawed out. And we went on ahead and cut the stems off. And then we cut each one and a half, and this is about two pounds of figs. So we’re going to go on ahead and show you how to make the fig jam.

This is one of our fig trees that we use to make our jam. This tree is probably about 13 years old. It’s pretty big. The fig produces twice a year here in Arizona. So we just had our late summer harvest that we harvested for our fig jam.

So we’ll pour it in our pot here. There we go. And then we’re going to also put in with it the recipe calls for water. But since we’re sugar free, we went on ahead and juiced some of our fresh sugar cane juice.

And so the recipe calls for a quarter cup, and we’re gonna put it in with our figs, our freshly sliced figs, and then also two teaspoons of fresh lemon zest from lemons we grew here.

So after we have everything together, we’re going to go ahead and put it on the burner. So we’re just going to blend that all in together, nice and good. And we just let that sit for probably about 20 minutes or so when it gets all nice and thick and sticky together.

So after the fig is nice and thick and sticky, we’ll go ahead and add in our quarter cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Put it into here. And then we’ll let this sit on low heat for an hour. So after the lemon juice has been sitting here for an hour, we add in our one teaspoon of vanilla and stir it. And then we’re going ahead and remove this off the heat, and we’re going to blend it up, and then it’ll be ready to be jarred up and consumed. So we’ll going ahead and put in our blender.

There we have it all blended and we’re ready to put in our jars…and that’s how we make our fig jam at the farm. Thank you for watching Our next batch, we’re gonna add some cinnamon to see how that works. Let us know below in the comment section what your favorite recipe with figs or fig jam is.


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