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How to Create a Better Standard of Living During the Reset | Lynette Zang with Alaska Prepper


Today I have a very special guest, his name is Rudy the Alaska Prepper. He’s been working hard to build communities to help all of us, and he does a payday prep to supply food material for the cheap to create security for families, every week.

He has a great motto, which is “Teach one, reach one, and repeat”. Today we’re going to discuss ways to prepare for an economic reset that doesn’t have to be harmful to you, and I’m going to show you why in this video with Rudy.

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  • Lynette’s mission is to translate financial noise into understandable language and enable educated, independent choices. All her work is fact and evidence based and she shares these tools openly. She believes strongly that we need to be as independent as possible and at the same time, we need to come together in community to survive and thrive through any financial crisis.

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