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Welcome to my Farm. We are going to go pick some food for dinner tonight. Let’s go see what looks good!

What are we going to pick today? So I’m gonna start with this beautiful fennel bulb. Now a lot of people think that they don’t like fennel because it tastes like licorice and it does when it’s raw, but when you cook it, it gets super mellow. And one of my personal favorite ways to eat it though, I don’t know that that’s what I’m gonna do necessarily tonight, is to roast it. And it’s just delicious! But I like to add this to onions. I well, and it’s just so good. So I’m gonna go to the base and I’m just gonna cut. Now. I have this beautiful bulb and I’ve got the fronds, which, whatever ones I don’t use, I will just give to the chickens. So there’s the first edition to our basket. This cabbage looks really inviting. I think I’m gonna this cabbage too. Look at this gorgeous cabbage, perfect for one person. And of course there’s very little waste because when I take off those other leaves, I’m just going to give them to the chickens.

Nasturtiums, which are delicious in salads. Maybe I’ll take a little bit of that. I don’t need the clippers for it. And you know, a lot of people don’t realize that that flowers too, some flowers, not all flowers are edible and they’re really quite delicious. Nasturtium are kind of like peppery. So I wouldn’t want to eat an entire salad of itbut as an addition to it. It’s really quite nice.

So let’s see. I know where I saw some fantastic broccoli, looks so yummy. Let’s go get some broccoli. This needs to be picked right now. I don’t have to go to the grocery store and buy their crappy broccoli. That has no flavor, cause I have all of this incredibly yummy broccoli right here, delicious! And the nice thing about broccoli is that it’s the gift that keeps giving, right? So you pick it and then it’ll grow more. See like these little shoots, like we already took the big center, cause it’s really getting to be the end of the season. I’m gonna take this one. Cause if I don’t take this one and eat it, now it’s going to flower. So this is a yellow cauliflower.

So I need a little bit of celery. I do have places where I have more celery, but what I really want you to see is how we grow food and flowers in the same place. I mean seriously, why not? And this celery is so good and it just keeps coming back and back and back. I’m gonna have such a yummy dinner.

So this is the harvest for today. Just a little quick summary. We’ve got a beautiful fennel bulb, some cauliflower, some broccoli and some cabbage. And I’ll mix that with a little bit of animal protein. I think I’m having lamp chops for dinner tonight. Yummy and delicious.

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