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Global Unrest Increases Due to Economic Uncertainty: What Can You Do Today to Mitigate the Crisis?


Happy New Year! I’m hoping that everybody that’s watching this is also proudly prepping because we are now in 2023. Mantra Monday is about making sure that you are covering all of your bases that give you at least a minimum level to maintain your current standard of living.

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If you think that the world is headed in a direction that makes you a bit concerned for the future, and you’d like to be as self-sufficient and independent as possible, then you’ve come to the right place. My name is Lynette Zang. Now it’s time to go Beyond Gold and Silver.

I am Lynette Zang, Chief Market Analyst over at ITM Trading and a very proud prepper. And I’m hoping that everybody that’s watching this is also proudly prepping because we are now in 2023. So I’ll start by saying Happy New Year, even though what I’m gonna show you is not great, but what I also want you to know is that there are opportunities that will present. So this really is about making sure on Mantra Monday, that you are covering all of your bases as many, and maybe you think of, of more, but you know that that gives you at least a minimum level to maintain your current standard of living.

So let’s start with Food, which is frankly the biggest issue for most people. And f food insecurity grows in 2022 amid a backdrop of higher prices. So in other words, inflation. Now, they’ll blame it on conflict, they’ll blame it on this, they’ll blame it on everything. But the reality is, is this is why we have the level of inflation that we have. And so now that it’s become obvious and noticeable to the population, central banks are absolutely determined to raise rate and create higher unemployment. Higher unemployment could need more food insecurity. So we definitely wanna make sure that you have adequate resources put back. And they’re all different ways to do that from growing gardens to long storage food. And you know, we’re gonna talk more about that, but access to food increasingly became a challenge, especially for millions of people in low and middle income countries where the most vulnerable populations of the world lived. It kills me to think that any person, let alone any child, should go to bed hungry when in my opinion, it’s not really necessary. So you wanna, again, make sure that your access to food, no matter what the circumstance. Think back to March April of 2020. What were you scrambling for? Okay, I was walking around my gardens going, yeehaw, I’m so glad I did this because for me it really wasn’t an issue. Maybe my choices were more narrow, but I didn’t have to worry about feeding myself or feeding others. To be honest with you.

In Food and Water, you know, you can’t live without these two things. A growing drinking water crisis threatens American cities and towns. So you may still have it, but using the Jackson, Mississippi disaster rings, alarm bells about myriad problems lurking in water systems across the country. I mean, in Jackson, they had to bleach their water before they could use it for anything, that’s not great. You can go out and get a Berkey water filter right now, or even there are water filter straws. There’s all different ways to make sure that you always have drinking water. I’m in Arizona, drought is a big issue here. I’m in the desert. So what do I, what did I do on my land? I put in a whole bunch of ponds and I only have a half an acre. So it’s not, you don’t have to have them huge. I mean, the swimming pool that I converted to a pond is the biggest one, and I think that’s 75,000 gallons. But I have my little tilapia pond. You can have rain barrels, but you’re still gonna have to have a way to filter the water. So if all you do is get a berkey, that wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world because we’re just talking about Jackson here. But there are a myriad of problems lurking in the water system, and they have been experiencing days without reliable water service. How would you fare in that circumstance? What can you do today inexpensively to eliminate or mitigate that issue for you? Rain barrels, etcetera. Bladders, I mean, there’s, we’ve talked about them, we’ll talk about ’em more, but the Jackson, Mississippi disaster rings, alarm bells about the myriad problems lurking in water systems across the country. And water is critical. You cannot live without water. You cannot live without food. And for many of you cannot live without your medications. Even though I don’t have that as a separate category, frankly, I really should have that as a separate category because these are the things that you simply cannot live without, particularly if you have a chronic illness. There are also, as you’ve seen when we’ve talked to Marjory there are ways that you have medicinal plants probably right outside your door. I’d get familiar with them.

Big growth in electric heat set stage for blackouts across US south. Anytime that you are dependent upon the current system, you are putting yourself and your family in jeopardy and at risk. So whatever you can do to mitigate those risks are what you should frankly be doing because the prices of this energy are not really based upon. They’re loose, let me say this, they are very loosely based upon supply and demand. They are primarily based upon trader’s opinion of supply and demand. So they’re, so in an effort because all we also hear about all of the time are alternative energy sources. But that infrastructure is not built yet. So we’re trying to shift away from the old system before we have the new system in place, which I think is quite interesting. And here are output plunges. So when you’re, when we’re talking about blackouts and brownouts, these output plunges, because what we know is that the grid is really, really old and you know, we’re, you know, we’re in a lot of conflict around the world. They could easily take out the grid. I’m sorry they could, they could easily take out the grid and really cause a whole lot more disruption, which we’ve seen. But the states hit hardest by blackouts in last week’s winter storm, have significantly increased reliance on heating homes with electricity over the last decade, putting more strain on the power grid when temperatures plummet. So I think it behooves each one of us to look at what, how we would fare if we did not have electricity and what are the things that we can put in place. You can do it on a shoestring, you can do it with lots of money and you can do it in every way in between. But these are all the things that we really need to have in place to sustain a reasonable standard of living because these bills, like I said, who is really running the show are the traders. Every single thing has been turned into a Wall Street product, everything, including energy. And do the traders give a crap whether or not you can pay those bills? Heck no. They don’t care. They’re only interested in their gains. So higher energy costs are typically passed on to consumers. And would you please take a look at this? Because prices rose to a five year high on December 23rd on the largest US grid. So we could talk about anywhere else in the world. But what you need to understand is that we are global. And so if we see it happening in one place, don’t think that it’s too farfetched to happen here. And look at this, the level of this spike, would you please? It blows everything else out of the water, at least going back to 2018. That impacts you because they pass those prices along. That means that you are in danger, you need to be able to pay it or you need to have created your own alternative source. I heard today that some of the utility companies were saying that people are wearing like two and three sweaters in their homes to try and conserve power because the utilities are telling people, ya, better conserve. Ya, better conserve. Well, yeah. And the traders are going, we are gonna ring everything out of this that we possibly can. And I’d like you to also keep in mind that OPEC +, so that’s plus Russia the + is Russia intend to push oil prices back up to between $110 and $120 a barrel. That’s where they’re comfortable. Cause they’re making lots and lots and lots and lots of money there. Do they care if you’re uncomfortable? No, they do not. Do the traders care if you’re uncomfortable? No, they do not.

Are you uncomfortable with this? South Korea sends drones to Kim Jong-un’s airspace in an unprecedented move. Let’s poke the bear. You know, we have so many conflicts and one of the things that always happens during currency regime shifts are a war. So where is the World War III coming? Well, gosh, you know, name your spot. There are an awful lot of hotspots out there. The exchange of drones, which briefly stopped flights from taking off at major airports near Seoul came as Kim opened a major political meeting to set security, economic and political policy for the coming year. The official Korean central news agency reported Tuesday that he has spent the past year improving his atomic arsenal, showing no interest in returning to nuclear disarmament talks that have been stalled for three years. So here again, that issue around nuclear power and nuclear threat is coming up. We have it in Kyiv, right? Or not in Kyiv, but in the, in Ukraine. We have it there with Russia bombing the nuclear power plants. And now it’s coming up again. Are we gonna face a nuclear war? I hope not. I mean I seriously hope not. But who knows? There’s lots of threats and you know, honestly, what is the big deal if you get yourself prepared with Food, Water, Energy, Security, Barterability, Wealth Preservation, Community, Shelter and Medicine, and then no crisis happens. Now do I think that’s likely? No, I do not. But what is the big deal? If you do so, you have all these things, including physical gold and physical silver, booty hooty rooty manooty. So why not get prepared? I mean, why not? That’s not, the question isn’t why should you is why shouldn’t you?

Okay, grid failure and hyperinflation lead to bartering in Venezuela. Remember anything physical or any talent that you have as barterable, but these are the 10 most sought after bartering items in Venezuela. Might not be a bad idea to have some of that, but what comes first? Food. Because food is the single biggest issue. So not a shocker. Powdered milk and sugar are among the most difficult items to get. Interesting. Okay? I would not have frankly thought to buy powdered milk, but, or sugar frankly. But you know, for bartering, maybe that’s a good idea. Medicines number two, make sure to stockpile. If you have a chronic illness and you require something for diabetes or whatever it is, make sure that you have a stockpile of it or you also understand alternatives that you can use in place of it. And I would say, you know, not surprised that it’s number two, because this is critical, especially if you have a chronic illness. Voltage protectors because of the energy blackouts and brownouts makes all the sense in the world to me. Hygiene products, we’ve talked about this as well, both personal and household. I know I’ve required anybody that is going to be part of my little community up at my bug out location to have a year’s worth of what they like. Because what are you gonna do? Everybody’s gonna come up there and use my stuff. No, it doesn’t work like that. So get a bin and put in shampoos and toothpaste and, and things that you really like and things that you need to clean with and disinfect with, etcetera. You know, get some of that. Put it back. And if you needed to barter with it and you didn’t need it yourself, rock and roll hoochie-coo, you can barter with it too. Flashlights, batteries, candles matches, anything that generates light. Again, because of those blackouts and those brownouts. Coffee. Okay? It is a comfort tradition. A lot of people are addicted to coffee. If you’ve stopped and you’ve gotten those headaches, you were addicted to coffee. That’s why I started drinking chicory because that’s, I got sick one time and you know, for like three days I had this massive headache and I realized it was because of caffeine. So I made that choice. Sometimes I still drink coffee but I don’t drink it every day. I just drink it when I happen to go out. But that’s a great tool for barter. Cigarettes. Also an addiction product. Not something that I personally would recommend and not something that I’m gonna personally stockpile. But this is what they’re asking for in Venezuela. Fuel. The challenge with fuel is having proper storage so that you can store it for a long term. There are ways to do that frequently that’s kind of prohibitive. But there is different ways that you can accumulate fuel to barter with. Vehicle spare parts. The government, this is in Venezuela, the government decided to regulate the prices of spare price and as always they disappeared because the government isn’t really about fixing the problem, they just want it to appear like they’re fixing the problem. Price fixing is one of the tools they used during hyperinflation. And then what happens is they disappear. So vehicle spare parts are huge. Maybe even a 3D printer is not a horrible idea to have to make these little spare parts for things that you might need. Skills, right? So, you know, I’ve always said anything physical or any talent that you have is barterable and here they go. Possessing some skill that can be exchanged for goods is critical. So I mean, I do know how to lay irrigation. Do I want to lay irrigation? No, I do not want to lay irrigation. But frankly, if I had to, I could. So making sure that you have a certain level of skill sets in any area and not just gardening, you know, really in any area that is absolutely barterable. So I thought that was an interesting list to look at. I’ll see if I can find more of ’em from other countries that have experienced the same thing. And I guess my bet would be we would see a pattern.

Okay, well there you go. Wall Street’s top stars got blinded by 2022. Market collapse. Were you counting on this 401k that institutional investors are investing your money? Because their top stars were blindsided. Here’s the thing, and I discovered this and I think it’s so fascinating and a lot of the reason why I always say that I was groomed for this moment in time. You know, I talk to some really smart people and they don’t understand currency life cycles. And when I ask ’em about it, they’ll all go, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, but we don’t talk about that. Why wouldn’t you talk about that? That’s what’s happening. So not a big shocker that Wall Street’s tops stars got blindsided because they don’t understand currency life cycles. They are nominally confused by this stuff in digital form and they don’t understand what’s really happening. But we are at the end. There’s no purchasing power left officially in the currency. It only has viability because you agree to work for it and use it as your tool barter. And you could say to me, well Lynette, you’re working for it too. Absolutely. And then when I get it, I have to keep a certain amount because I’m running a business and that is our current tool of barter. But I don’t keep more than that. Why would I, I know it’s going away. And inflation is telling you this. The high inflation is telling you this, that the currency, the current system indeed is going away. So you know, not a shocker. They get paid to play on Wall Street with all these, creating all these fancy products and all this funny money. Don’t you be blindsided too. Don’t follow these guys blindly. Follow my links, do your own due diligence, follow other links and come to your own conclusions. But I’m gonna suggest strongly that you take full control of managing your own wealth outside of the system, non-centralized, globally accepted because you know, US equities and bonds sank together in 2022. When they set up this system, they set it up so that when stocks were up, bonds were down and vice versa, right? So that you would have the concept, the preconceived notion that you have a diversified portfolio when in reality it ain’t diversified at all, it’s all based on this crap and trading. So really if you wanna preserve your wealth, you won’t do it with fiat money and fiat money assets because they never last. Never, ever, ever, ever will this time be different? Nope. Take a look at the Fed’s purchasing power of the consumer dollar and it should be pretty darn obvious. Bye-Bye. I mean, I’ll never forget when I saw zero on there and we’re not that far now.

And you know, I wanna talk about Community cause this is, you know, a little bit maybe of a challenge at this moment. But I to find articles and find things that really represent what I’m thinking of for community. But you know, honestly, I could tell you I’ve been doing this for a very long time and it used to be more challenging to find a lot of things. But as this whole cycle evolves, it gets easier and easier and easier to do that. And as world uncertainty grows and it certainly is growing, well guess what that impacts? Unrest, because it reveals the truth. And when people look at the truth and and accept it, right? They can accept it here. It’s harder for them to accept it here. And you really need to, you really need to make that paradigm shift. Take off your rose colored glasses, stop thinking that everything’s gonna be fine. That these human beings, not God’s, human beings don’t really have as much knowledge as you think they might have. They’re just fallible. And as uncertainty increases, well so does global unrest. And global unrest is definitely a form of community. I mean, did we not just see what happened in China? Which I think is really very, very interesting And we talked about it and what, you know, the Chinese experiment was how much can we control these individuals? Cause they’ve certainly gone a long way. How long can we keep them cooped up and how long can we keep them abused in say the real estate sector? And so these individuals actually came together in community and protested and magically from a zero covid policy to boom completely open. Do you think that would’ve happened if the people hadn’t come together in community? No, there are more of us than there are of them. If we can come together in community, we have the ability to control the outcome of the new system, or at least to have some level of say in the new system so that it’s a lot more fair. It’s arguably the most important part of the mantra is community. Cause we can come together to help each other and get through this and take back control and take back a more fair monetary system.

What can I say about shelter? Housing market at inflection point? As builder confidence continues to fall, it’s certainly not just the builder confidence, but obviously as a central bank continues to raise interest rates, well it makes it more challenging out there for the public to participate and buy, you know, and, and take on this debt. You know, they talk about the interest rate. Well, housing is still ridiculously priced and overvalued. And just because it’s come down a little bit, it’s come up so much since the bottom in 2000 and what, 2010, 2011? That it’s got a ways to go. And I want you to really keep in mind that historically, I I personally think this is gonna look a lot more like Japan in the early nineties, in which case commercial real estate dropped 95%, 95%. Now look at what’s happening out there, okay? I mean, people aren’t going back to the office. I mean the whole societal, you know, it’s social, economic and financial and, and you know, the world’s economic forum told us everything is gonna shift. You will own nothing and you will be happy. Mm, it may come to pass if you don’t protect yourself properly. Then indeed you own nothing, but kind of hard to plan on a future and hard to, to take care of your family if you own nothing and somebody else owns it. Because at the same time that we’re seeing housing prices go down, we’re seeing rental prices go up. If you don’t own it, guess who gets to control that?

So I’d like to welcome you to 2023. I think this is going to be an extraordinarily important period of time, but just understand, go back to the slides please, thank you that in every single Ponzi scheme, which the monetary system, the whole fiat money system is, it requires confidence. And that confidence is going away quickly and maybe it’ll evaporate completely in 2023. I don’t know for sure about that, but what I do know is we’re in for a bumpy ride. So I hope you’ve, I hope you’re ready. Food, Water, Energy, Security, Barterability, Wealth Preservation, Community, Shelter, Medicine, please people, please get it done. And until next we speak. Please be safe out there. Bye-Bye.



  • Lynette’s mission is to translate financial noise into understandable language and enable educated, independent choices. All her work is fact and evidence based and she shares these tools openly. She believes strongly that we need to be as independent as possible and at the same time, we need to come together in community to survive and thrive through any financial crisis.

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