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Food, Energy, and Water Security in Times of Crisis: Tips for Living Within Your Means


In this video, I want to share with you why my Mantra is what it is. Food continues to become a big issue on a global scale. I try to plant things in my garden so that every month, I have a different harvest. Eating with the seasons is important to me, and it’s great to have access to fresh produce. Water is just as important, but did you know that it’s illegal to collect rainwater in some states? I found a helpful graphic that explains the rainwater collection legal status in all the different states in the US. If you’re in a state with restrictions, it’s important to comply so that you can continue to gather water for your crops and family. As always, stay safe, stay informed, and I’ll catch you in the next video.


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I’m Lynette Zang, Chief Market Analyst at ITM Trading and a very proud prepper. And this week’s bounty from the garden. I’ve got some wonderful fresh mint here. Oh God, that smells so good, Rosemary. Some carrots the end of the lettuce. But I’m especially excited about my mulberries. I’m telling you, they are so sweet. I wish you could taste them. I’m very excited that it’s mulberry season and because it is indeed, sorry about that. But in it is indeed season when I was planting out my gardens, I try to plant things so that every month or every, yeah, every month we have a different harvest. So I can eat with the seasons and am I glad? Oh, that’s so delicious. I can’t even tell you. And we all know that food is a single biggest issue for most people as we go through this transition. And we’ve been watching that unfold on a global basis.

In fact, Russia says the black sea grain deal may be nearly over. So this is one of the reasons you don’t wanna be dependent upon the system for your food. But Russia on Thursday said there would be no extension of the UN brokered black seeded grain deal beyond May 18th, which is I think tomorrow well it might have been last week depending on when they run this. Sorry, next week. Unless next.

April? or May? You said May.

Oh, May, oh, may you’re right. Thank you Edgar. Unless the west removed a series of obstacles to the export of Russian grain and fertilizer. But you don’t wanna be a pawn inside of all of these food issues. You wanna make sure that you can feed your family cause we also have eggs and fish and, and crawfish and other things. So we have everything that we need right here on the farm. How far can you get? It’s critically important that you make sure that you are food secure along of course with water.

So there are some states in which it is illegal to collect rainwater. So I found this wonderful graphic that kind of explains the rainwater collection legal status in all the different states in the US. So this dark blue is where it’s actually encouraged and I think that that is really important cause we should be, how are you going to, how are you going to make sure that you have enough water for your family, for whatever crops you’re gonna grow, etcetera? In a number of other states, Arizona being won, right there it is legal. And then in those gold states where you see it, it could be legal, but with restrictions, now the rain falls, but it’s in the way that you gather it. So we’ll be talking more about it, but which state are you in? And you might wanna make sure that if you’re in a state where there are restrictions around it, that you get into a position to comply so that you can continue to gather water. And then of course you need a good water filter.

Wind and solar power generators wait in years long lines to put clean electricity on the grid, then face huge interconnection fees that they can’t afford. So here we’re talking so much about this transition, but let me show you what this looks like. This is the change from 2010 to 2022. This is the area that is installed. So that’s already in place and generating the clean energy. And in 2010 you didn’t have that much that was waiting to come on board. But let’s fast forward to 2022. And what do you see? You see that the installed really has grown a little bit, but not really all that much relatively speaking. But look at this backlog and what’s happening with these fees is that the, the they’ll put down these companies will put down a deposit to hold their place, but by the time they get there, the amount of the fee has grown so much that a lot of times they have to back out and they have to just cancel it after waiting all this time. But what this really means is that it’s a slower transition to the clean energy. The interconnection application process is often years long and requires upgrades to the grid, which are often so expensive that power generators have to back out. So what are you doing to make sure that this does not impact you more than it needs to? There are a lot of different options for generating your own energy and they can be movable, they can be fixed like solar. I mean you can have a, a solar panel that you can move around, but you’re gonna wanna make sure that you at least have those basics covered. So small generator, small solar that can keep your freezers and your refrigerator at least running maybe a few lights.

But this is why this, the mantra is so critically important cause I wanna really talk about financial security since 70% of Americans are feeling financially stressed, isn’t that interesting? Most Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. And I, and I do wanna say that one of my wonderful subscribers in Thrivers actually brought this article to my attention, so thank you very much. But most Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, which we’ve talked about. Even those in the $250,000 a year camp are also living more paycheck to paycheck. Fewer than half of us adults have an emergency fund. So they can’t come up with 400 bucks in the case of an emergency. That is pretty scary to be honest with you because what happens if your air conditioner goes out or your car goes out or anything else breaks? I mean it is, it is highly probable that that will be more than even a $400 bill. So if fewer than half of US adults don’t have an emergency fund, you can see the problem. And more women than men admit feeling financially stressed because a lot of times in the normalcy bias, women haven’t been trained financially yet. We have a lot of single women out there and single mothers and I know because I was one since my daughters were three. And I think it’s critically important not to, not to be afraid to learn what to do. That is the importance of having your garden. So your food, your water, you have everything, oops else arranged. But also understanding how really to invest and save your money. This for me is definitely a savings tool as is, you know, silver. And so it depends on where you’re at. But there are so many different ways because I’m gonna remind you and I’ll this kind of flows into barterability, but gold and silver in any form are monetary at its base, right? The cost of the basic household expenses, rank groceries and utilities are all higher than a year ago. Weakening consumers purchasing power, intentionally destroying, we’re just at the end. So it’s speeding up and it’s more noticeable. Nearly 60% of respondents cited inflation as the main contributor to their financial stress and it is what they call sticky. In other words, it’s not going away so fast. Followed by economy-wide instability. Yeah, we’ve just had a banking crisis, it’s not over yet. Rising interest rates and a lack of savings according to a survey. So which was conducted at the end of March. So what are you doing to ensure your financial security? Because you can do it in a number of different ways depending upon what your budget is, right? But there are always ways to accumulate without that puts you in a much better position to weather this storm.

And I would suggest you get it done as quickly as you can. Here, Top 4 Barterable assets. So gold and silver water filters, life straws, ammunition and alcohol. Cause let me tell you, as we’re going through this global reset, you’re gonna need all of these things and more. We saw what happened with toilet paper. And it’s always interesting to me that toilet paper is one of those things that people seem to run out of and panic over during crisis. So anything physical or any talent or skill that you have is barterable. These are just a little bit more easily barterable because everybody can recognize it. Particularly your gold and your silver, right? That’s number one. But maybe it’s time to learn a new skill that will be needed out there. I’m telling you, I learned how to do irrigation as I was becoming an urban farmer. Do I wanna go out and do irrigation? No, I don’t. But if I had to, I can call upon those skill sets. So is there some kind of skill that you can learn to give yourself the tools that you need to have barterability that you can trade for food or other things that you don’t have that you might need? It’s something to think about.

Because Wealth Preservation, well see we just got the most current read and inflation rises just 0.1% in March and 5% from a year ago. Now, we are, you know, when the Federal reserve where the government, but when the Fed makes a policy decision, it typically takes 12 to 18 months of going through the system till they see if they got what they want. Well, the system is clearly cracking, but inflation is proving more difficult for them to hold back. And so, you know, what do they have? Are they gonna pivot? Maybe there will be one more rate hike a quarter of a point. I mean, it’s a joke, honestly, it’s a joke. What are they gonna do it for? Just to show you that they can, that they have control of inflation? Because you gotta look at what they’re talking about here. This is the purchasing power of the consumer dollar. This is the most current chart and you know, you have all the links. This is if they gave me only one chart to work with, this would be the one that I would use because it is a bit more honest. Even though they jury rigged things to make it look like this or like that. When you go to buy something, can’t you feel the pinch? We know 70% of Americans are definitely feeling the pinch probably a lot more than that. Does it look like other than during 2008 when we were in the midst of the crisis? And you can see how it looks like purchasing power spiked. Do you remember that period of time? Because purchasing power when you went to the grocery store every time you did prices were noticeably higher. Now look at this runoff and does that really look like it’s subsiding? So you gotta ask yourself if the Fed is in control, like they want you to think that they are, then this should really scare you because what it’s telling you is that they are controlling your loss. But remember, wealth never disappears it merely shift’s location. And what they’re really doing is transferring the public’s wealth to whoever they’ve chosen to win their way. So you’ve got the Federal Reserve in the center and then they do the money creation. Whoever is closest to the center gets the money when it has the most purchasing power. And let’s go back to that chart because look, didn’t it have more purchasing power here than it does here? And that’s true from the day you were born, right? So whoever gets the money first gets it when it has the most purchasing power and by the time it trickles through the system to you, you get it when even at that moment, right? Because if you got it here, it has less purchasing power than it was issued there. But by design, what happens when you do get to zero? Because we’re very, very close. And you can see that March is relentless and, and you guys know because I’ve shown you the longer one as well. But since 1913, that has been a relentless march lower, we are at the end of this currency’s lifecycle because there is virtually no more purchasing power left in the currencies, not just in the US this is global. Additionally, the tool that the Federal Reserve uses to regulate the rate and speed of inflation are interest rates. And as they’re attempting to raise the interest rates so that they can lower them again in the next crisis, they create that next crisis. But what happens when you’re anchored at zero and you have no purchasing power left? You have to transition into a new system. It’s not rocket science, it’s just logic. And that’s why this mantra and mantra Mondays are so critically important. Food, Water, Energy, Security, Barterability, Wealth Preservation, Community and Shelter get it done.

But I’m kind of excited about this Community and Shelter piece. Because the World Earthship community, which is near Taos, New Mexico where you can go and I’m, I’m intending to, so stay tuned for this, but I believe that I will be sending Angus to learn this and get certified. And then this is the kind of thing that we will be building in our bug out community. We were just talking about it over the weekend and I think we’re gonna do it in January or start in in January when it’s winter Anyway, but I’m very excited about this because what they’ve actually done is New Mexico’s Greater World Earthship Community, located about 30 minutes from Taos calls itself the world’s largest off-grid legal subdivision. The 634 acre development centers around global model earth ships, which are passive solar houses made of natural materials like Adobe recycled tires and cans. Each runs on 1.8 kilowatts of solar power and comes with its own solar powered water collector and self-contained sewage treatment system. Propane powers the stove. The only thing that ties the greater world Earthship community to the outside world is wireless internet provided by TaosNet. Now we have we have EarthLink, right? Starlink, we have Starlink in my off-grid property. But stay tuned because once we start to participate in this, you know, we’re gonna show you the whole process as we go through it and then start to build these out up at the bug out location. But I’m really excited about this and this really covers both the Community aspect as well as the Shelter aspect.

So we are getting really close to cracking here we are in mid-April, already toward the end of April. And it is just critically important. If you don’t already have a plan, get one in place. You can click that Calendly link below, you can have a conversation with one of our experts. You wanna get it set up with your foundation of real money so you can buy the other things. But get those gardens in. If you don’t have capacity, then gardens can be any sizes. They don’t have to be big. Even if you set up a tower, right? And you have aquaponics, so you know, at, at like a thrift store, you can pick up a little 10 gallon tank, you can pick up goldfish, they’re twice as much as they were when I first threw them in my little courtyard pond that I happened to have that they were 18 cents a piece. Now I think Jayson just bought some and they were 36 cents a piece. Okay? So throw some goldfish in there. You now have your own fertilizer, you don’t have to worry about it. And you can actually grow a lot of food in a very small area. Save back some seeds, get some sprouting seeds, throw ’em in your freezer, get some long storage food. And when you go to the grocery store, pick up some beans, pick up some rice, but you wanna remember that it is time to get it done. If you don’t have a plan in place, get a plan in place and get it execute. ASAP. And also we just opened The Thrivers Community and it’s fabulous. Everybody is in there helping each other and there are a lot of benefits to being there. Actually, direct access to me is one of them. But actually I think the better benefit is how we are coming together in community to help each other. So I’m very excited about the Thrivers community and you can see it, let’s see, download on the web and you can also download it on the App store or Google Play. And if you have any questions, just, you know, ask your consultant if you’re already working with us or you know, just, just search, they’ll be able to find it if they search The Thrivers Community, Also, if you like this, please give us a thumbs up. Make sure you subscribe to Beyond Gold and Silver and leave us a comment and share, share, share. Never has it been more critically important for you to be ready to be as independent and self-sufficient inside of community as possible. And it is absolutely time for us to come together and help each other. So until next we meet. Please be safe out there. Bye-Bye.



  • Lynette’s mission is to translate financial noise into understandable language and enable educated, independent choices. All her work is fact and evidence based and she shares these tools openly. She believes strongly that we need to be as independent as possible and at the same time, we need to come together in community to survive and thrive through any financial crisis.

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