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Food and Energy Rationing & Banks Liquidating Gold Holdings


Welcome to Mantra Monday, I have been prepping for this long because I would always rather be two weeks too early than even one second too late.

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If you think that the world is headed in a direction that makes you a bit concerned for the future and you’d like to be as self-sufficient and independent as possible, then you’ve come to the right place. My name is Lynette Zang. Now it’s time to go Beyond Gold and Silver.

I am Lynette Zang, Chief Market Analyst at ITM Trading and very, very proud and so glad that I have been prepping for this long cause I would always rather be two weeks too early than even one second too late. And welcome to Mantra Monday and we’re just gonna dive right in.

Hey, have you been to the grocery store lately and seen the price and the availability apparently on eggs? Eggs have proven to be an integral part of the US consumer’s diet, even at historically high prices which I’m hearing they’re running what about eight to 10 bucks for a dozen? Well, despite high egg prices and the lower supply consumers ate nearly the same number of eggs in 2022 as they did in 2021. But I’m gonna ask you, are you in a place that allows you to hold backyard chickens? Because look at these beautiful eggs that I get. Actually these are duck eggs and this is a chicken egg so I don’t have to worry about the prices of the eggs. And we grow a lot of different things on the farm too to feed the chicken. So at the moment I’m able to also give them some good whole grains, but if I can’t, I’m also able to feed them from the sources that I have on here. And the cleaner, I don’t mean wash wise cause we wash these, you should always wash fresh eggs before you before you crack them open and use them. But this is really good solid nutrition. And if I had no other source of animal protein, this would be a great source of animal protein. And it’s definitely not free because of the feed and all of that, but I don’t have to worry about the price in the stores. So if you’re able to hold backyard chickens, it’s easy and it’s very, I find it really relaxing. Now, of course I don’t do the work, but there was a period of time when I did a lot of the work and you know, mucking out the pen and all of that. And I actually really enjoyed that. Not that I have time to do it anymore, but it’s easy. It’s easy and it’s fun. And you get so much from these little birds, you get ’em at six months, they’re already gonna produce.

All right, so water world’s largest manmade dam has less than 1% of usable water. You need to make sure that you have some kind of filtration system so that you have water to drink no matter what. I mean, I put five ponds in on this, this little teeny half an acre. One of those ponds is my tilapia pond. So I’m growing fish to eat at the same time that there’s water. Now could I drink or would I want to just drink that pond water? No. But if I put it through my berkey water filter, it’s perfectly good to drink. And that way you can do rain capture and some other things. And it’s critically important because also a lot of energy is created by hydroelectric power, which we’re going to at some point show you cause we’re gonna build a system, small system on the bug out house. And I’ll show you that from start to finish. We’re working on the hot houses now. I know we’ve been working on ’em for a while, but you see that, that’s my point in starting sooner than starting later. Because the longer you postpone getting all of this Food, Water, Energy, Security, Barterability, Wealth Preservation, Community, Shelter in place, it just takes what it takes. And so when problems crop up, you know, right now, okay, I’m not really concerned about the hot houses not being absolutely finished right now because we are working on it and we will get them done. But if I don’t get them done before the crisis hits, pardon me, we’re screwed. So you really wanna have everything in place as quickly as you possibly can.

Because much of there’s talk about clean energy in all of this. We don’t have the infrastructure built to actually accommodate it. And it’s really interesting to listen to these guys talk out of both sides of their mouth because they’re still pushing that clean energy through. But at the same time, we’re seeing some banks do some backtracking on it. And here Biden hands, rare wind to permium drillers with pause on smog rule. So, okay, I guess because we’re having so much trouble with energy right now that we can just go ahead and ignore the smog rule that they put in place. We’re not ready for it yet. I mean, although I’m telling you in the seventies and anybody out there that’s my age can also talk about how we were talking about pollution and this and that. We needed to create things and get away from oil, blah, blah blah. So we had all that time and we did virtually nothing. What are we gonna do now? The Environmental Protection Agency has been considering formally labeling parts of the region as violating federal air quality standards for ozone. A designation that would’ve spurred new pollution, curbs and potentially deterred drilling. And the world’s biggest oil field and actually would’ve cost a whole lot more money. Which that is the bottom line is how much money does it cost? But the administration omitted the policy from an agenda of planned regulations and deemed the measure inactive indicating that it’s not expected to be finalized in the next six to 12 months. Voila. So, I don’t know, kind of makes you wonder how important it was to begin with. But the move was cheered by oil industry heavyweights who had lobbied Biden administration officials to abandon its approach or at least move more slowly. There are different set of rules. So we have to make sure that our rules, our ability to capture and harness energy are met. We’re actually gonna be doing some more filming. We’re gonna upgrade again the solar system up north at the bug out location. And also, who knew there’s an energy trailer? So I’m just kind of giving you a heads up. We’ll be showing all of that on this channel that’s starting in February, I believe. So there are lots of different ways that you can make sure that you have the energy that you need or at least the basic energy to make sure that your refrigerator freezers run and excuse me, maybe you have a light or two because you’re gonna have to take care of yourself. I mean, it’s critically important that we’re all as independent and self-sufficient as possible.

Because the scarier it gets out there, well, I’m right, there’s some issues that are happening in Brazil. But you know, we, we know that global protests have been growing again. They were growing pretty good 2019, got cut off at the knees in 2020, but now they’re back on the move upward Brazilian judge orders arrest of two security officials after riot, hundreds of detainees released. But this is the piece that I wanted you, it kind of goes into Security and community, both and there’s always overlap. But authorities say members of at least five police forces were present in the plaza of three powers. When the riots began Sunday afternoon, many of the officers they say, appeared to stand down as bolsonaristas, entered the government building. Many of the officers they say, appear to stand down. Isn’t that interesting? Authorities now believe a significant portion of the security forces at the plaza were in collusion with the rioters, some of whom appeared to have been their family members. Of course, we will see that again and even as we’ve seen in other places where the authorities, the police actually lay down their weapons because they can’t fire into a crowd of their family members. So this is coming together in community, but it’s also about security because we definitely, I mean I put, I showed you pictures, we could show you more pictures, but I put security shutters if there’s not a security door, there’s a security shutter or a security screen on every single entrance possible to this house. And of course I have the bug out location, which really takes me into the no man’s land, which is actually probably how I like it.

Barterability. I thought this was interesting. Bayers Brazil unit may barter for 25% of the agrochemical sales. This is an important tool for producers and distributors to manage risk. And with the credit restrictions in Brazil, we think it is fundamental. Now you’ve gotta understand that when the cash doesn’t matter anymore, when we go into a hyperinflationary state, which we’re on the precipice of that everything’s going to get very, very local when you no longer trust the currency. If you looked at the piece that I just did on the recently did on the FDIC, that makes you feel really secure on the ITM YouTube channel. If you haven’t seen that, go, go watch that. You know, things get very, very local for a minute. So you have to have your ability to barter. And guess what I could use for barter if I wanted to? Right here, eggs. And they’re yummy too.

Wealth preservation. Okay. Central banks add more gold in November as China joins the fray. Yes they did. So we talked about central banks buying more gold than they ever have in the third quarter of 2022. And that trend has continued now into the fourth quarter. These are the most current numbers that we have. So we won’t have the December numbers or the or the yeah, the December numbers for the full year. But as soon as we do, we’ll update our charts and you’ll know about it. Why are they buying so much gold if it’s just a worthless relic? How about because it’ll preserve their power, their choices, and their purchasing power? It’ll do the same thing for you. So if you wanna preserve your wealth, I’m sorry, gold is the only financial asset with zero counterparty risk. That’s why they’re doing it. That’s why you need to be doing it as well.

And let’s look at the rise of the unions because this is also just not a local thing. And where unions used to be really big they’re coming, they’re coming back again and I think they should be. But in the UK, union boss seeks to coordinate strikes to maximize effect. Well, yeah. Strikes continue to hit many sectors in the UK into the new year. The boss of Britain’s biggest transport unions called for coordinated strikes involving tens of thousands of public sector workers, including teachers, firefighters, and nurses. Just as junior doctors consider joining the wave of industrial unrest. That’s Great Britain. Do you think that we’re gonna be immune to that here? We’re watching it. They’re unions I think, have a little bit more power than the US Unions, but that power is growing and that’s a community. And what a lot of people don’t realize is how underfunded those, the unions, the multi-employer plans are and continue to be and how laws have changed over the years that really take away even more rights when something happens. So again, we have to become, you know, as self-sufficient and independent inside of community. But a union and a union that expands for multi employers, that’s pretty powerful community and I think we’re gonna see it get more and more powerful as this trend continues.

And lovely shelters, mortgage backed securities market faces, new challenges. Oh shocker. You know, after adding 1.3 trillion in mortgage backed securities over the last five years, banks slash their holdings by roughly a hundred billion as of November, 2022. Well, isn’t that interesting? These are mortgage backed securities held by the Federal Reserve and you can see that that’s in a decline. So I mean, it’s slow cause you could see that they actually even have been supporting this market. And the last time I I checked it, the Federal Reserve was buying up more than 30% of the MBS market. Now what does that mean and what does that mean to the, to the real estate industry? Well, basically the banks or non-banks give out loans for the mortgages and then they get packaged up into a mortgage backed security and sold. So who’s been buying them as the Fed, but they’re not buying them anymore. They’re starting to liquidate their holdings. That’s not good, but that’s true for the commercial banks as well. So you can see that, by the way I wanna point out is even bigger a decline than the Federal Reserve. So they’re letting the banks get out first, the private entities. And so then who’s going to eat it on the shorts? Who’s really responsible for all these mortgage backed securities held at the Fed? Hmm. That would be the taxpayer. You and me. How do you feel about that? So you know, much as they want us to think that there’s gonna be a soft landing, there’s not gonna be a soft landing. It is not. People are going to get hurt, people are gonna get scared and real estate prices will come down because there’s nobody’s buying these new packages of mortgages if they can’t turn around and sell them off to you inside of your 401k, inside of your pension plan, what have you. That’s where a lot of this stuff is being held.

And that’s it for Mantra Monday. Make sure you watch all of our other videos and you might have, have we put, have we put Jayson on air yet? Yes. Okay, so you’ve met our new newest team member, Jayson. He is chef Jayson. He is phenomenal. So lots of great things you’re gonna see coming out of his kitchen. Very talented young man. I’m very excited to have him with us. Don’t miss that. And of course, our wonderful Lindsey and Edgar filming. I mean, there’s just a lot going on. So until next we meet, please be safe out there. Bye-Bye.



  • Lynette’s mission is to translate financial noise into understandable language and enable educated, independent choices. All her work is fact and evidence based and she shares these tools openly. She believes strongly that we need to be as independent as possible and at the same time, we need to come together in community to survive and thrive through any financial crisis.

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