Enhance Security Around Your Property Using Plants


A big part of Lynette’s mantra is Security. Lindsey at the Urban Farm shares with you some of the plants that we use around the property to enhance Security.

In front of me, this is an agave plant. And as you can see, there’s a few of them, and this is a great plant for security, especially in front of windows, they don’t get too tall, so they don’t block the sight through the window, but they also have these really sharp edges and serrated edges as well. So it just gives a little added protection to this area of the house. And agaves are great for this because they propagate by themselves. So you can start out with one and soon, have a bunch.

Another plant that we use for security here at the urban farm is Kei apple. And this one actually produces a small little edible fruit. So it’s dual purpose, but as you can see, the stems have these lengthy thorns, which are quite a deterrent, and this is a really fast-growing tree. So we liked putting it across this fence because it gives a lot of added security. And it’s basically impassable.

Another example here on the farm is our pomegranate hedge. So this one we don’t use so much as for production as we do for protection. So as you can see, it’s very thick and it creates a tremendous physical barrier. So there’s no going through this. So planting hedges, like this is a great way to create physical barriers between your house and your property.

We have a pomegranate hedge, a moringa hedge. We have a cherry hedge with Surinam and Barbados cherries, and all of these create really good, just tall physical barriers.

Another example is roses. Growing roses along a fence line is a great way to protect that. As you can see, roses of course have thorns. So this is an added layer of protection and they’re just pretty gnarly to try to get through.

Those are just some of the plants that we use here at the urban farm in order to enhance the security around the property. There is a lot of great options. And depending on what zone you live in and the climate, you have a lot of options, but we like to look for things with thorns or very spiky leaves like the agave or just big masses of plant, like the pomegranate hedge, which because of its thickness and density provides a lot of added security.

I hope this helps you enhance the security around your property using plants!


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