Egg-citing Techniques for Preserving Eggs


The Timeless Art of Egg Preservation: The age-old technique of glassing eggs, a method that keeps your eggs shelf-stable for up to a year. Discover the secrets behind this fascinating culinary preservation process with Chef Jayson in the kitchen.


00:03 Welcome Back!

00:46 Preparation

01:58 LIME Solution

03:05 A Better Solution

04:27 Preserved

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Chef Jayson (00:03):

Welcome back to the kitchen. I am hunched over this sink cleaning chicken off of eggs. I am doing this because we are gonna glass all of these eggs. Glassing is a technique that has been used for a long time that can basically shelf stabilize your eggs. You can keep them in a jar filled with lime water. And no, not L I M E, L Y M E. Like pickling lime. Is that how it’s spelled? I don’t know how it’s spelled. We have learned the correct spelling of lime. L I M E. I actually thought it was L Y M E, the stuff you use to… Not that I would ever know anything like that.

Chef Jayson (00:46):

But we need to clean these off ’cause we don’t want a bunch of chicken in our jars. But if we do this right, these can sit on the counter for a year. It’s pretty cool. So this is a pretty easy process. You just have to make sure your eggs are clean. I’m not scrubbing these with, you know, baking soda or soap or anything like that. Not that big a deal. The lime basically prevents bacteria from forming. You see this little line of, offenders over here. If this cracks in the lime, it’s probably gonna contaminate your entire batch. So you wanna make sure that the eggs that you are putting in don’t have any cracks visible visible indentations. Like even that one right there. This last one that I’m washing, you can see even as I just do that, you can see the shell starting to come apart, right? Can’t have that in. So I’ll just put these in the fridge and make ’em for breakfast tomorrow or something. No big deal. So I’m almost done with this. And then we’re going to take this bowl of eggs over to our countertop. We’re gonna mix our pickling solution and Bob’s your uncle. Cool.

Chef Jayson (01:58):

We are, our eggs are clean. So we are gonna get our lime solution ready. This is lime solution. This is pickling lime. We are gonna mix one ounce per quart, which means a gallon of water would take four ounces of lime. So all I’m gonna do doesn’t, I don’t think the water has to be hot. Now, lemme remind you, I’ve never done this before. Nobody really said that, You need to heat up your water for it to dissolve. So let’s see how easily as resolved. It’s very powderized. I don’t want to breathe that in. Actually, semi safe over here. That looks good to me. So this isn’t, this container is a gallon, but obviously I wanted to weave some room so I could stir it up. So I’m gonna finish off the water there. Sure. So here we go. Just kind of one by one. Set ’em in there. Yeah, see, I don’t think that’s gonna work. I’ve just basically stacked them up.

Chef Jayson (03:05):

There we go. Okay, let’s try this. What I didn’t want to do was overfill this thing and then as I put the eggs in and just kind of comes over the top. So let’s try it like that. Oh, that’s the way to do it. See, I, I go through it so you don’t have to. It’s eventually gonna settle and all that white stuff will just go at the bottom and you’ll have this nice clear jar of eggs. And we want to have at least two inches of head space. So I’m gonna take that last one out of there and then stir this back up. Just finish it off right up to the top there,

Chef Jayson (03:50):

Think that’s good. One jar down. Hopefully three to go. Much easier. Way much faster. Yeah. Soft landing is oh. Spilled a little bit. Throw this cutting board away. Really? No, I don’t know what the lime does. I’m expecting it to be like alien blood. Just eat right through.

Chef Jayson (04:27):

Beautiful. Look, it’s already clearing up. See the eggs in there? Pretty cool. I don’t know why this is so satisfying, but it is. So you should try this. It’s pretty cool even just to do it. I mean, this is a fun experiment. Do it. Leave them sitting on your counter. Have an omelet. Look at that. Thought we were done. My eggs come in layers. So let’s finish this out just a little bit more. It looks like we’re gonna need to make just a little bit more solution, but I think you get the gist. Yeah, we got three down.

Chef Jayson (05:06):

What we’ll do is we’ll follow up, let’s say 30 days. Let’s give ourselves 30 days. We’ll come back and we’ll make breakfast out of one of these jars. How about that? So anyway, I hope you learned something. This is pretty easy. Good luck, glassing eggs. We’ll see you next time.

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