Creating An Off-Grid Orchard for Food Production


Join us as we explore the new off-grid orchard and berry patch vineyard. We showcase the variety of berries, fruit-bearing trees, and the innovative terracing system we are planning for optimum water utilization. Stay tuned for updates on our progress and don’t forget to join our Thrivers community to stay connected with like-minded individuals.


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Good morning folks. This morning we’re here at Miss Lynette’s off grid property, and right now we’re in the house Orchard Berry Patch Vineyard. The name’s a little bit up in the air at the moment. Primarily there’s gonna be a lot of berries. We have blackberries, we have blueberries, we have goji berries, we have grape kiwis. We have a large assortment of different things of that nature as well as a variety of kind of each of the fruit bearing trees that we’re gonna have in our production orchard up in this for a private little selection at easy hand, at easy Grab ability so that you can come out here and off of these trees. Pull and make from our house garden in our 25 foot dome and our house orchard. An entire fresh meal followed up with a great apple pie at the end of it.

And if you wanna come on up this way, we could give you a little bit of the lay of the land and where we put some of the different species of tree. What we’ve chose to utilize is a terracing system. Now what this does is it helps one with being able to negotiate the terrain. It breaks it up into nice little even level ground terraces here. But what it also does is it allows for us to be able to catch and utilize every bit of water that we do get here. We’re able to utilize what is called a negative edge. So whenever we get final grade put in on this, the outside edge of each terrace will be slightly higher than the inside edge of it. That way as the water comes instead of running off, causing erosion and a lack of water uptake, the water will actually come and settle towards the backside. Now we’re looking to not have standing water. You don’t necessarily want that, but we do want the water to have as much opportunity as it can to soak in into the ground and saturate rather than running off. The terraces, they offer a lot of opportunity to be able to do that, especially on steep terrain.

We’re making a lot of big steps forward here. We’re very concerned with our food. We want to secure the ability to be able to eat. So these are some great steps in a huge direction. We’re very excited. We have trees of all kinds of age groups all the way from the first year trees and five gallon pots all the way. Clear up to trees that are already producing fruit this year, and we’ll bear some fruit. Given that everything goes well, we’ll have some kind of a fruit production even this year.

So stay tuned for that. Please, if there’s any questions, comments, feel free to add those. We’re always open to, to growing the community and to reaching out and getting to speak with everybody. So feel free to do that, like subscribe and follow. Make sure that you stay up to date with everything that we’re doing, and if you aren’t already in it, make sure that you get to be part of our thrivers community. Plug into that. Get on there, get in contact with all of these like-minded individuals. It’s a great thing. It’s a great resource. You need to be ready. I’m gonna wrap it up for now, guys, but I hope you have a great day. Be safe out there.

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