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Could This Happen Where You Live? | Insights from Financial Analyst Lynette Zang


Are you prepared for the looming crisis? Lynette Zang, Chief Market Analyst at ITM Trading and prepper, shares why being self-sufficient is critical now more than ever. From securing food sources and water, to ensuring energy independence, it’s time to wake up and take action before it’s too late. Don’t let private investors control your survival. Join the fight for self-sufficiency today.


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I’m Lynette Zang, Chief Market Analyst at ITM Trading, and a very grateful prepper. And the reason why I’m grateful is because I am, even at this moment, even though there’s lots more things I’d like to get done, I am fully prepared to be as independent and self-sufficient as possible. And I don’t, we’re in 2023. So let’s just move forward with Mantra Monday where I’m showing you why the mantra is the mantra.

And we’re gonna start with Food, which is the single most important for most people. I mean here, Tyson, food falls after earnings tumble as inflationary customers are buying less meat. And we have seen this over and over and over again in numerous countries, especially as they are experiencing high than hyperinflation, where you can’t afford this, well then you have to substitute something that’s less expensive till you get to the point where even the number of times a day that you can eat is cut down. So what is your protein? There’s plant protein. There’s animal protein. What have you done to secure your protein? I personally am put in ponds. So I have tilapia, I have crawfish, which I just had last week. They were delicious for the first time since I’ve been working on that since 2013. You know, but eggs, backyard chickens, even a chicken is so good for protein and you need to figure this out. The time to do it is definitely now.

And of course, we’ve gotta talk about water cause that’s a huge issue. The battle for the Colorado River is a water warning to us all. Well, we’ve already seen how they have converted even water into a Wall Street trading product. So what are you doing to make sure that you are food secure? But listen to this, to put it another way, what the Colorado River dispute shows is that a fight is looming about who should control this most precious and lifesaving of commodities. Should it be private investors, the federal government or the states? And what happens if they disagree? Well, it’s kind of, I’m gonna be honest with you, with the advent of water futures, doesn’t it kind of look to you like they’ve handed it over to private investors, which are traders, which are banks? We are not too big to fail, understand that. But right now the answers are alarmingly unclear, which is precisely why investors need to wake up and watch this fight. I absolutely agree with that. If nothing else, it is the first cloud in a much larger political storm. Do you really want somebody dictating to you how much water you can utilize every day? That’s why creating that rain catchment system, some kind of insurance that you can have water no matter what. Critically important, critically, you can’t live without that.

Now here, South Africa declares national state of disaster over blackouts coming to a theater near you. In some states like California and even Texas, you know, they’re in other states as well, but they’re already experiencing brownouts and blackouts. So making sure that you are energy secure, at least for your basics, like keeping a freezer and a refrigerator going, etcetera. Having energy to cook with. These are things that we can do relatively inexpensively at all different levels. But you wanna make sure that you have energy at least to keep necessities going. Had to cut off swaths of customers. Eskom has had to cut off swaths of customers for up to 10 hours per day in recent months in order to prevent the accelerating collapse of aging coal power plants, the mainstay of South Africa’s power network turning into a total grid breakdown. But don’t sit here. If you’re sitting in the US and you go, oh, okay, well that’s over there. We have a big problem with our grid and our energy grid and infrastructure in the US and those issues have just the can has been kicked down the road, kicked down the road and kicked down the road some more. At what point is that gonna matter to you? Well, unfortunately, by the time you recognize it, it is more than likely going to be too late for you to do anything about it. So we definitely want to be conscious of it because at the same time we have large energy companies. Here’s ExxonMobil trading ambitions to compete against peers. So when we’re looking at the price of gas or oil or natural gas or any part of energy, how do you really know that that’s about supply and demand and the real cost of doing business? Or if it isn’t just a trader’s mentality, right? Exxon Mobil is planning to renew a renewed push into energy trading. It is the flipping trading the financialization of everything. This is another big reason why the system has to collapse And be rebooted because everything is about trading. You can’t trust anything. I’m sorry, I hate to say that. It’s not what we, it’s certainly not what I grew up with being born in the fifties and in the sixties. But I’ve been around long enough to know, and I’ve been a banker, I’ve been a stockbroker, you know, I understand that language and what they’re doing. And it’s all about making the almighty buck that has enabled all of this garbage to occur just by pumping more money into the system and reducing the value of what’s already out there. New business line called global trading that will pull together the company’s expertise from across the company in global crude products. Feed stocks, feed stocks. So Tyson’s, the meat’s getting too expensive. What’s really pushing inflation? What really is? And I’m gonna tell you right now in my opinion, a big part of the push is the trading mentality because everything’s just been turned into a product. Feed stocks, natural gas power and freight trading. So freight is the movement of all of this stuff. Can you sit there and honestly say that you know that this is the true value of anything that you’re doing? No, you cannot. Exxon has historically focused more on oil, gas and fuel production than higher risk energy and derivatives trading. There’s that nasty word again, derivatives. And remember, a derivative is just a speculative leveraged bet, which means layers of debt and nothing underneath it leveraged bet that you cannot convert those derivatives into the underlying asset. The value of those derivatives is based upon the price action of the underlying. And so in this case, what are they talking about? Crude oil feed stocks, natural gas, power and freight. Oh good. Okay cause we need more traders in this world, right? We don’t need more producers in this world. We need more trading. But trading doesn’t feed you or take care of you, however, it does leave you vulnerable.

31 cyber attacks. And oh, by the way, before I leave that and go into this, but I want you to keep in mind that the last time I checked, so maybe it’s different now that ION issue that hacking, they still have not been reporting. I cannot find where they’ve begun to report. So when we look at the low volume for February, I think that’s a big part of it. So all of this trading activity, there’s no good tracking mechanism. They’re all, they’re having to do it by hand. All right, I digress. We’ll stay on topic 31 cyber attack statistics trend for 2023 that will shock you. Okay, this is growth of weekly cyber attacks and you can see what they are. Research, government communication, ISP, healthcare distributors, utilities, manufacturing, are you prepared? As they’re gearing up and pushing us more and more and more into cyber cyberspace. How secure is your data and your information and your online life? These are things we have to again, be prepared. What if all of the grid system goes down? What if like we’re seeing with ION, right? Where they held that data for ransom, we don’t know if it’s been sold. I mean we don’t know what’s happened to all of that data and we aren’t gonna know cuz they aren’t gonna reveal anything to us. That makes me feel good and safe and secure. I don’t know. What about you?

Of course, if you need a vacation, I love this. Travel for free, choose barter. This is an annual event, which I really love, but it’s barter week every B&B accommodation listed on barter week dot com so that there’s the address. We’ll host guests in exchange for goods and services on a date of your choice between the 14th and the 20th of November. Now this is from 2022, but for those of that you are, are interested, the reality is, is that bartering is a growing trend and it’s all, I mean, it’s been in place for 6,000 years and in reality we barter our time for this garbage. Now this is not a real $1 bill, but even a $1 bill is actually just a, just it’s a derivative of this, right? I’d rather barter my time for something real that has purpose. However, okay, we barter our time for this and you can also barter it for goods and services. So, and it’s not just for a vacation of which I could really use one right now, I’m going to be honest, I’m a little tired, but that’s okay. Barterability is growing. What do you have to barter? Remember anything physical. And like I said, you can barter your goods and services on a day to your choice. So what talents, what skills do you have that you can barter not just for vacation, but for everyday living?

And if you’re holding your wealth primarily in the stock market. And what we’re seeing are corporations ramping up their share buyback to help support this severely overvalued market. No doubt. Do you really feel comfortable with this? Because when you have Wall Street giving you these warnings, you really might wanna think about it. This is 2000 and this goes through 2009. Okay? We are, well, the valuations are well above that point, well above it. I don’t hold anything in these fiat money markets. That has certainly not always been true. And quite honestly, I anticipate into the future that that will not always be true. But is it true right now? A hundred percent. Why would I, if you can only convert your, whatever your holdings are back into this garbage, why would you hold it when you know it’s purchasing power value is going away?

And you know, and community, right? When people are angry and they feel hopeless, they come together in community. French pension reform, the government parliament and the streets engage in uncertain confrontation. Trade unions called for another round of massive nationwide strikes and protests against the pension reform on Tuesday. Doesn’t really matter what they’re going to rise up again. We are absolutely a hundred percent seeing these communities come together in a community of just like-minded people. That’s a community. We are a community. We are like-minded people. And the more people that understand what’s happening with the whole system, the more community that can come together and say no, when we shift into this new system, we want it to be more fair. We can force that there are more of us than there are of them. They’re forcing it all over the place. Even in China that changed its policy when they had enough of the population rise up and demand it. It’s amazing. The forcing passage of the bill, while 2 million people are in the street, would set the world on fire. For this reason, Berger invites parliament and the government to ask themselves the following question, should we not put the issue back on the negotiation table knowing that it was flawed from the start? Because these governments, they just passed stuff. They, I mean, I wish that they would think a little bit more about the ramifications, but you have to understand that typically when they’re looking at people, particularly more for central bankers that are unelected or unelected officials, that you know, they have to have a sociopathic mindset. And I’m not saying that to be mean, but they really can’t care about how their actions impact you and me, okay? Knowing that this was flawed from the start, it would be a form of a democratic maturity that would spare us from a confrontation. And what they’re really saying here is that we, the people, when we come together, we have more power than the governments, than the central bankers. They fear for their position. And that’s why we’ve seen central banks accumulate gold because they want to stay in control. And whoever has real money, you got the best shot of keeping your freedom and your independence and your control. But you need all the rest of the mantra, the Food, Water, Energy, Security, Barterability, Wealth Preservation, Community and Shelter.

So let’s look at what’s happening with China because Chinese property brokers despair as home buyers sit on the sideline. Real estate has become such a huge part of the global economy because it has been turned into a flipping financial product. I mean, years and years ago, families, when they bought a house, those homes were passed down from generation to generation. They have gotten us into the short-termism, short-termism, short-termism, where what they’re really wanting you to do is turn that house over. And what they really want you to do is hold the title. If you do manage to gather any equity in your home, hold that title on your phone so you can spend it easily and at will. Great. But back to Chinese property brokers, what we see here is that China’s housing market has been contracting since mid 2021. And we’re actually seeing this globally as well. So you wanna make sure, you gotta have a place to live, you gotta have a place to make your last stand. But recognize that the global real estate market is absolutely shifting. Are you in a position, if you’re sitting in a mortgage, are you in a position to do two key things? Number one, be able to pay off that mortgage so that that is just not an issue for you. And number two, since real estate is immovable property, can you continue to pay no matter how high your property taxes go? Can you continue to pay that? That’s part of the strategy, but everything else is part of the mantra that is also part of the, the overall strategy.

So make sure, if you haven’t done this yet, you absolutely wanna watch my video on what the Battle for Global supremacy can teach us about preparedness and make sure that you subscribe to our ITM trading channel, as well as our new Spanish speaking channel as well as this channel. And remember, it’s not all doom and gloom. You wanna be in the right place at the right time with the right asset. So click that Calendly link below and call us and, and get your own personal strategy together that is customized, based upon your goals first. Wow, what a concept. If you like this, please leave us a comment, give us a thumbs up and share with everybody that you care about. And until next we speak, please be careful out there. Bye-Bye.




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  • Lynette’s mission is to translate financial noise into understandable language and enable educated, independent choices. All her work is fact and evidence based and she shares these tools openly. She believes strongly that we need to be as independent as possible and at the same time, we need to come together in community to survive and thrive through any financial crisis.

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