Cooking Made Easy: Making Homemade Fruit Leather with Fruits from Trees


Join Chef Jayson in our Food Preservation Series, as he creates homemade mulberry-peach fruit leather (fruit roll-up) from our mulberries and peaches! Become part of our thriving community of food enthusiasts!


0:00 Real Fruit Roll Up
2:53 Blending & Dehydrating
5:27 Results
7:12 The Thrivers Community


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All right, welcome to the kitchen. Today we are making fruit leather. This batch shed’s just going to be mulberry. What’s cool is that with the, with the dehydrator there’s a lot of natural sugar left in this, which once you take it out in the dehydrator, it’s still really flexible. You put it in some wax paper, you can keep it good for like a month or so. In fact, I’ve got a few right here I’m gonna show you.

So this is a, this is a peach version that we did. You can see it’s nice and flexible. It’s not cracking really. The edges crack just a little bit. It’s okay, I’ll eat that. But this stuff stays good. It’s nutritious, it’s got a lot of natural sugar, so if you wanna make ’em for the kids and keep ’em, kids like fruit rollups, this is a great alternative. And again, it takes about six to eight hours or so depending on how thick, and that’s something that you can experiment with. These took me about four hours between four and five. So the mulberry takes a little longer. And so what we’re gonna do is puree these with a little bit of our peach syrup cause we want to have a little peach undertone there. And then we’re gonna pour it onto our sheet pan. This is what we want for, this is a half pan. This a full size mat that I just cut in half. I love this size pan. This is called a quarter pan. Quarter pans are great cuz it’s like a good serving size. It’s manageable. If the bigger you go, the less manageable it becomes. So I like to do three or four of these and just let ’em go all at once.

So here we go. I’m not even gonna take the stems off. They don’t taste bad. They’re not really that hard. You could cut ’em with your fingernail. So who cares? Let’s throw ’em in there. Oh! Can’t believe that worked. We’ve got our lid on. We are gonna start out on our Vitamix or your ninja whatever blender you have. So we’ll start out low. We’ll give it a couple pulses. 1, 2, 3, turn it up a little bit. Oops, there it goes. And now we’ll start it, start it low. I always start low and then work my way up and then once you see it kind of smooth out again, then you can start working your way back up again. Here we go. So now we have this beautiful, beautiful purple, deep, deep purple. Look at that. One of the other things that’s cool about using blenders or any kind of high speed appliance, it airates whatever you’re making. So it actually helps you retain the color of what you’re trying to do. That’s beautiful, right?

All right, so now we’re just gonna pour this right on the sil mat, like that. This should take about a cup, cup and a half. And now I’ll just kind of move it around and push it in the corners there. Just wanna make sure it’s even, I always like to give it the eyeball here. You can just kind of look right down and see where the uneven spots are. If you gotta bring some over to one side. Looks pretty good to me. So let’s get it in the dehydrator.

So I’ll put it in the dehydrator. I usually go about 135, any hotter than that. And it definitely starts to dry out and change the color. Most people are like, recommend 145, but I mean, if you’ve got the time in an extra hour or two, just turn it down a little bit. I’m gonna go right there. All right, we’ll see you in about five hours.

All right, so it has been five hours. Let’s check on our mulberry peach leather. So, ooh, it looks pretty nice. It’s got a couple nice divots from where I touched it, like an idiot to see if it was done yet. I should have touched the side, but usually it pools up in the middle a little more. But this is pretty much done. You can see I’m not leaving any marks now. There’s nothing on my hands. So let’s bring this over and let’s just peel it up from the side. Look at that. Beautiful. Now I’m gonna let it just sit for five minutes and cool down. It’ll be a little easier to pull off of sil mat, but I like to get it off of this hot piece right here. So I’ll just let it sit there. So now I can actually see right here, starting to tear just a little bit. So this could probably use about another 30 minutes in the oven. I’m actually glad we, we caught that. So you can see this example cause it looks like it’s pretty much done. But what I’ve found is that usually the center, the very, very center is just a couple millimeters thicker, thicker than the rest of it. And you can see exactly where it started tearing, like right when we got to the middle. So let’s put it back on here and we’ll just throw it back in there for an hour or so. No big deal.

Well, thank you for joining us in the kitchen today. I appreciate it. Working in the kitchen is a lot of fun for me. It’s a lot of fun to show you all these cool preservation techniques. And I’m excited to learn from you as well. Also, if you want to get some exclusive content, then go check out Thrivers. This is a really cool community that we’re now a part of and we are doing tons of videos for them. They’re giving us the freedom to explore and experiment and have fun with food. So go check us out on Thrivers

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