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Breakfast Beyond Survival: Nutrient Survival Meals for Now and Later


Experience off-grid living and breakfast with Angus and Chef as they dig into Nutrient Survival meals. Taste-test oatmeal, coffee, powdered milk, and eggs with a special Guest Judge, providing insights for both survivalists and outdoor enthusiasts.


00:03 Welcome

00:34 Oatmeal

01:44 Coffee

03:14 Coffee Review

03:22 Oatmeal Review

04:19 Milk

05:56 Milk Review

07:43 Guest Judge Review

08:15 Eggs

08:52 Chef Scramble

09:33 Scramble Review


Anguss (00:03):

Morning guys. My name’s Angus and welcome back to another visit of the kitchen. I’m here with Chef Jason today, and we are at an off-grid location where I work and live, and he’s turned me on to these nutrient survival. So we’re gonna give ’em a try, you know, our take on ’em, what we think, and how far we’d have to be into a survival situation before we would or would not be willing to eat these <laugh>. So let’s let’s get into it.

Anguss (00:34):

So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna start with breakfast. So we’re gonna start with the oatmeal, and right here I have honey, apple, cinnamon oat, and these are all very simple. Some hot water. Thank you, sir. Pour oatmeal into a bowl and add one third cup of boiling water cover. And let’s stand for two to three minutes. Stir and dig in. All right. So we’ll see how this goes. Smells good. And touch, touch more for that third. Okay. Give her a little stir and cover it, and we’ll let that cook. You guys will have to let us know who does the better job at being a chef <laugh>?

Chef Jayson (01:36):

Make sure it’s like totally covered. My job is definitely not secure. <Laugh>.

Anguss (01:44):

You know, we’re gonna move on to our other parts of breakfast and what else goes with breakfast beyond your essentials of a cup of coffee and it says eight to 12 ounces of water, and we’ll just pour ourselves a nice glass of hot water. Wow. So actually even the coffee has all kinds of nutrients. All right. We have 125 milligrams of caffeine, but we have 13 essential vitamins. So not only is this coffee gonna give you a little boost of energy, but it’s also gonna supply you with quite a bit of nutrient for your essential vitamins and minerals. So that’s really nice. Just give it a stir and a try. So, so now we’re gonna try our coffee here. Back to back to business. It’s not bad. It has definitely a dark roast feel to, it’s quite bold. So it’s, it’s gonna do a great job of getting that coffee effect in on ya <laugh>, have you tried that one?

Chef Jayson (03:01):

No, I haven’t.

Anguss (03:02):

Oh, yeah. Give that up.

Chef Jayson (03:03):

Yeah, lemme Try. Oh. Oh yeah, I mean, that is some, that is some black coffee.

Anguss (03:14):

This is much better than your late morning seven elevens or Circle Ks. Definitely not your French press, but I’ll tell you what it’s still coffee.

Anguss (03:22):

So it’s been about three minutes and we’re gonna give this another stir and we’re gonna give it a try. Hearty Apple Cinnamon, actually, to be exact. I’ve definitely lived a lot in the mountains and grew up in situations where I’ve had to utilize these both for pleasure and for necessity. So here we go. That’s pretty good. Again, we put hot water in here and we have not only a tasty but nutritious meal that, you know, when you’re out there in the rain and the cold and everything, this thing is really gonna lift your spirits. You know, I would eat this, basically, I would almost grab these for like a normal breakfast if I didn’t have to be in a survival situation. That’s pretty good. Cool.

Anguss (04:19):

And the last thing that we’re gonna try this morning in our breakfast nutrient survival meals is our powdered milk. Let’s see, this is add five cups of water. Oh, look here.

Chef Jayson (04:38):

Five cups?

Anguss (04:39):


Anguss (04:39):

Five cups? That’s a lot of milk.

Anguss (04:42):

Yeah, that’s quite a bit. We’re gonna half batch this at best.

Chef Jayson (04:46):

We’re gonna mountain man, measure this thing.

Anguss (04:48):

We’re real world experience.

Chef Jayson (04:51):

I doubt if you’re in that survival sit situation, you’re carrying around third cups or half cups with you. Maybe a little better to put a little less water in it because you could always add some more in the, in the future, right? Yeah. You can’t take away the water if it’s, if it’s bland or diluted. Yeah, that looks good.

Anguss (05:10):

And the eyeball is always the best judge, right?

Chef Jayson (05:12):

Yeah, it is.

Anguss (05:15):

But again, we’re, we’re in a survival situation, so we’re not, we’re not really looking for exacts. We’re looking to get nutrition.

Chef Jayson (05:22):

To get you outta that survival situation. <Laugh>

Anguss (05:25):

Yes. To no longer be in a survival situation. Very good point. Well, and again, I’ve seen Mr. Jason over here was kind of looked like he might’ve been halfway looking for a whisk or something.

Chef Jayson (05:34):

I was.

Anguss (05:34):

We’re surviving. So if you get a chunk, I mean, hey, part of the the test is to see the dissolve-ability,

Chef Jayson (05:40):

Just preferably you would have a jar.

Anguss (05:42):

Do the shake?

Chef Jayson (05:43):

you know, like Yeah, you could do a shake. I actually wasn’t expecting that one packet to make five cups of milk. And I’d say this, this would be a great pantry edition

Anguss (05:56):

For an evaporated milk substitute. Yeah. You know? Yeah. And it’s storable. You know, look at the shelf life on these, this is a 15 year shelf life, I believe? You know, so throw it up in there and forget it and you, that’s gonna be good. Pour ourselves a glass. Looks like milk. Here’s to you. Wow. That is amazingly close to milk. Like, I’m gonna call that actual 1% milk. That’s no comparison. I’m giving that a 10 out of 10. I would literally put that in the fridge or in the pantry. Excuse me. I would use this on a regular basis. That is amazing.

Chef Jayson (06:44):

So he’s talking about this milk. I had to come over and try it because in our last video we didn’t do a ton of breakfast. I think we did a scramble and we did some mac and cheese and a shake. There you go. So I gotta try this

Chef Jayson (07:03):

It is really good.

Anguss (07:04):

It’s really close. Like, it,

Chef Jayson (07:05):

It’s almost to me it’s almost like milk and like an almond milk or some kind of nut milk. There’s like a little bit of sweetness and nuttiness to it, which I assume is some of the added minerals.

Anguss (07:18):

There’s the nutritional side of it.

Chef Jayson (07:19):

The nutritional side. But I, I think you could hand this, you could give this to people and they probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Most people, you know, so yeah.

Anguss (07:29):

You can do a side by side blind test.

Chef Jayson (07:31):

Kudos. You guys, you guys did really well on this one.

Anguss (07:34):

Yeah. The milk slaps, for all you younger ones out there.

Chef Jayson (07:40):

So, okay, last thing

Anguss & Jayson (07:43):

Egg scramble.

Chef Jayson (07:43):

What do You think of the oatmeal? Tell us. Okay.

Guest Judge (07:52):

It’s sweet, and it’s…

Anguss (07:56):

What else do you think? Does it taste good?

Guest Judge (08:00):

Yeah, it kind of tastes like peanut butter.

Anguss (08:05):

You like peanut butter?

Guest Judge (08:06):


Chef Jayson (08:10):

Would you give it a thumbs up?

Guest Judge (08:12):


Chef Jayson (08:13):


Anguss (08:15):

All right. So we have one last thing that we’re gonna go ahead and try to kind of complete our balanced breakfast here. And that is eggs. One packet of eggs, one cup of water. And what this does is it actually makes up liquid eggs, not fully cooked eggs. So Chef Jason has so kindly started some veg for us to add to this because in this, the theoretical position, you know, we found some out in the forest and we’re gonna whip up our raw eggs and then cook them up real quick.

Anguss (08:52):

And lookie there. We have a beautiful egg scramble. So let’s give this a try. I guess we’ll be fancy, little salt, little pepper.

Chef Jayson (09:09):

Don’t forget your salt and pepper grinders in a survival situation. Please.

Anguss (09:14):

Yeah, make sure throw those in right next to your first aid kit.

Anguss (09:33):

Yeah, those are some great eggs. I’ll tell you what, you can tell a slight difference from a, a raw egg or a, a fresh egg. But has all the consistency. The texture is still there, turned out phenomenally. Our fresh veggies makes it just even above the top. I’m gonna, I’m gonna give this a 9 outta 10. The only reason it doesn’t get a 10, outta 10 is because it’s not a fresh egg and we get spoiled to that. So all in all, I think Nutrient Survival, you guys have done a great job of providing a product that not only gives you energy and nutrients, but actually tastes good. So everybody thanks for watching. Stay tuned.

Guest Judge (10:17):



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