Bartering Within Your Community


If food shortages take full effect and money is no longer worth much, what will be the currency? Do you and your family have things to use for bartering? If you prefer non-GMO foods, where will you get them in your local community?


Bartering can be a form of universal currency. There are several things you can stock up on that can be inexpensive now to obtain and easy to store that will be valuable in a bartering situation. Some of the supplies I have gathered are spices, a variety of salts, homemade jams and jellies, alcoholic beverages, and produce seeds. Services can also be utilized for bartering in your community. Services like babysitting, grass mowing, tutoring, and house cleaning might also be a good barter if you cannot afford to or have no room to store bartering supplies.


Some questions to ask yourself: If there are upcoming food shortages, do you have ample food supplies for four to six months? If not, are you a member of a food co-op? Do you know when the local farmer’s markets are? Are there any local farms that will allow you to purchase or barter for grass-fed beef or pork through them? Do you hunt or fish? Do you know someone else in your community that hunts? Do you have a place to buy or barter for your dairy and eggs? These are all important questions to get answered very soon.


There is a nearby neighbor that grows organically and will barter my baked goods for her fresh produce and cage free eggs. We have also worked out a barter for my oranges for her lemons so I can make my lemon marmalade and lemon curd. Both things that could become very valuable in the near future. I also have another neighbor that grows lots of berries in her yard, so we have worked out a trade for some of my cucumbers for some of her berries. I grow super sweet wine grapes, and they will be particularly good in a bartering situation.


Do you have a rare talent? I make a few medicinal tonics. I even know where to forage the herbs needed. If you have a rare talent, make sure you have ample supplies to make or produce your talent. Even though I can forage the herbs, I will still need to have small amber tonic bottles and raw honey on hand.


Community and being ready to barter are important now but may be essential in the future. Connect now with your friends and neighbors. This is not a time to remain in your bubble. The more people you network with in your community, the better off you will be when and if the supply shortages take place and our current money system fails.


By Kristy George

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