A Chef’s Review of Nutrient Survival Products


Join us in this exciting taste test adventure as Chef Jayson reviews Nutrient Survival products designed for long-term storage and optimal nutrition. Learn how these specially crafted rations can provide essential nutrients while being easy to store for your survival needs.


0:00 Nutrient Survival
2:10 Mac and Cheese & Homestyle Scramble
4:28 Chocolate Shake
7:27 Other Products
9:19 Taste Test
13:14 Prepping


Welcome back to the kitchen. Today we have a little display set up. I found this box of survival, Nutrient Survival products in the office. And asked the boss about ’em and she said that the company had sent them to her and she did an interview I guess with the guy that started this. And these are survival rations. I mean, that’s what they are. Some of ’em last 18 months, some of ’em last five years. Some of ’em last like 15 years.

So I thought it would be fun as a cook and a chef and a lover of food to try these out, see if they’re any good. Now, I will be honest, I’ve never had some of these products. I’ve never had powdered eggs. I’ve never had hearty lasagna out of a pouch. All these ones up here, these are like ready to eat.

I think these are oats. This is powdered milk, which I’ve also never had. These are shakes. These are pretty standard, I think like a protein powder. Now, what’s special about these and why they’re called nutrient survival is they have added in an insane amount of vitamins, minerals, nutrients to make these nutrient dense.

For example, these are nutrient cookies. These are like, they’re bombs. I mean, just from these two cookies, you’re getting about a third, at least a third of everything you need for the day. And if you’re out there on the trail, if you’re out there on the farm, you’re working hard. I mean, these can be great supplements, not just for survival, but just good supplements. So let’s, let’s try one of these just to see. So they’re pretty soft. I imagine ’cause there’s probably a lot of molasses in it. But they break apart, they smell really good. It smells like chocolatey pumpkin spice. So I think these are gonna be fine. They’re not super sweet, which I do like. This is good. I would eat these all day. This, I’m gonna do a couple things.

First, I gotta try this mac and cheese. I mean this takes about eight minutes or so. We’ve got boiling water ready. So I’m just gonna dump this into this jar. So that does not look like your typical craft macaroni and cheese, right? Third, a cup of boiling water. Get my old third of a cup. There we go. And then we’re just gonna slosh it around a little bit. Make sure it’s like totally covered. That’s why I like doing this in the jar. It smells good. It smells like mac and cheese, that’s for sure. All right, so now we just gotta let that sit for eight to 10 minutes.

Next, homestyle scramble. Like I said, I’ve never had powdered eggs, so this is new to me too. That’s what it looks like. So I’m assuming homestyle scramble means there’s other stuff in there. It looks like bell peppers and probably some onions or something else that’s gonna be rehydrated once we dump this in here. So let’s get that going. And back of this says half a cup of water, four to five minutes. I like these cookies. I really do. They’re actually pretty good. So, so far a thousand cookies are awesome. In fact, I might steal all those <laugh>. Nobody’s eating them. There we go. So now we’ve got our two hot water products soaking. Let’s put a lid on that. Give it a shake. There you go.

Last one I want to do is chocolate shake. I mean a lot of people do a powdered chocolate shake. So this is something that we can really compare to a lot of different products out there. You could do one cup of water or milk. We’re gonna do water ’cause that’s what more than likely what you would have in a survival situation. So let’s get a cup of cold water. Let’s see how good my chef skills are. Look at that blurp, not a drop. And we’re definitely gonna shake that bad boy up. Shake or blend well and drink up. Well, I guess that we can jump right into this one. Just shake it. All right, so we’re shaking it up. This is like pretty much ready to go. I’ve been shaking it for about 15 seconds or so. Smells like a chocolate shake. It smells like a ovaltine.

You remember Ovaltine? Or what was the other one that was really big? Like the Carnation Instant Breakfast. That’s what it smells like. Carnation Instant. But I have to assume this has a ton more vitamins than Carnation did. So let’s try this out. All right, here we go. It is not sweet. So if you’re expecting chocolate, like kind of a sweeter chocolate shake, this is like if you just put cocoa powder in it without any sugar, it’s definitely cocoa. Something sweet. Lemme try it again. This would be awesome With coconut milk, which depending on where you’re trying to survive, you can find coconuts out there. Probably way easier than you’re ever gonna find milk <laugh>. I think with milk it would be kind of it’s kind of bitter and it’s because of the chocolate. I don’t think it’s bad. However, I would definitely have to be in a survival situation to like drink this, these cookies I could sit at home and eat all day. This, I’m gonna finish it because I’m a good boy. Oh man. So the chocolate one…cookie nine out of 10. This one probably a five out 10. I’m still happy knowing that I just got a ton of nutrients in about six seconds.

So a couple more minutes and I think our eggs will be ready. And while we’re waiting, let’s just, we can run through some of these different products. I mean, we’ve got powdered egg, we’ve got home style scramble, we got lasagna, mac and cheese Southwestern. That medley looks interesting. I’m sure it’s like corn and black beans and bell peppers. And then we’ve got our powders. Yeah, these are all different oat products. So if you like oatmeal, awesome. And when you look at, again, like the nutrition label, this is, it’s pretty solid. It’s like 25% of a lot of different things. Vitamin A 45%. So these things are like loaded, you know, fun fact when they first started making breakfast cereal, but society in general was not doing well health wise, like they were lacking in nutrients. A lot of people were anemic. They started putting nutrients in the cereal and yeah, it’s like, oh well they strip everything out and then they add it back in. It’s like, well that within five to 10 years it like changed the health of America. They promoted the hell out of these breakfast cereals just so people could actually get their vitamins. So I’m telling you very seriously this packet of eggs does not naturally have all these different vitamins and minerals. These are added in. So in my opinion, these are really no different than breakfast cereal. This is a way for you to get your nutrients as quick as possible. In the wilderness. If you were doing a hike down the Grand Canyon, I would be loaded up with these things. Absolutely. I would bring this chocolate shake even though I only gave it a five outta 10. ’cause That is gonna keep you going for sure. So I think it’s been like four or five minutes. Let’s check our scramble.


Ken? Yes, Ken is our our sue here. He is helping us out because we have so much food to process that I couldn’t get to it all. In addition to, you know, helping run the farm up north and, you know, cooking for the boss. Plums were going bad. They weren’t getting off the tree. Figs were going bad. And so we needed to have that extra help to make sure that all the energy that we’re spending to grow these things. It’s not wasted. So we brought Ken in. Ken’s one of my buddies from way back. He’s a chef. He’s worked at a ton of different restaurants and so I thought he would be a good person to taste test this with me. So this is, these are the eggs. This is the south the home style scramble. I can tell that he’s not into this <laugh>, but this is, this is what it looks like.

Regular eggs?

Yeah. He doesn’t even eat regular eggs so you don’t have to take a big bite. This is punishment.

Tastes like cauliflower puree with some stuff in it. Mm-Hmm.

<Affirmative>. It tastes little bit of, there’s a little bit of pepper. There’s a little, you can taste it. It’s like a country scramble, like a skillet scramble. It’s got all the flavors of bell pepper, onion, potato. There’s definitely some potato in there. I could, I just crunched into kind of a raw one. It’s not bad. Yeah. Again, survival, you know, check that out. So this is what it looks like when you’re out in the forest surviving and it’s really not bad. I think I would add a little more water and let it sit for maybe a couple more minutes. The potatoes are a little big and so I’m getting kind of a weird texture from the potato. Like it hadn’t, it hadn’t fully hydrated, but it’s not bad. Something.

Yeah. And you could tell, yeah, there it’s the potato for sure.

You said you have the energy to go out and fish and hunt mm-hmm. <Affirmative> and get the real good food.

Yeah. <laugh>. So our mac and cheese is just slowly congealing. Let’s try it out. Give this a little mac and cheese. This is mac and cheese. We’re gonna give this a little stir. I mean that looks like most mac and cheese <laugh> out of a box that I’ve ever had. Hmm.

I think if you give them more time. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, there’s a texture thing going on.

Dude. The flavor’s actually pretty good and it actually even tastes like it has the breadcrumbs in it. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, you know, like those crispy little breadcrumbs on top, like that flavor is there for sure. So I don’t know if they mixed it in. I could see a little bit of herb and pepper and stuff in there and that might be what they were going for. But I’d say this one probably six outta 10. The eggs. I’d say this one I would eat this again. I know that’s weird but I would like if I went camping once and had this, the next time I wake camping, I would have more of these. So you guys did pretty good with this one. I would say seven. Seven and a half outta 10. It’s really, I mean the flavor really is there. You wanna try that cookie?

I do. I heard you.

Yeah. Let’s get kind Ken’s opinion on the cookie.

Molasses, oats, cocoa. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative> dehydrated butter.

I don’t know what else they put in there. Let’s see.

I mean that’s a good cookie for what? All that nutrition in there. It shouldn’t taste as good.

Non-Fat milk. You were close with the dehydrated butter. Good, good pallet. The last couple things that we have here are just. You got memory chocolates. Yeah. These are like, especially now we were talking earlier in Arizona. It’s just this ungodly heatwave. It’s been like over 110 for how many days during the day. I know when I start getting dehydrated, my cuticles start drying up and then my lips get chapped and so I take one of these and the next day I’m healing already. It really allows all the your body to absorb everything. Yeah. And that’s, you could drink water all day long, but if your body’s not absorbing it, yeah, you might have a clean kidneys but you’re still gonna be dehydrated. I think that’s why they tell you not to chug water to sip it because your body has an easier time processing it. And then last, these are like little chocolate bombs. They call ’em special ops rocks, but it’s dark chocolate bites in a camouflage candy. Shell ’cause you know, extra. But again, I mean these are like basically M&Ms. These are looking pretty good. And remember out there you want fat, fat is king. I’ve watched enough survival shows to figure that out. Yeah. If you don’t have fat you’re dead. And so a lot of these things are very well nutritionally balanced to give you the right amount of fat. There’s dehydrated milks and there’s, you know, all eggs and potatoes. So these will keep you going. I’m like pretty satisfied with them. Yeah. Do you camp? Do you go camping? Yeah. Would you?

For a long time but yeah.

Would you, have you ever used like dehydrated stuff like this,

Oats and things like that? Never like I would call that like kind of stuff. Yeah. Yeah. They call them back in my days, you know, when used carve up the stone. Yeah. <Laugh>. Never had powdered stuff other than like, you know that powdered milk based stuff, but powdered fruit based stuff. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>.

Dude, I’m serious. This isn’t bad. I would recommend any of these. This is the company. We were not paid to do this. They didn’t like call us up and say, Hey, can you do a video for this? I just saw this and thought it would be interesting. Because I think a lot of you out there when you’re talking about prepping survivalist type of stuff, this is the type of stuff that you can buy, put in the closet and not worry about it for a couple of years. The cookies probably won’t last if you know where they are, but.

Those are really good!

Yeah, I mean you can, you could drop these in a five gallon bucket, put it in the back of the closet and you don’t have to worry about it for a couple of years. And then in a couple of years you got a bunch of food to eat and then you buy another bucket. Mm-Hmm. <Affirmative>. And that’s really how it goes. So would recommend a nutrient if you are out there. I do like ’em. Send me some more stuff. <Laugh>, if you have anything new, send it out. We’d love to try it. Yeah. Good stuff. Yeah. Well thank you for hanging out with us, Ken.

Thanks Chef.

Yeah. Thanks for taste testing and we will see you soon.




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