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8 Principles to Secure Before An Economic Crisis


It is critical that you are as self-sufficient and independent as possible. I started all my prepping in 2010 because of my work as an economist. Let me show you my eight mantras (principles) you need to secure before it’s too late.

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27:12 8 Principles to Secure Before An Economic Crisis

Do you think that the world is headed in a direction that makes you a bit concerned for the future? And you’d like to be as self-sufficient and independent as possible, then you’ve come to the right place. My name is Lynette Zang. Now it’s time to go Beyond Gold and Silver

I’m Lynette Zang, Chief Market Analyst here at ITM Trading and a very proud prepper. And I’ve been really prepping seriously since 2010, when I was able to buy the property and start to build it out as an urban farm. But I think it’s critically important for everybody to be prepared in those areas. So that you’re as self-sufficient and independent as possible. I started all this prepping because my work as an economist.

You know, the first one is food. Food is the single biggest issue for most people as we go through these transitions. And there are unplanted acres in US surge on extreme rain and drought. So we are having extreme levels of and changes in weather patterns. Are you food secure? Have you made sure that no matter what happens, you can feed your family? Cause that’s critically important. And while the prevented planting acres trail behind 2020s number, it comes at a time when the world is more reliant on the US crop. So this is putting a lot of pressure on our farmers. The data confirms the lingering woulda should have coulda thoughts that have been running through farmer’s mind since the slow planting season this spring, I do not want you to have woulda should have could have thoughts. That’s why it’s so important to get prepared while you still have most options open. We don’t have all the options that we once had open. That window is closing. So you need to get it done as quickly as possible. Do not sit there and go, oh, woulda should have coulda. If you’re watching this, you know what? You gotta do get it done.

It’s critical because we’re also looking at the, you know, actually this isn’t just Lakw Mead and Lake Powell, but here in the US, we are at the epicenter of the biggest Western drought in history. And that’s been going on for a long time. That’s why when I was looking at bug out locations, having an aquifer underneath, having a well being someplace where I had more water, for those of you that are in different parts of the country, that you get a lot of rain, are you saving your water? Because they are definitely setting us up for a period of time when they’re gonna control all of the water that you drink, all of the food that you can drink, and you can see how this is how the water tables are declining. Lake Mead is projected to get down to 22% of its full capacity. By years end, while lake Powell is expected to drop to 27% according to estimates. So this is really not good. The moment of truth is here for everyone. We need to change. Fundamentally, here you go. How we manage and use water. This is about a full surveillance and full control society. And really that’s not the kind of society that I wanna live in. It’s not the kind of society that I wanna pass down to generations. And the only way that we can prevent this, all of this is by being as independent. Self-Sufficient you have your wealth on the bottom, that’s secure and your Food and everything else because under the interstate usage compact, a new round of water cuts will kick in automatically on January 1st for Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, and possibly California. If water levels have not increased by years end well, it’s gonna be a problem if you have not sufficiently prepared and I’ve done other videos. So there are and you know, there’s a lot of resources for you to be able to store your Water so that, when they have the cuts, it doesn’t really have a great impact on you. This is critically important. You can live without most everything, but you cannot live without water, and you’re gonna need water to grow your food. Unless of course you have long storage food, which is another option everybody’s gotta do, you know, what they feel comfortable doing. But this map shows where we’ve got abnormally dry, the yellow, moderate drought, severe drought, extreme drought, exceptional drought, you know, and you can see in the West, doesn’t look good, but there are even areas in the East that are abnormally dry. So water is critical and you need to be paying attention and you need to secure your water source.

And by the way, they are anticipating a tsunami of shutoffs. 20 million US homes are behind on their energy bills. And we’re not even talking about California. That’s looking to do blackouts and brownouts again, but look at these overdue utility balances. Here’s December of 2019. And here we are in June of 2022. And you know, if you don’t pay that bill, they cut you off, whether it’s water or utilities or electricity. So what have you done to make sure that you are energy secure? Again, there are lots of different options, but right now, one in six American homes that have fallen behind on their utility bills, it is according to the national energy assistance directory association, the worst crisis the group has ever documented. And I hate to say this, but it’s going to get worse. That’s why it’s so important to be prepared now, this is getting really serious people and we just don’t know the moment of all choices lost. So it’s really important for you to make those choices now and here at the bug out location, as we develop more of them, you know we’re off grid, we’re on solar we do have some gas, but we’ll be doing some hydroelectric work, a lot of different things to show you how you can do it for yourself as well. The average balance owed has climbed 97% since 2019. And what do we have going on? We have the Fed that wants to push unemployment up. Yeah, that makes a whole lot of sense. I mean, this is why I always say they’re between a rock and a hard place, because no matter what choice they make lowering interest rates, sending out stimulus checks, all that does is increase the fuel for inflation, which they’ve already lost control of or you know, and they’re trying so desperately to get it back, but they’ve let that genie out of the bottle. And the problem is for a lot of people, heat related fatalities while we’re coming into winter. So we’re kind of getting through the summer, but what’s gonna happen in the winter when people need to heat their homes and they can’t do it? Their electricity gets cut off. On average, there were 188 heat related deaths a year in the US between 2017 through 2021 up from an average of 81 in the five years before that, that’s a huge, that’s more than double increase. And I have a feeling we’re gonna be talking about what happens this winter as well.

I mean, Europe is, is scrambling to try and protect their population from what they created. We’ll talk about that, cause it’s really about derivatives, but let’s talk about security for a minute. IRS looks to beef up protection after receiving threats, after all that funding that they just did in the what anti inflation bill. Yeah. The way they’re gonna pay for it is by increasing enforcement for mostly the little guy, frankly. In recent days, there has been an abundance of misinformation and false social media postings some of them with threats directed at the IRS and its employees. We are aware of these concerning messages. And I want to assure you that your safety is and will continue to be my top priority. But I gotta ask you, is your wealth security plan in place? Because once they take us fully digital, full surveillance economy, you know, you make a little money now, boom. They can take the taxes out. As soon as you get paid. Is there anything you can do about it? Not one thing, unless you hold your wealth or at least most of your wealth outside of the system, this is why physical gold and silver in your possession is so important. And that’s why the central banks and the governments hate it so much. Because all they can do is control your perception around gold and silver. That’s why they suppress the price, but you hold it, you own it out, right? It runs no counterparty risk. And guess what? Gold held at home runs no political risk. I don’t think this is a good time to run political risk. Do you?

But I love this because we’re talking about barterability, Chinese property developers accept garlic for homes in market crisis. And they also accept watermelons. The real estate market is struggling. And so here’s an ad for it. Desperate property. Developers are accepting garlic, watermelons, and barley as down payments. Now they have put a limit on it, but you know, there you go. I’m telling you food, you can barter with food, whether it’s on a large scale, like this remains to be seen, they are doing it in China. And what I find really interesting about that is that that actually goes against what the governments want. Developers in some part of China have in recent weeks promised to accept stocks of garlic, as well as watermelons, wheat and barley as down payments for farmers on new apartments. Again, anything to support that real estate market, which is even bigger in China, like 70% than it is here. The food for property barter deals reflect increasing desperation among real estate developers. But this is a big one. And this is really what I wanna talk about. Even more than the barterability of this Bucking Xi’s edict, developers in the Southwest province of Sichuan last week launched a two week promotion for local growers to swap watermelons for new apartments, worried about the potential for losses they placed a limit of five tons of melons per buyer, but the fact that they would actually Bucking Xi’s edict is huge. Now, if that happened here, it wouldn’t be so big. But there that is already in a full surveillance, fully controlled economy. This is huge. We’ve talked about the different the different riots that have been going on. So I mean, in a country that is not really used to the public pushing back, they’re getting an awful lot of pushback. This is huge. I can’t even tell you how huge this is. In some areas, city officials also eased restrictions on second home purchases, crossing one of Beijing’s red lines, that until recently authorities were careful to obey. Do you see what’s happening? Because when people are hungry and hopeless, when they’re scared, when they are revolting, this is the kind of thing that the elites that those in power fear the most, and we’re watching it come to pass. Just like we watched as China really took over their whole public and completely controlled them. Well now, you know, are there cracks in that system? I hope so. I mean, I really do hope so. Anything physical, any talent that you possess, anything is barterable, it’s just the gold and silver are universal. So if I have strawberries and you have blueberries and you know, I want your blueberries, but you don’t want my strawberries. You want watermelon. I have to go find somebody that has watermelon, that I can exchange for my blueberries or my strawberries in order to swap you for your blueberries. Gold and silver, you don’t have to go through all of that. It’s universal money.

And it has no shelf life. Blueberry, strawberries, watermelon, those all have a shelf life as does barley and everything else. But let’s talk about Wealth Preservation, because investors price and 130 billion loss on China developers, dollar bonds, and here’s the thing Evergrande, the world’s most indebted developer has plunged the highly leveraged sector into turmoil. And you may be sitting there going, oh, well, that’s in China. That doesn’t impact me here. Well, a lot of these bonds are held in mutual funds or ETFs that are in your pension plan, likely, or your retirement plan, your IRA, your 401k’s your 403B’s. Are you absolutely certain that this is not you? And beyond that, or you’re not holding these bonds. And beyond that, remember. Globalization, that means the whole world is interconnected. So maybe it’s taken a while. And I know we haven’t seen the last of what’s happening with Evergrande. We’ve been talking about it for a while, but now things are starting to unravel at a much faster and much deeper level. And by the way, I would like to point out how quickly that price had changed. That’s why, I mean, tell me, when would you, if you owned these, when would you have, rather than be sold? Over here? Even over here, even over here or here? And is probably gonna get even worse. You know, people always think that they’re gonna know just the moment to get out. Look, I’m a technician. I’ve been in these markets on some level since I was 10 years old. And the reality is, is I watched the Lehman brother moment happen. I could not believe that was my Alma mater. So, you know, I was paying close attention. You know, I never thought that our central bank would let give them up. I mean, they were around for 125 years. They were like the creme de la creme, creme de la creme. I’m telling you the time to get prepared is while you have the time to get prepared? Because once this next crisis hits, all games are off. We’re done there’s not gonna be anything that you can do about it. Pension funds plot move look at this is back in 2021 on China’s 16 trillion bond market and this huge rush into it. So, you know, I’m telling you, nobody is immune, but look at what’s happened to it. The MSCI, I remember talking about this when they first came out with the MSCI China fund ETF, rather. And I said at the time, and I absolutely stand by it because so many of those Chinese corporations that are listed in there are very opaque. So now they’re doing different things about that, but this is not a big surprise. Again, when do you wanna know? When it’s too late to do anything about it, when they even halt your ability to withdraw funds? We’ve been seeing that quite a bit lately haven’t we? Do you trust that these institutional investors are working purely in your best interest? Because when they got something that’s gotta get sopped up. Guess what? Guess where it goes? Pensions. Retirement, because who reads the fine print? Who pays attention to it? You just put your money in there. And I guess you have hopium, I guess you have hope that they’re gonna do the right thing, but I know better. They know which side their bread is buttered on, and it’s not from you. So you have to ask the question, how secure is your retirement? I feel comfortable with my retirement because I have it. You know, I had a set IRA, just like many other people, but I got rid of it. I got rid of it when I saw the handwriting on the wall. And I knew we were at the end of this currency’s life cycle. So I paid my taxes on it and I still have a retirement plan, but now it’s all in gold and I hold it, therefore I own it. And I control it, period. That’s where I’m most comfortable. You of course have to do whatever it is that you’re comfortable with. But that’s really what happens. Gold holds its purchasing power. And it’s never more critical for you to understand that than it is right now. Because I mean, I can’t guarantee this because I still, we haven’t hit 40% or 50% in official inflation, but we’ve certainly hit that in certain areas. That’s officially hyperinflation. So, you know, and look at, since the advent of the Euro, which anybody that’s been watching me knows that in my opinion, this is a failed experiment because you cannot put peg all of these economies together, Germany’s economy with Italy’s economy or Spain’s economy or Portugal’s economy or Greece’s economy, they’re different economies. And so this has been an accident waiting to happen from the beginning. And I think this is really interesting that the Euro in terms of purchasing power is down 86.5%. And at the same time spot gold, spot gold, which is a contract it’s not real gold. It’s a contract. Gold is up 639%. I’d say that’s protected your purchasing power in the Euro, as well as the dollar. And this is looking at how gold versus other commodities have done through high and low inflation. Well, gold has outperformed all these other commodities and in high inflation, gold is still outperforming the other commodities. I mean, it’s really simple. You wanna preserve your wealth, gold holds purchasing power, even with these manipulated markets, doesn’t matter. It’s been tried and true.

But now I’m gonna tell you a little something that happened to me recently. You know, I’m in a very remote location and I had gone to a party and I thought, well, you know, my daughter, you know, Megan had put my address for the bug out location in my GPS. And so it was taking me a different way. And I thought, you know, I need to know another way. So I’ll just follow it. Boy, big, big, big mistake. I made it most of the way, surprisingly, but this is where I got stopped. And I hope you can see, there is no road there. Thanks a lot GPS. I was in deep deep doo doo I could not get further. Fortunately, I did have cell signal. And, and subsequently, now we’ve taken some other precautions just in case there is no signal available. And I called, I called Anguss, who you’ve met, you know, in other videos. And he went into the Community and the community came in to help me

Yeah. Where is that car?

I don’t recall it being this far. <Laugh> okay. Here’s the old girl.

Won’t have my car back for a month.

How they managed to drive it out. They had to change tires. They had to change fluids. They had to do an awful lot of work to get it to what you just saw. But this is the importance of community because I was able to make one phone call and I had all the help that I needed the importance of community. And with what we have coming up community is so important too, because we all bring different skill sets to the table. No one person can know how to do everything, but together we can. And as you know, I’m planning on a community of 40 up here with a whole bunch of different skill sets so that we can sustain a very nice standard of living. And I’d like you to consider that, because frankly, it’s very important community is arguably one of the most important parts of the mantra without a doubt. I mean, you’ve gotta have food. You have to have water so you can survive, but you have to have community to help you have all of those things. So, in my opinion, it is probably the single most important. If I had to pick the most important, if you don’t know where to find that community go to your local community gardens, that’s a good place to go, go to meet up groups and find people with your kind of interests and that’s a great place to go, but start, walk around your neighborhood, meet your neighbors. What a concept. I mean, it used to be, everybody knew their neighbors. You know, when I was growing up, nobody ever locked a door. Maybe that wasn’t so smart, but nobody ever locked a door. So, you know, community is important and really make that happen.

Shelter. Now we’ve been talking about what’s been happening in the real estate market and these present really opportunities, but we can see that the real estate market, that housing bubble has popped roughly 63,000 home purchase agreements were canceled in July equal to about 16% of properties that went into contract that month. That was up from 15% of deals that fell apart in June. The year earlier when the housing market was running hot, it was about 12.5% So prices are now coming down. People are expecting, it’s those expectations, that the prices are coming down. That means that they’re more likely to wait, especially with high interest rates they’re waiting to purchase, which means that’ll push prices down even more. If you preserved your wealth, there are gonna be tremendous opportunities for income producing assets during this mess.

If you keep watching these videos, if you subscribe, if you haven’t already hit that subscribe button, because we’ll let you know, we’ll show you the pattern and I’ll tell you what I’m doing for myself. You do whatever you’re comfortable with. I can’t tell you what to do, but I can tell you what I’m doing for myself. And I can show you why, which is what I do really all the time. But the White House, pledges stability vouchers for homeless and at risk people. And unfortunately this is a growing area around the country, around the world where people are really homeless and those, and it’s creating quite a burden on a lot of citizens, but with rents and evictions on the rise nationwide, the specter of homelessness haunts a growing number of US families on August 24th, a new category of housing vouchers was created. These stability vouchers will provide permanent supportive housing for unsheltered families. Will there be enough of them to help people? You know, that’s the question and we’ll find out what the answer is, but if you’re part of a community, you can also secure your shelter. So remember it’s Food, Water, Energy, Security, Barterability, Wealth Preservation, Community, and Shelter. I put medicine right underneath food because these are the things that we all need to sustain a reasonable standard of living. And until next we meet, remember if you like this, please give us a thumbs up, help us grow this channel, leave a comment, subscribe and share, share, share until next we meet, please be safe out there. Bye-bye.



  • Lynette’s mission is to translate financial noise into understandable language and enable educated, independent choices. All her work is fact and evidence based and she shares these tools openly. She believes strongly that we need to be as independent as possible and at the same time, we need to come together in community to survive and thrive through any financial crisis.

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