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Hello! Welcome to the Farm. Today, we are going to be talking about the three reasons why to use transplants over seeds.

We have cucumbers, tomatoes, mint and melons. Some of these transplants are going out soon. These plants do really well as transplants!

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1st Reason:

One of the main reasons we prefer using transplants over direct seeding crops is because of all the wildlife we have here on the Urban Farm. So things like birds, rats, squirrels will all find those nice little seeds that you plant in your garden very delicious. So in order to prevent that, planting them as transplants allows the plant to protect itself.

2nd Reason:

The second reason why you should transplant is because you can get a head start in your season. Out here in Arizona, you can safely plant your transplants after February 14th, but if you’re starting with seeds, your seeds will slowly start to develop after February 14th.

3rd Reason:

The third and final reason that we prefer planting transplants over direct seeding is because it’s a lot easier to monitor your crops. So when you put a seed in the soil, you’re kind of just waiting there, like, when is it gonna germinate? Am I watering it too much or too little? All of those signs, aren’t really there, they’re happening underneath the soil. But when you plant a plant in the soil, I can tell if the leaves are getting too much water, if it’s not getting enough, it’ll show me those symptoms, that a seed doesn’t. So it just really gives you that advantage to knowing more about your plant.


These are the three reasons that we prefer to use transplants over direct seeding. It protects your seed from predators like birds and squirrels. It’s faster, so you get your plants in the ground and you get a head start on your crop production, and it’s also easier to maintain. It’s a lot easier to see what’s going on with your crops. These are the three reasons and we hope this helps you with your garden & your summer transplants.


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